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c. A bye to the League Cup 3rd round gives us a good start, let's make it count
d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

LeroysBoots 10:21 Sat May 1
Why is it so cold ?
1st May, just backing from walking the dog, 2 fucking degrees ?

April coldest on record

Not seen a definitive explanation anywhere, anyone know some cold facts !?!

BTW, UK related, no smart arse Australasia comments required

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gph 12:21 Wed May 5
Re: Why is it so cold ?
Global warming won't abolish cold spells.

I bet that even on Venus, the weather sometimes drops the termperature below freezing point*

*of aluminium, that is

Mike Oxsaw 12:09 Wed May 5
Re: Why is it so cold ?
You haven't paid the gas bill.

Kaiser Zoso 11:55 Wed May 5
Re: Why is it so cold ?
Millenials would be way down on my list of reasons why we should open up pubs and restaurants again — data not dates, wasn't it?

All very clever while you have the numbers on your side, but they aren't any more?

Northern Sold 11:51 Wed May 5
Re: Why is it so cold ?
Sven Roeder 11:44 Wed May 5

Absolutely fella... they are for me the unseen victims... my girl is getting back on her feet now but back in Dec/Jan she was one step from the priory... and being out of sight at Uni made it even harder... just had her back for a week at home and had some real heart to hearts... she admits she has got so used to lockdown she is not looking forward to things opening up... she went clobber shopping a few weeks ago and after 10 mins in the centre she had to leave as she started hyper ventilating and having a panic attack... she was not used to having `people' around her... this is someone 14 months ago was going to festivals, concerts, theme parks, clubs, pubs and all the other things 18 years olds do... now she is having a meltdown going to fucking primark.

Northern Sold 11:45 Wed May 5
Re: Why is it so cold ?
Don't drink anymore?? So why you gobbing off about something you know fuck all about??

`The survey spanned 12,522 hospitality venues in the UK that employ a total of 358,000 people. It found that in the 14 weeks since the sector was allowed to reopen on 4 July, 1,728 staff members had been infected with Covid, equating to an employee infection rate of 0.48% across 20 million work shifts.

The customer infection rate was found to be even lower – with just 780 customers infected with the virus over the 14-week period, which equates to a 0.06% customer infection rate per venue.

With over 250 million customers visiting hospitality venues in that time period, the infection rate across total customer visits translates to 0.0003%.

The survey also found hospitality businesses had been informed of just 104 cases by Test and Trace since 4 July`.

Fuck all danger in hospitality...

Block 11:44 Wed May 5
Re: Why is it so cold ?
What is cunty, is that 60% of pubs do not have the adequate outdoor space to open.

Sven Roeder 11:44 Wed May 5
Re: Why is it so cold ?
Pubs seemed well regulated and spaced when I was in them before the last lockdown.
I dont recall any pubs being identified as the source of any spread at that point.
And now that Granny has been jabbed not sure why 20 yo's cant go for a pint and risk a sniffle.

Said the other day I feel sorry for the millenials ... and a bit contemptuous.
Had Brexit landed on them by a bunch of fogeys who now insist they stay home to protect THEM. No travel, no socialising , no normal life.
And still they sit back and take it.
Like a bunch of transgender foetuses

Northern Sold 11:40 Wed May 5
Re: Why is it so cold ?

Block 11:38 Wed May 5
Re: Why is it so cold ?
Shtting it? No mate - I don't drink anymore so this doesn't effect me in any way shape or form.

I never said I agreed with keeping it as it is until the 17th, I pointed out a small point people seemingly overlook.

And if you recall, a fair few pubs did close due to covid outbreaks, son.

Now, go change your adult nappy you pissy old cunt.

Northern Sold 11:34 Wed May 5
Re: Why is it so cold ?
What the fuck are you talking about Bolty?? Was that the case then in the other two times they opened boozers back up?? Lets get it right... the only problem is here is that you are shitting it as the gov' fear campaign has nailed you... it's ok Bolty... you can come out now... it's safe

Block 11:28 Wed May 5
Re: Why is it so cold ?
You're not taking into account the fact people when at pubs are drinking, and end up acting like loons where your inhibitions drop.

I couldn't think of anything worse than going to a pub right now, or within the next month or so as it's going to be full of the types you get around Christmas time.

riosleftsock 11:26 Wed May 5
Re: Why is it so cold ?
Sven Roeder 11:25 Wed May 5

Sven Roeder 11:25 Wed May 5
Re: Why is it so cold ?
The idea that thousand of fat mares scrambling around Primark is fine where pubs which have spent thousands on protective screens and implemented safety measures are not is utter nonsense.

The government keeps saying they are governed by the science not dates .... and then sticks resolutely to dates.
Everyone who is truly vulnerable has had the opportunity to have at least one jab by now.
Open the pubs, restaurants, theatres, football grounds now and anyone who isn't ready to go back can wait for their jab before rejoining the human race.

Kaiser Zoso 11:18 Wed May 5
Re: Why is it so cold ?
It's bollocks, isn't it, Solid?

Just open the pubs, you're going to open them anyway in 12 days, just fucking open them all now, Bojo, you big fat Gummidge DIV

Block 11:17 Wed May 5
Re: Why is it so cold ?
Global Warming is nothing but an load of bollocks. As I've said on here many, many times.

I told you's

Northern Sold 11:15 Wed May 5
Re: Why is it so cold ?
The problem is not the weather... it's the drinking a pint... or eating maybe a burger and chips with your pint whilst it is snowing and hailing in May... I mean in normal circumstances ... you'd pop into the pub and keep dry... you would not be hiding under benches with your pint... but hey... go shopping... not a problem... just a fucking problem sitting in a pub obviously... when there has hardly been no cases ever even when it was up shit street in this country...

chim chim cha boo 4:27 Wed May 5
Re: Why is it so cold ?
There is no such thing as shitty weather.

The problem is inappropriate clothing.

defjam 1:38 Wed May 5
Re: Why is it so cold ?
LeroysBoots 9:42 - Most of our rain in the UK starts off as snow due to the Wegener-Bergeron-Findeisen process.

Northern Sold 10:55 - Cricket has been called of before due to SNOW in June, that was back in the 70's though, a few days later we had a heatwave.

The weather is nothing unusual, seems that since social media people have forgotten the past, bit like the premier league and SKY for football, It existed before.

The current weather is due to the Polar vortex receding and the position of the Azore High, also the Jet stream is pretty much a flat line rather than being curved hence the LOW pressures hitting us recently and another storm this coming weekend so it'll be warmer for a couple of days then the 850hpa drops below zero again on Sunday/Monday according to the GFS although the ECMWF has the warmer 850hpa with us a bit longer.

Am sure Ted can fill you in with the details.

gph 11:36 Tue May 4
Re: Why is it so cold ?
In 2000, I had two telephone conferences involving a bloke in Helsinki.

In one, Helsinki was the coldest capital in Europe, at -30C-ish.

In the other, it was the hottest capital in Europe, at +30C-ish.

That's a considerable range.

Northern Sold 11:15 Tue May 4
Re: Why is it so cold ?
Oh just looked at some of the temps...

we are currently colder in the UK than...


... and that's even if those fags are drinking outside like us brits... so I'm gonna stick by my statement... we are the kings of the brutal conditions drinking

Sven Roeder 11:14 Tue May 4
Re: Why is it so cold ?
With matching headband obvs

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