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Nutsin 12:31 Fri May 7
American sport
So what sports in the USA can you stomach and what do you hate?

My personal favourite, I like the 49ers. Been to a few games looking to going to more this upcoming season hopefully.
I even watch the draft and read up on the scouting reports in each player selected each year. Great game to watch live too, just don’t sit in the upper tier.

Basketball (NBA)
I am a Lakers fan and have been to several games at the Forum and Staples center, both nice venues. Always amazed at the amount of celebrities you see at a game. Some of the best games occurred when Shaw and Kobe played together, although when they beat the Celtics without Shaq in game 7 was as good as it gets. The last 2 mins are always fun in any close games.

Hockey (NHL)
This is much better to watch live, these players are unbelievable how they skate around on the ice so fast and can stop on a dime. Some of the hits are pretty insane too and good fight always gets the crowd going to. I like to see the LA Kings do well but wouldn’t consider myself a fan.

Baseball (MLB)
I’m a Dodgers fan, got to know Sean Green over the years he was a Dodger big bat for a few years which is why I became a fan.
To be honest regular season games is a nice way to spend a day drinking beer in the sun, bit like cricket. Baseball gets exciting in Ictober when it’s playoff ball.

College sports are good to watch too, College football is good to watch, the USC Trojans are liked around my area.

College basketball has a tournament each year in March called March madness, If you go to Vegas when the tournament starts it will be packed. The tournament goes on all month and is full of drama , upsets and college kids leaving it all on the floor to win the (NCAA) championship. Games on all day every day in a win or go home tournament, some amazing plays and players to watch. A great tournament Everybody gets a bracket and tries to pick the winner of every game at the outset. The one with the most points wins the pot. People bet like crazy on the tournament.

One thing with living here in the states there’s always some sport to watch on TV,

I almost forgot UFC (MMA)
Even though boxing is the Mecca for boxing it is considered an international sport. MMA is always a good party when there’s a big fight on. I’m not big on all the grappling but live it when they stand up and fight.

Some great sports and some great sporting moments, it’s easy to see why the Yanks system is so successful.
Love the way they groom the high school kids for college and then groom them for the pros.
Top notch, great system.

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Jonah Lomas 10:37 Sun May 16
Re: American sport
The fact that the other sports have much lower attendances, shows you which group the majority of Australians fall into.

Jonah Lomas 10:30 Sun May 16
Re: American sport
Seriously Sven, it's only Australians in 2 or 3 States that like AFL.

Sure, there might be 100,000 people that turn up to a pre-season AFL game at the MCG, or whatever, but they're nearly all incestuous, bogan reprobates, with low IQs and questionable parentage.

Which means that the proper sports are supported by a better class of people.

Sven Roeder 9:02 Sun May 16
Re: American sport
As a West Coast Eagles fan I'd agree about the Victorian centric nature of the administration.
That said there are 10 Victorian teams (plus 2 each from WA, SA, Qld & NSW) so they ARE going to travel interstate less.
Doesnt stop them engaging in extra jiggery pokery so that teams like Collingwood & Richmond seem to play too often at the MCG.
The good news is that next weekend there are games at the Gabba, Adelaide Oval, Optus Stadium & in Western Sydney.
And three Melbourne teams Collingwood , Hawthorn & North Melbourne are propping up the table.

I see Rugby union in Australia is such a state they considered turning amateur before selling their soul to private equity.
Completely unable to compete with AFL

Far Cough 8:06 Sun May 16
Re: American sport
AFL is gay

Helmut Shown 7:56 Sun May 16
Re: American sport
I'd rather bang rusty nails in my helmet than watch any of that shit

eric5bellies 2:22 Sun May 16
Re: American sport
AFL is a game administered by Victorians, commentated by Victorians for Victorians. The administration of the game is a joke. What is it a 22 game season where the Victorian teams travel maybe once a month to other states and the interstate teams travel every second week ? And if that wasn't enough the fucking AFL make the WA teams travel to fucking Tasmania where there are no direct flights to play the like of Hawthorn because they apparently have some affiliation with the place. They change the fucking rules every second week. A fucking joke of a sport.

Sven Roeder 1:46 Sun May 16
Re: American sport
Its Sherrin
And I guess her mothers large thighs have been passed down

Yes, a game that involves kicking a ball from your hands & hand passing it with a clenched fist while running twice as far vs a game of throwing a ball around and running into large lumps.
Its always been clear that rugby is the fall back for those lacking kicking skills. Or acceptable skin fold results

Jonah Lomas 11:56 Sun May 16
Re: American sport
Raiders, Dodgers and Capitals for me.

Dodgers and Caps have won championships recently which has been a nice change.

The Raiders won't win a Super Bowl in my lifetime.

Jonah Lomas 11:52 Sun May 16
Re: American sport
Sven, so you're comparing AFL players who spend most of their time practising kicking, with a ball specifically designed to make kicking easier, with rugby players kicking a ball specifically designed for passing with their hands?

My 8 year old daughter could kick a Sheerin 40 yards. They're like an oval, leather ping pong ball.

Mad Dog 2:20 Sun May 16
Re: American sport
Would love to see Seattle seahawks play at home one day. Their stadium looks good.

Mad Dog 2:18 Sun May 16
Re: American sport
Forgot about MLS
Used to like NY/NJ metrostars before redbulls took them over. Again j keep a vague eye on them (but don't really give a shit).

Got a black training shirt of theirs from 1998. Very similar to our away this season. No sponsor.

Mad Dog 2:07 Sun May 16
Re: American sport
After my time working in manhattan and many visits since I keep an eye on the new york teams.

I quite like American football. Follow ny giants

I don't give a fuck about hockey or basketball (nj devils and ny nets I keep a vague eye on results)

I've seen ny mets play and I was bored off my tits.
I did enjoy the games at London stadium 2 years ago. And was out there in 2015 during the world series (mets lost). That was interesting.

Hello Mrs. Jones 10:48 Sat May 15
Re: American sport
Nutsin,Having read some of your ill informed posts,.I'm surprised you don't like Nascar along with all the other Trumptards.

Oh, and by the way, you are not allowed to like the Dodgers, they are reserved for us Democrats

scouse kid 8:49 Sat May 15
Re: American sport
Like most people I will watch most sports

A few months ago I watched some rodeo where the bull kicked the fuck out of some yank.

It was entertaining at least

Pee Wee 3:15 Sat May 15
Re: American sport
I like them all apart from basketball, seems to me only the last 3 minutes are interesting. If they made it a 3 minute game I might be interested.

Ice Hockey is great live and even better to play, but it’s. It the best TV spectator sport.

American football is excellent with far more exciting games than not. Some weird things like towards end of season some teams are better off losing games than winning which is farcical, but mainly it’s a great sport.

Baseball is fun to watch live and I’ll watch a little on TV but far too many games

Swiss. 2:24 Sat May 15
Re: American sport
NFL is great. I saw the Cowboys when I was briefly assigned to Dallas.

But as stated you need to understand the rules.Tons of strategy around territory gain. I mean if you put a Yank at a cricket match without understanding it even a ODI he's be fucking bored.

bruuuno 12:22 Sat May 15
Re: American sport
I quite like ice hockey when I can see the puck

Steady 12:17 Sat May 15
Re: American sport
Would rather go and watch greyhound racing

mashed in maryland 11:09 Sat May 15
Re: American sport
Handegg looks really fun to play and some of the highlights are incredible feats of athleticism but the whole stop-start nature of it gets really boring, imo.

Ice hockey looks mental. Commentators actually cheering on the fights etc

claret on my shirt 9:05 Mon May 10
Re: American sport
Love the NFL, alot of people says it shit as they don't understand it.

Westham67 12:45 Mon May 10
Re: American sport
Any sport is better to watch live than on the box it's the atmosphere. I would say ice hockey would be the nuts Nutsin

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