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normansmymate 11:08 Mon May 10
Next Season- No Europe
If we cant get a seat at the big table, would we better off next season not getting into Europa League and the other thing? Would you rather see us have another crack next season at top 4 without the Thursday/Sunday games? Fact is we don't have the squad for it and could end up 16th 17th or worse. Or is it worth the risk for a few jollies in Slovenia and Albania and the likes?

Do you want the 5th-7th place European Football or not?

Me - NO

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Bishopsfinger 10:21 Wed May 12
Re: Next Season- No Europe
Down back to earth with a bump. Realisation hits again that GSB will provide very very little so we can push on. If anything they will decimate is further. We have to hope Moyes can work magic with either what we have or from funds from sold player. I have little hope he will get all the money from players sold.

ChillTheKeel 10:11 Wed May 12
Re: Next Season- No Europe
Yep, there are no more excuses. 6th spot is in our hands, no one else's.

Manuel 10:04 Wed May 12
Re: Next Season- No Europe
Chill - Yep, that and having Rice and Og back, and playing 3 sides with only pride to play for, there really is no excuse for not getting 9 points which will see us finish 5th or 6th.

ChillTheKeel 9:55 Wed May 12
Re: Next Season- No Europe
We'll make top 6, our record against the lower clubs has been exceptional this season.

Krap not Pu 9:54 Wed May 12
Re: Next Season- No Europe
The way we have choked in the run-in leaves me to believe all we now can look forward to is the "friendly" against Celtic in July, that's as far as we will be going and I for one will be looking forward to beating those scumbags.

WHUDeano 5:10 Tue May 11
Re: Next Season- No Europe
Modern day football is so shit, the question asked in this thread is the perfect example as to why.

I personally would be delighted with European competition, and quietly I may have even preferred the idea of this new conference league. My old man was researching the best routes to Algeria for the final about a month ago!

I'd rather go into a tournament we have a chance of winning, than go into one where we are the whipping boys. Also the thought of away days to smaller European cities, with fans who are not accustomed to European nights sounds fantastic to me.

Palermo away was my only ever experience of European Football with West Ham, and the video of me being marched across the pitch is still on YouTube today. Absolutely loved every second of it, it was dangerous, exciting, violent and fucking brilliant. We were shit of course, but I was too pissed to really care, and we left with 20mins to go to avoid the lock in. Ended up in a little Italian restaurant until 1am eating a pizza and drinking a load of red wine with my mate and my old man. One of my best memories following West Ham.

I've done loads of travel in Eastern Europe, and the thought of heading to Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria definitely sounds better than a spanking in Paris.

New Jersey 4:14 Tue May 11
Re: Next Season- No Europe
I would love to go and see them in an away European tie once in my life but apart from that the thought of Thursday/Sunday matches, players getting knackered with not having a big enough squad, the endless games etc doesn't really hold much appeal. Again to appease the top clubs we have the group matches which don't appeal. If it was a straight knock-out that would be better. I'd much rather we saved ourselves to put our strongest teams out for the cups.

one iron 3:09 Tue May 11
Re: Next Season- No Europe
At my age i want europe, i might be gone by end of next season.whats the point of playing if we dont take the chance,this season a freak, back to bottom half of table next year, best players will be sold, that the sullivan way.

Lee Trundle 2:38 Tue May 11
Re: Next Season- No Europe
legrandefromage 2:35 Tue May 11

That reads like a hopeful Alex V line up for our next game.

legrandefromage 2:35 Tue May 11
Re: Next Season- No Europe
Where are they now? Some of those who featured in our most recent Euro campaigns:

Lewis Page, Diego Poyet, Elliot Lee, Amos Nasha, Doneil Henry, Kyle Knoyle, Jordan Brown, Alex Pike, Marcus Browne

Nagel 2:27 Tue May 11
Re: Next Season- No Europe
Been looking at Moyes' record in Europe while at Everton and it don't make for pretty reading. Not sure if he took it seriously at all.

Out of his 11 seasons there his one qualification for the Champions League ended with losing in the 3rd qualifying round and dropping to the UEFA (and going out in the 1st round of that).

His other 3 qualifications for UEFA went this far:

1st round
Round of 32
Round of 16

Glenn Roeder 10:58 Tue May 11
Re: Next Season- No Europe
Yes - it will do us good. I doubt we'll have a team to compete in the latter stages if we make it but take the chance we should.

Hammer Oz 10:30 Tue May 11
Re: Next Season- No Europe
Boooooooooooooooo West Ham

Boooooooooooooo Europa league

bet you can't wait to booo in person

fucking loser

Full Claret Jacket 9:02 Mon May 10
Re: Next Season- No Europe
Thing is the Europa league is treated like the League cup. A bunch of fringe players get used and the results are often underwhelming. If we make Europe at any level we need to give it a proper go. The money is all in the Premier League or Champions League so they will always be prioritised. The last couple of times we had the chance of Europa league we have wasted them. Pretty sure we will do the same again.

13 Brentford Rd 8:49 Mon May 10
Re: Next Season- No Europe
*Coufal & Lingard* even.

Haz 8:49 Mon May 10
Re: Next Season- No Europe
A big YES from me. Would love a couple of away days in some exotic back water! Otherwise, what is the bloody point? Just to exist in the Prem?

Westside 8:45 Mon May 10
Re: Next Season- No Europe
As a minimum we must get into the group stage by way of our league position

Any English team that gets into the Europa League, by any route, is straight into the group stages next season (and the Champions League).

For the Conference, it is the last qualifying (play off) round.

13 Brentford Rd 8:42 Mon May 10
Re: Next Season- No Europe
Problem is no Europe and we will struggle to keep Rice, Soucek and Lindgard and possibly even Soufal, we will struggle without them, even if we lost just two of them.
Can't see how, good as Moyes has been in the market we replace them?
Europa League may help persuade them to stay and at least give it another season to see if we can push on from there . We should always be aiming to move forwards and any sort of European football is a step or two forwards and raises the profile of the club

Sir Alf 8:17 Mon May 10
Re: Next Season- No Europe
oioi 3:48 Mon May 10

Highly unlikely but like you say we can hope that results are totally unexpected and we squeek into the CL.

Realistically looks to be the 2nd tier ( Eu"ropey" League ) or even this new 3rd tier Conference thing.

Like you the priority is finishing above the North London "Entitled" but it would be good to qualify for some kind of European competition just to show something for an extraordinary league campaign this season which no one could have predicted.

The downside would be to do as we did before when getting into the Europa and going quantity not quality players to bolster the squad. "Less is more" or whatever that phrase is.

Pedro 8:06 Mon May 10
Re: Next Season- No Europe
If and a big if we had current team in Europa league we would do really well.

As a minimum we must get into the group stage by way of our league position. Are Astra still around?

The Mercernary 6:30 Mon May 10
Re: Next Season- No Europe
It's a no-brainer:

1. European nights will be so much more entertaining than watching us lose at home to the likes of Everton/Newcastle et al. The PL now is a bore fest.

2. The higher we finish the more £'s we earn. £12m-ish for 5th (which is on top of the rest of the PL pot we get). That's enough for 2 Coufals!

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