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Q: 2021/22 What competition should we prioritise this season?
a. The league is our bread & butter, so this year let's have a club sandwich
b. We're owed an FA Cup after Gerrard nicked our last one in 06, our name's on it in 22
c. A bye to the League Cup 3rd round gives us a good start, let's make it count
d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

ludo21 4:57 Mon May 10
41 Years ago
I haven't checked but I'm pretty sure it was 10 May that Sir Trevor put that header away and we last won something... 41 years ago!

I don't suppose that my then 12 year old self would have believed we wouldn't have won anything else by the time I reached 50+. How many more years will it be?

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Lato 9:40 Sat May 15
Re: 41 Years ago
Tomaszewski then went to stop everything (except Allan Clarkes penalty) that England threw at him with one of the best goal keeping displays I have ever seen. This game was also known for my namesake Grzegorz Lato mugging Norman Hunter and getting an assist for Jan Domarski's opener

Lato 9:33 Sat May 15
Re: 41 Years ago
Cloughie had a habit of putting his foot in his big mouth on live tv. He called the Polish goal keeper Jan Tomaszewski a clown in that infamous world Cup qualifier in 1973

CrowleyHammer 9:26 Sat May 15
Re: 41 Years ago
We won the UEFA Intertoto Cup in 99!

Sven Roeder 9:15 Sat May 15
Re: 41 Years ago

The legendary Nottingham Forest boss loved to ruffle a few feathers as a pundit and was no different in the build-up to the 1980 FA Cup final between West Ham and Arsenal, when he singled out Brooking for criticism by saying the veteran England international playmaker floated like a butterfly - and stung like one.

Brooking remembers being rung up on the eve of the final by the editor of the Daily Express, for whom Clough had a column, and being warned he had given him some serious stick - with Cloughie's general view being that it was a disgrace that Brooking and the rest of the Second Division Hammers had focused on reaching a Wembley final rather than getting back into the top flight.
You would hardly blame the genial Brooking if he had seen his subsequent nodded winner against the Gunners as a way of making Clough eat his words, but he never expected the man himself to confirm it in the way that he did, or when.

Brooking told BBC Sport: "Seven years later I was commentating on a Forest game in the Cup at Crystal Palace and I was stood in the tunnel beforehand with nobody around.

"Cloughie poked his head out of a door and saw me, then came over and stood up really close to me, as he did, before saying 'young man, a few years ago I said something before an FA Cup final which I shouldn't have done. I'm sorry and I apologise'. Then he shook my hand and went back into the dressing room.

"I'd seen him in the meantime at one or two do's where we acknowledged each other but never spoke about that topic. It's amazing that, so many years on, he decided that he owed me an apology. I respected him a lot for that."

Mex Martillo 8:54 Sat May 15
Re: 41 Years ago
Watched at home on the TV. Not sure why, but clearly remember Brain Clough who was the kind of pundit to the commentator making a right tit of himself by saying no way Brooking scores with his head, he cannot head the ball etc. Of course he was shown to be an talking rubbish.
Was a marvelous day and having won in 75, I thought we would be regularly winning trophies...

LeroysBoots 7:46 Sat May 15
Re: 41 Years ago
Was at the game as a 17 year old in my finest flares ,!!!

Recall vividly the ridiculously long time from Sir Trev scoring to the end of the game, checking watch ( no mobiles !!! ) Every 2 mins

After winning in 75 also I thought this regular success thing was ok, how little I knew !!!

Manuel 7:18 Sat May 15
Re: 41 Years ago
This day is the clubs finest hour and unlikely to ever be surpassed. Probably the best day of my life if I'm honest.

Chigwell 7:09 Sat May 15
Re: 41 Years ago
I was at the end where TB scored but due to the angle neither I nor those around me realised he had got his head to the ball: we all thought it was Pearson's goal deflected in by a defender.

Lato 12:12 Fri May 14
Re: 41 Years ago
What a day and night. Me or none of my mates managed to get tickets so all piled into the Dukes Head Pub on the Barking Road as soon as it opened. Then went round one of my mates brothers house down Wall End Road to watch the game. We were all off a faces at this point and most of the game is a distant blur except of course when Sir Trev scored and Bonzo lifted the cup. Straight down to the Boleyn after for a knees up into the early hours of the morning. Got bollocked several times by the Old Bill for doing the Conga down Barking Road. Back to the Town Hall early Sunday morning to welcome the team home a brilliant two days. Just hope I can see it again before I pop my clogs. COYI

Aalborg Hammer 1:31 Thu May 13
Re: 41 Years ago
Drove up from Reading in my old Mk.2 GT Cortina (wish I had it now) 6 up. Stopped in Lisson Grove for fish and chips at the Seashell and then into the boozer next door-I think it was the Globe- (run by a Gooner) who bet us all that Arsenal would win..we were at the opposite end to the goal where we scored..I remember going out of the stadium and shaking hands with a lot of Gunners..they were remarkably civilised!
Stopped to pick up our liquid winnings. We drove back into West Ham on the Sunday with my kid brother for the celebrations - what a great weekend

eswing hammer 2:18 Tue May 11
Re: 41 Years ago
No kids today ,with sanitised wall to wall ,24/7 football sky , BT etc on the box, could imagine what cup final day was like , the highlight of the season , there would be some kind of football , fans penalty shoot out , the road to Wembley,the atmosphere on Wembley way , what people in the home town teams are doing to watch the match ,loads , one of the only days of the year there was a live game from 12 o’clock onwards till 3 o’clock kick off, no matter who was playing,

Razzle 11:36 Tue May 11
Re: 41 Years ago
Got the programme signed by Sir Trev

Glenn Roeder 11:04 Tue May 11
Re: 41 Years ago
The year after in the League Cup Final I did think that this was going to be the norm of getting to finals and hopefully winning.......I was 11 then, oh well, those were the days.

Mike the Hammer 9:44 Tue May 11
Re: 41 Years ago
The day my Nan and Grandad moved house from Hubbard Street to Asland Road. First things in were carpet, tele and settee so me and my brother would be quiet for the day! Those were the days of the FA Cup final breakfast and all the build up around it...
Raised a glass to Sir Trev and the boys yesterday.

Mike the Hammer 9:44 Tue May 11
Re: 41 Years ago
The day my Nan and Grandad moved house from Hubbard Street to Asland Road. First things in were carpet, tele and settee so me and my brother would be quiet for the day! Those were the days of the FA Cup final breakfast and all the build up around it...
Raised a glass to Sir Trev and the boys yesterday.

only1billybonds 7:30 Mon May 10
Re: 41 Years ago
One of THE days of my life. From meeting up with mates at Mile End station at 9am til leaving the Dorset Arms on the Isle of Dogs at 3am. The 79 minutes after we scored seemed to last forever, never been so relieved to hear a final whistle. Dont know why because we never looked in trouble throughout the game and our defence was superb on the day. Somehow ended up in the Oliver Twist over Leyton after leaving Wembley en route to the Island but that part of the evening remains a mystery to this day.

Charoo 6:26 Mon May 10
Re: 41 Years ago
5 years ago we beat Manchester United 3-2 in our last ever game at Upton Park.

zico 6:10 Mon May 10
Re: 41 Years ago
Watched the goal on the facebook alert and the sun shining on the old Wembley pitch, the smart kits devoid of sponsors banners, Dev flying down on the outside as a winger that has all but disappeared today, banners in the crowd with such absurdities such as "Bonds Eats Srice", ah the old days of proper football.

TonkaToy 5:58 Mon May 10
Re: 41 Years ago
An odd thing I remember about that day..

Parents were away for the weekend, and as a 13 year old, I think this was the 1st full weekend I'd been left at home to fend for my self.

Had a few mates over to watch the game on the TV. But seeing as it was blisteringly hot, the old man had called and asked that I water his veg and plants. So as a dutiful son, I dashed out at half time to splash a bit of water about.

Next door neighbour was out, and noting my West ham Top delights me with the news that he had a ticket as a freebie from work, but as a Palace fan, didn't bother to use it. If only I'd known you were a West ham fan etc.

That was the 1st time that I can remember giving an adult a full-on mouthful!

Needless to say when the old man got home late Sunday PM, a thick ear was not far behind!

As you were.

ludo21 5:32 Mon May 10
Re: 41 Years ago
COYI - Ha....10th May is etched on my pysche forever!

riosleftsock 5:31 Mon May 10
Re: 41 Years ago

I can remember the 10th May 1980 like it was yesterday, which is ironic as I can't remember what I had for lunch yesterday.

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