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the straw 8:14 Mon May 10
Anyone ever seen anything that had you puzzled? Do like a good UFO story but all the photos are well iffy!

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blueeyed.handsomeman 5:29 Tue May 11
Re: UFO's
Phil Drake was a horse who flew home in classic win

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 5:18 Tue May 11
Re: UFO's
One of whom was Nick Drake's sister.

yngwies Cat 3:48 Tue May 11
Re: UFO's
And his band of birds with purple wigs.

Gloucester Iron 3:46 Tue May 11
Re: UFO's
I thought Ed Straker sorted these cunts out back in 1970...?

dm 11:26 Tue May 11
Re: UFO's
Great band. Got most of their albums on CD and saw them live 5 times over the years.

blueeyed.handsomeman 3:42 Tue May 11
Re: UFO's
i remember in the 1950s during one match a supporter standing in the corner of the north bank\\ chicken run area was knocked over and left groggy by the matchball pn the first half of a match .
she obviously recovered and returned fro m receiving treatment at half time.
this time she was knocked unconscious when the ball hit her for the second time.
unidentified i dont know,it was a match ball,i dont know who kicked the ball, MUFFIN BONDY said that it wasnt him. i believe that it was a woman, and there was no mention of an owl up on her shoulder.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 2:49 Tue May 11
Re: UFO's
Ten of your Earth days...

gph 9:54 Mon May 10
Re: UFO's
"We did this a week or so ago"

An Earth week?

Side of Ham 8:41 Mon May 10
Re: UFO's
He's half a planet behind the Martians.....

Nurse Ratched 8:36 Mon May 10
Re: UFO's
We did this a week or so ago.

Side of Ham 8:23 Mon May 10
Re: UFO's
Why don't UFO.......

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