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Q: 2022/23 You are the Chairman what do you do with Moyes?
a. Stick with him obviously, he's delivered two good seasons back to back and will see us out of this dip in form
b. If we're still lingering around the bottom three by the start of the WC then that's the time to get rid
c. What are we waiting for 2 wins in the last 20 PL games is reason enough to sack him, go now
d. I've just got my new Orange & White 3rd Kit with Moyesinho on the back, I can't wait to wear it down to the supermarket, they call me Mr West Ham around here

oioi 12:32 Fri May 21
Jack Sullivan steps down

I wonder what his next job is going to be?

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Mike Oxsaw 4:09 Sat May 29
Re: Jack Sullivan steps down
...but not far enough.

Takashi Miike 1:18 Sat May 29
Re: Jack Sullivan steps down
why would they need that cunt as director of football when daddy already micromanages everything because he is such a control freak. this just puts yet another obstacle in the way of moyes recruiting who he wants, and increases the likelihood that the mate agents clients will be forced on the manager

scott_d 7:49 Fri May 28
Re: Jack Sullivan steps down

That womens team is hardly costing us a fortune and having a negaive impact on the mens team so I don't see the problem.

The women that play for West Ham care about the West Ham Utd Ladies football team. That's enough for me whatever I think about the standard of football.

In fact they more than likely care more about playing for the club than the mens team given the huge difference in earnings.

Bishopsfinger 7:27 Fri May 28
Re: Jack Sullivan steps down
Barty if that happens I’m done with them.

Bishopsfinger 7:27 Fri May 28
Re: Jack Sullivan steps down
Why do you say it’s a fraud ? The women’s team inspire lots of young girls. I watched West Ham u11s play on a pitch next to my daughter. They played boys and smashed them.

Barty 7:02 Fri May 28
Re: Jack Sullivan steps down
He´s becoming the director of football!

Any Old Iron 12:12 Thu May 27
Re: Jack Sullivan steps down
Will this mean the end of the club club we put our money into subsidising the birds team that absolutely no one is interested in? I can only hope so.

Womens 'professional' football is a fraud.

ParadiseLost 10:21 Wed May 26
Re: Jack Sullivan steps down
Side of ham, you only have to look at their past. Sullivan was pissing off people in the 1970s by selling mail order porn that was anything but as exciting as his adverts suggested. Neither he or Gold went to Harvard Business School. Same with Brady who you rather get the feeling is only wheeled out for image purposes (like negotiating the stadium deal) and is only paid her salary not to reveal a lot of what went in in their business relationship in the past.
They certainly treated people who worked for the club badly. Bit of a story - but here is one example.
I have a friend who when she was younger used to work at Barclay’s in Green Street behind the till. In the late 70s-80s the players used to come in to deposit or cash their checks - and no doubt flirt a bit with her. She’s still in touch with a few of them and has some stories - she’d be a good interview for a podcast one day. She then took a part time job at the ground working in the cash cage under the main stand, counting the take each game. So she lived many matches, over several decades hearing the games from the noise of the crowd.
When the move to Stratford happened she and others were told nothing. Then finally at the last minute she was offered a job as a steward which she told them to stick. All those years working for the club and hardly as much as a thank you. That’s Brady business and I guess that the terms of the move meant stiffing all of the existing employees.

Side of Ham 10:00 Wed May 26
Re: Jack Sullivan steps down
Bottom line is I think most supporters of all clubs would except what you've just described because it's a business system glitch (it happens). This was an opportunity that had it not been found out would have continued and then he's gone onto be proper harsh to our more loyal section of the support for doing far less a crime.

There is something in their nouse that is almost Dickensian Fagin like........

ParadiseLost 9:48 Wed May 26
Re: Jack Sullivan steps down
Fair comment Side of Ham. But people did complain and it was stopped? I’ve had my own issues with the ticket office - including one early season game where I bought a ticket online, travelled across the Atlantic only to have an irate season ticket holder turfing me out of ‘his’ seat, waving it around to everyone as a forgery and trying to get a steward to throw me out. My guess is that the ST holder had renewed late, after I had bought the single match ticket online and the ticket office hadn’t noticed. Plenty of issues in the past and they still continue I think which is an example of how Brady doesn’t earn her money.

Side of Ham 9:39 Wed May 26
Re: Jack Sullivan steps down
PL it was a direct rip off to buy tickets for West Ham games that had you waiting in a queue at £1.50 p/min.

I don't know of any other clubs owner doing that, they then went onto threaten bans on ST holders who passed their seats onto friends or aquaintancies because they didn't use their trade in site.

They are lowlife purely for not needing to do it especially when portraying themselves as fellow fans......

ChillTheKeel 9:37 Wed May 26
Re: Jack Sullivan steps down
You're one seriously thick cunt PL

I was referring to your mongy remark "the most terrible thing owners do to football clubs you ought to read around a bit."

ParadiseLost 9:34 Wed May 26
Re: Jack Sullivan steps down
Chill I think you are having short term memory loss. You wrote, in response to me saying that Gold didn’t bother me that much

‘Interesting, given that parasitic old cunt once forced fans to use a premium rate phone number which he had recently invested in.’

Perhaps you need to go and talk to the fans of what used to be our peers like Sunderland, Ipswich, QPR, Derby and Stoke and ask them whether premium rate telephone lines were their big concerns.

I’m not saying the line was a good idea but if that’s your example of why our owners are the worst I think you are missing the plot.

smasher. 9:34 Wed May 26
Re: Jack Sullivan steps down

ChillTheKeel 9:26 Wed May 26
Re: Jack Sullivan steps down
ParadiseLost 7:58 Wed May 26
Re: Jack Sullivan steps down
Chill if you think a premium rate telephone number is the most terrible thing owners do to football clubs you ought to read around a bit.


Where did I say that? But the fact you have no problem with a parasitic cunt who fleeces the fans speaks volumes .

ParadiseLost 9:21 Wed May 26
Re: Jack Sullivan steps down
Lots of old codgers at the ground I think mate and replacing them as they die off is important to the club so our owners and all owners want to make sure people feel safe to bring the kids and grandkids. To be honest one thing with kids pricing the owners have done a decent job of.
The other thing you meed to think about is when the owners get abuse from a group of fans, pitch invasion and the like they (and any other onwers) first thought isn’t ‘how do we make these people happy’ it ‘how do get rid of them’. Now for me that not good because the hard core fans (when you aren’t abusing me) are the heart of the club. But whenever you have a march and say that you’re going to boycott the club and not renew your season tickets a smile spreads across Sullivans face because there are plenty of others who will tale your place.

Side of Ham 9:19 Wed May 26
Re: Jack Sullivan steps down
All I want to see PL is sustained investment into the football from them, and to be getting players you can think they could be a really good fit. This does not mean they have to even spend big now we have Moyes but at some point they will have to spend big at time in a key position. I don't want other areas of the team to lose out as has been the case in the past when they do this.

What it is though now for me is they've exhausted my liking of them, and I used to cut them plenty of slack. Sullivans phone line thing (although minor to some) really was a low life trick I never thought an owner would try to do these days and I'm sorry to say I can't forgive it.

the straw 9:09 Wed May 26
Re: Jack Sullivan steps down
Er i'm not some old codger like you mate.

ParadiseLost 9:07 Wed May 26
Re: Jack Sullivan steps down
Yep straw they took some grandkids for their first game and not surprisingly they weren’t impressed. Football has changed mate. Not everyone goes there to exercise the Doc Martins anymore. Didn’t anyone tell you?

ParadiseLost 9:05 Wed May 26
Re: Jack Sullivan steps down
Sideofham Attending the games does give you a better perspective but these days when am in London, not recently due to the pandemic I’ve always found it more difficult to get a ticket for Stratford than I used to for UP. That suggest as much as the stadium has issues people do go. I’ve family who for the first time in their lives are now ST holders.
If the squad isn’t improved on yes that will create more unhappiness although to be fair we do need to see if that happens. What spend makes people happy? For me keep Rice and Soucek and somewhere between 50-70 million, plus sales is about right, for you perhaps not. But European football will stop many turning this year, no matter who is running the club.
Not many will do as I do and argue the other side on this, because its a abuse magnet. But the protestors (hard core) need to win over more or else fail. But there are wins out there. Safe Standing (and not just a few token rows) would be a start. Pressure on Newham to increase the capacity would also help the finances. Getting rid of Brady and having someone with better football knowledge would improve things enormously. In fact have the safe standing next to the directors box might be a better supporters advisory group than the one the club runs...

the straw 9:05 Wed May 26
Re: Jack Sullivan steps down
He just doesn't get it. It's embarrassing. Slagging off proper fans whilst not having a clue what's happening on the ground because he lives so far away.

'Family at the Burnley game'. How convenient. And they didn't like it either? Were they a bit frightened because things got a bit real? Diddums. Our proper supporters can and will be mobilised once we can, and all these other 'fans' who he thinks will just take their place are the diluted 'customers' that really will finish off what this club is all about.

All his answers are pure whataboutery.

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