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WHUDeano 7:00 Wed Jun 2
Palermo away
Enjoyed reading the Croatian & Metz stories, gutted I wasn’t at either. I was however in Palermo - one of my all time favourite times following West Ham.

Anyone have any good stories to share?

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Swiss. 6:29 Wed Jun 9
Re: Palermo away
ChesterRd 2:58 Wed Jun 9

Strange coincidence that and Pardew's wife being Swedish.

Problem with getting friendlies there is that they are still in full season all summer.

ChesterRd 2:58 Wed Jun 9
Re: Palermo away
gph, if that was a pre season under Pardew I was at that game. I think we were playing Gothenburg but not at their ground. I loved those Swedish pre seasons. Wish we could go back once in a while.

WHUDeano 1:29 Wed Jun 9
Re: Palermo away
Beast 10:44 Tue Jun 8

After the pitch walk, I remember seeing a load of lads from the BML, usually they were proper mouthy&lairy but in the stand they were looking very sheepish. I said hello and had a quick chat, clearly remember them saying they'd had their shoes and scarves nicked by a load of pikeys, they genuinely looked broken. I think my old man asked why they let it happen, and they literally looked down and said they didn't know.

Looking back, for me that was the start of the new generation of fans taking over from the older boys. Those were actually older than me, but had not been a close part of the older 70s&80s lot. All mouth and little substance. Pikey or opposition fan, if someone tried to take me shoes and scarf,, I don't think I would have got to the ground either way.

Crazy In Cremonese 12:57 Wed Jun 9
Re: Palermo away
Osijek was an interesting place, it was where the war between Croatia and Serbia started and the hotel was riddled with bullet holes and shrapnel damage.

Heerenveen was the best piss-up, a 2-hour beer train from Amsterdam to get there.

Cremonese was the best laugh, if you were on Lacey's coach 2 you'll know why!!

duffster 11:29 Tue Jun 8
Re: Palermo away
The friendly against Espanyol in Barcelona was a hoot. Must have been about 60 of us.

Beast 10:44 Tue Jun 8
Re: Palermo away
I remember getting marched past the Pikey camp and the old bill standing back as it kicked off. Best away trip ever, bar none

w4hammer 2:41 Tue Jun 8
Re: Palermo away
astham75 10:12 Thu Jun 3
Re: Palermo away
Had a superb day, travelled alone but got talking on the plane to another WHOer and agreed to go for a beer together then in the city as we got off the bus got talking to W4Hammer and his son we all went for beers and a meal great Hammers away day.

indeed we did! my son's sole job was to order pints of beer in italian. happy days!

Swiss. 2:18 Tue Jun 8
Re: Palermo away
I was checking the pre-season friendlies on the official site. Besides UK, Celtic, Reading, Leyton Orient and Northampton Town are there any "continental" trips?

Hallerinthemorning 12:22 Tue Jun 8
Re: Palermo away
Animal did pretty much the entire train ride up above in a luggage compartment

Norflundon 12:03 Tue Jun 8
Re: Palermo away
Metz was quite funny we was on swallows coaches meet was in Mike end or somewhere like that at 3am never forget the faces of these two old bill driving past and seeing 300 blokes standing in the pitch black outside the station at 3am on a Tuesday morning

Shalke was fucking lively the other year probably on a par with Palermo

Norflundon 12:00 Tue Jun 8
Re: Palermo away
Did cremonese
Herenveen was a great trip as was Metz but Palermo was pretty mental hotel lobby was like a scene from mash

gph 7:38 Sun Jun 6
Re: Palermo away
The closest I've come to seeing West Ham away in Europe was Sweden.

I watched the away match at Heerenveien in a bar in Malmo...

I was there for work. Fortunately, it was a several day stay, so I didn't snub my hosts every night I was there.

stewey 7:25 Sun Jun 6
Re: Palermo away
It was jools , with the coach stewards tintin and sonic

jooliandix 3:47 Sun Jun 6
Re: Palermo away
I was on the coach that broke down at Lake Como,was that coach 2 ?

stewey 2:48 Sun Jun 6
Re: Palermo away
We’re West Ham
We’re crazy
We went to cremonese.

Coach 2

SDKFZ 222 1:06 Fri Jun 4
Re: Palermo away
I have only seen us play in Europe at Heysel in 1976 and v Cremonese.

I couldn’t get to any of the more recent ones due to work commitments, but now I am retired I hope to attend some of the Europa League ones.

flyingV 12:22 Fri Jun 4
Re: Palermo away
Her brother in law being a Cosenza fan, that is.

flyingV 12:22 Fri Jun 4
Re: Palermo away
I'm in Cosenza at the moment funnily enough and had a look at the stadium yesterday.

The mrs' brother in law went to the game as well. West Ham are very popular here.

Mike the Hammer 10:59 Thu Jun 3
Re: Palermo away
Colchester Sid,

A small group of us flew to Naples, then got the train down to Cosenza. It was chucking it down most of the time and we thought the game might get postponed! I reckon there was about 60 of us gher. Had one iron's United We Stand flag with me, and had it at home for a few years after too!

Colchester Sid 10:45 Thu Jun 3
Re: Palermo away
Mike the Hammer 2:46 Thu Jun 3

Fucking hell Cosenza was a long hike, did it by train, a week to get there and back. Got absolutely drenched out there as well, game should never have been played. I think our turn out was about 40 - official attendance was 800 but it was nowhere near that

Colchester Sid 10:39 Thu Jun 3
Re: Palermo away

WHUDeano 10:01 Thu Jun 3

haha yes my mates Lee and Ian walking past the camera as well, haven't watched that in a long time

Ian and I walked back to town afterwards, don't think many West Ham walked it in both directions

Ended up about 4 in the morning in a little square eating tripe sandwiches. Yuck

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