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BN2 7:35 Fri Jun 4
WHO banter
I imagine there will be some among you who will tut and mutter “Snowflake” or something, but I am asking nicely if you would please refrain from using the term Mong on here.

I understand the appeal of slagging each other off, puffing out chests and playing I Know More About Football Than You, but words like that are just not necessary, and it’s foul.

I have a daughter with T21 Down’s Syndrome and she is the sweetest thing. And smart. And kind, and empathetic and funny.

Thank you, wankers.


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Moncurs Putting Iron 3:38 Tue Jun 8
Re: WHO banter
Dandy you mo...

...Erm. BM2 where do I stand on use of 'tard?


Dandy Lyon 3:28 Tue Jun 8
Re: WHO banter
Ooo you’re ‘ard

Kaiser Zoso 3:24 Tue Jun 8
Re: WHO banter
If she was alive she wouldn't have a grave, Lyon you utter utter dross.

Dandy Lyon 3:15 Tue Jun 8
Re: WHO banter
Or was that the joke you were making?

Dandy Lyon 3:10 Tue Jun 8
Re: WHO banter
Surely she’d be banging on the lid and screaming to be dug up

Moncurs Putting Iron 3:06 Tue Jun 8
Re: WHO banter
If Caroline Flack was alive today she would be turning in her grave.

You cruel cunts.

Russ of the BML 3:04 Tue Jun 8
Re: WHO banter
So the OP states he knows that anyone saying it isn't aiming it at his daughter that nobody knew existed.

So why is it a problem and why request for people not to use it?

Dandy Lyon 2:34 Tue Jun 8
Re: WHO banter
Can we still say Fish Monger?

And if yes, is that only when we’re talking about purveyors of fish or can we call somebody’s mongaloid mother it?

Block 1:39 Tue Jun 8
Re: WHO banter
And people saying I'm missing the point?

The point was, it's ironic Vexed calling people classless when he then goes onto call someone a spunk bucket.

Dear oh dear.

ChillTheKeel 1:30 Tue Jun 8
Re: WHO banter
Block 1:04

Such a div

Mr Kenzo 1:29 Tue Jun 8
Re: WHO banter
Is calling Ginger people Pisswizards still ok ?

Moncurs Putting Iron 1:26 Tue Jun 8
Re: WHO banter

What I am trying to point out is that Spunk Bucket is a more acceptable insult in banter terms being as it refers to a slutty lifestyle choice, not a condition.

Hence why Vexed is calling you out on it.

Vexed 1:19 Tue Jun 8
Re: WHO banter
Block 1:04 Tue Jun 8

Standard WHOOSH moment from Blcok again. Regular as clockwork.

Moncurs Putting Iron 1:17 Tue Jun 8
Re: WHO banter

After nearly twenty years on here, this got the very mixed response I was expecting.

Whatever is said is not intended to cause offence to you and yours even if it does, not sure it's a comfort but it is a fact. I will do my best to drop that word from my list of insults.

Best wishes to you and yours.

Block 1:15 Tue Jun 8
Re: WHO banter
I can't answer that, as you'll just ask for a link you sick bastard.

Moncurs Putting Iron 1:13 Tue Jun 8
Re: WHO banter

So sorry.

Which of your relatives is a spunk bucket, but a dear, sweet, kind one?

Block 1:04 Tue Jun 8
Re: WHO banter
Vexed goes from saying it's not classy to say the word mong but then calls someone a spunk bucket.

What a fucking idiot.

roltrader 1:01 Tue Jun 8
Re: WHO banter
...clearly a newbie on here or he would know the rules about links !??

(..over the line ??)

only1billybonds 6:41 Sun Jun 6
Re: WHO banter

Is this latest calamity of yours part of your arsenal when you come on here to 'straighten a few people out' (your words)?

Absolute proof,were it needed that no one in their right mind should ever take you seriously about anything.

Mike Oxsaw 6:09 Sun Jun 6
Re: WHO banter
He seeks attention and will use any thread to get it.

Of course he will claim "fishing" or "triggering" when he gets pulled up on the content of his posts, but it's the replies & responses he so dearly seeks.

Anyhow, I'm sure you'll all share in my pleasure that he has finally been reunited with his family after what must been a very stressful time of travel for him.


Side of Ham 6:04 Sun Jun 6
Re: WHO banter
Swiss up to his usual slimey sleazy cunt ways just look at the French Open Tennis thread he’s a late 50’s slob drooling over young women tennis players. The other week it was him calling an 18 year old girl ‘seriously fit’ in the Eurovision contest the sad old desperate cunt for even watching it.

Basically you can call him what you like on here as his posting history deserves it.

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