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goose 9:19 Sat Jun 5
Official Euro 21 thread
Less than a week to go until tournament kicks off, contain your excitement and furnish me with your predictions. Winner? Surprise pack? Top scorer? Player of the tournament? How far will England go?

Winners: France
Suprise: Turkey
Top scorer: Benzema
Player: Grealish or Kante
England: runner up

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Texas Iron 4:47 Sat Jul 17
Re: Official Euro 21 thread
End of the day Southgate is a plodder. No flair or Charisma as a player and he brought the same qualities to his management style. We needed more creativity and Flair in the team to beat the Italians he never used it.

Boring meticulous plodder...

pdbis 2:48 Sat Jul 17
Re: Official Euro 21 thread
We will struggle in World Cup due to the heat.

Darlo Debs 2:03 Sat Jul 17
Re: Official Euro 21 thread
I.like Soughgate but think.it obvious that some of the players he didn't take would have been better choices than some of those that got picked. I'd have definitely taken Lingard ( for his form and England experience), and I'd have taken Ward-Prowse (he is very good at free kicks, would have taken one of the pens)

Mount offered very little, and in fairness neither did Rashford when he got played (penalty aside)

chedylan 2 7:03 Fri Jul 16
Re: Official Euro 21 thread
Southgate is and always will be a lightweight.

He may 'learn' on the job , but his instinct for being a boring cunt will never change. The only thing that will is rate he blinks at. It will continue to increase.

goose 6:48 Fri Jul 16
Re: Official Euro 21 thread
Sorry is it Canvey island where yr gaff is parked??

Anyways, I’m busy watching re-runs of Italian football victories so she can shave her own tits tonight.

Vexed 6:38 Fri Jul 16
Re: Official Euro 21 thread
Goosey, to say somebody lives in Kent is the worst thing you could possibly say to someone.

Shouldn't you 'Italian' mummy's boys be shaving your mothers tits on a Friday night anyway?

goose 6:32 Fri Jul 16
Re: Official Euro 21 thread
Didn’t realise the isle of sheppey had thrown its hat into the ring.

Vexed 6:05 Fri Jul 16
Re: Official Euro 21 thread
Lee Trundle 5:30 Fri Jul 16

Two sets of untrustworthy, swarthy primitive cunts that haven't discovered deodorant yet.

Sounds like an obvious partnership.

Lee Trundle 5:30 Fri Jul 16
Re: Official Euro 21 thread
Saudi Arabia are considering a joint bid for the 2030 World Cup, with Italy being at the top of their list of potential partners. [The Athletic]

How will that work?!

El Scorchio 12:13 Thu Jul 15
Re: Official Euro 21 thread
Yup, I think he nailed it with some selections. We were all concerned about the defence but actually they were fantastic. One slightly fortunate goal conceded in open play all tournament.

Not sure we needed to go three at the back in a couple of games, but we didn't lose a single one, so you can't really accuse him of being wrong.

Phillips and Rice. Spot on.

It's ahead of that where there are questions. He needed to be braver with selection and subs. More Grealish, More Foden, take Sterling off if he's tired. There was so much talent just sitting on the bench.

and DEFINITELY too much reliance on Mount.

I don;t really know what to make with some of the chopping and changing. Players in then players out. You shouldn't do it, but it worked all the way to the final so it's hard to complain. Overall it's hard to complain too much seen as we were only beaten on pens, but I hope he takes a few learnings from this. Or can Man City or Livepool please buy Grealish from Villa? Then he'll start every game over mount, no question.

southbankbornnbred 11:33 Thu Jul 15
Re: Official Euro 21 thread

southbankbornnbred 11:32 Thu Jul 15
Re: Official Euro 21 thread
Different tournament on a different continent in different conditions, I know: but Argentina just won the Copa America playing 4-3-3 and with just one recognised deep-lying midfielder in that midfield.

Scaloni basically picked four or five attack-minded players. They got just the one goal in the final against Brazil, so it hardly set the world on fire, but their movement was good.

That's the sort of thing England might face in Qater next year.

Side of Ham 11:28 Thu Jul 15
Re: Official Euro 21 thread
Well you said he learns….that’s something he should already know……silly boy…..

GreenStreetPlayer 11:28 Thu Jul 15
Re: Official Euro 21 thread
I think we were pretty fortunate to get to the final in the first place.
On one side of the draw we missed playing Italy, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal. It Anyone of those would have sorted us out before we ventured on.
Then on our side of the draw we played the worst ever German side, a poor Ukrainian team and struggled past the Danes.
My concern in future is Southgate and his decision making.

southbankbornnbred 11:28 Thu Jul 15
Re: Official Euro 21 thread

I agree with most of that fella.

I just hope the biggest lesson that Southgate learns from the Euros is that he got a bit carried away with his obsession about defensive solidity and that you can't pick NINE players whose skill sets are primarily about stopping the opposition. When you play a mis-firing Mason Mount - 0 goals, 0 assists in open play - as your wide attacking player in a final, you've stepped into obsession and are asking for trouble.

He just needs to learn to trust slightly more inventive players, with some experience, in the final third.

, 11:27 Thu Jul 15
Re: Official Euro 21 thread
Great insight.

Side of Ham 11:25 Thu Jul 15
Re: Official Euro 21 thread
The thing is you don’t give the top nations the initiative in any game…..especially a final…..

, 11:21 Thu Jul 15
Re: Official Euro 21 thread
Southgate learns lessons so perhaps what he learned from this tournament is how to play and win a final rather than getting a draw and failing in the penalty shoot out.

His record stands scrutiny and comparison with his predecessors having got us to a WC semi final followed by this recent European final where we emerged unbeaten through the tournament.

As I see it Southgate has built a squad whose togetherness has not been matched for nearly a generation. This is a strength he can build on for Qatar 22. We know that he has been badly hurt by our final performance and that had we won on penalties our draw would still have been criticised ( maybe not so vocally ) because of our passivity giving Italy the initiative for most of the game.

Like I said Southgate will learn from our last game. He will not play in a throw caution to the wind way though if we are not behind in a game.

southbankbornnbred 11:00 Thu Jul 15
Re: Official Euro 21 thread
Foden wasn't quite ready to start - Southgate made the right call on that. That fact showed in the game Foden started, where he was largely anonymous.

I think Southgate over-relied on youngsters who, when the going got toughest, often struggled or were bang average in the tournament.

It was no surprise that our best performers were Sterling, Pickford, Maguire, Stones, Walker, Shaw, Phillips and Rice (who is a bit of an anomoly because he has a lot of Premier League games under his belt for a 22 year-old).

Saka was probably the only youngster who really bucked that trend - and he seemed to get stage fright in the final (I don't care about his penalty, his general performance against Italy was poor and he never looked in the game).

They're all talented youngsters, no doubt. Some of them are extremely talented (Foden, Bellingham). Hopefully they'll all grow as players as they become more experienced. We saw some of them make the sort of mistakes (usually positionally and mentally) that youngsters make in men's football.

It's over now, it happened. The only question is does Southgate learn the proper lessons from being so cautious throughout? One meaningful shot (the goal) against Italy in 128 minutes of football in the final tells you everything about Southgate's priorities. And that shot came after two minutes. Then 126 minutes of almost nothing to test Donnarumma until penalties.

twoleftfeet 10:57 Thu Jul 15
Re: Official Euro 21 thread
I think playing in the heat won't suit our style of play.

You can't look any further than Brazil or Argentina.

Side of Ham 10:54 Thu Jul 15
Re: Official Euro 21 thread
There’s a couple of things about the next World Cup…..

For the last two major tournaments we have had the easy side of the draw.

We was basically at home for the Euros

We generally don’t travel well to a change of continent ie: conditions etc

I think our stopping/cramming of the PL will count against us. Can also add in distraction as things won’t be sorted ‘League Champions’ etc

I feel the last couple have been really kind to us this one will be a slog…..

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