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riosleftsock 1:39 Mon Jun 14
GB News - New TV Station
Anyone else watched it?

Had friends round all day today, created a mini-waterpark for the kids in the garden, so missed much of it.

Just watched for the last hour, bloody hell, what a difference. Miles better than anything we have on our existing channels.

216 and 236 on freeview and freesat. Worth a watch. Andrew Doyle, Neil Oliver are always worth listening to.

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Sven Roeder 1:09 Sun Jul 18
Re: GB News - New TV Station
I have read that a couple of times and have no idea what you are saying.

The long and the short of it is that if they cant find a lot more viewers (summer might not help) the station will be gone by Christmas.
Ideally Andrew Neil will return to the bbc as mentioned below as he was head and shoulders their best politics presenter and asset.
Of course he only left as he was effectively sidelined by the new Tory lickspittle Director General of the BBC who felt he could curry favour with Boris by removing someone who showed the idiot PM to be the dithering incompetent waste of space that he is.
Bring back Andrew Neil ASAP & give him his old show plus any other political questioning role he wants.

Mike Oxsaw 11:34 Sun Jul 18
Re: GB News - New TV Station
They just need to reel out enough rope for the woke brigade to seize with relish and then proceed to publicly hang themselves.

I suspect those actually driving the woke "revolution" have already worked this out and are relying on snide sniping from their totally expendable right-on footsoldiers to overwhelm the station.

It's a long game of who blinks first which is more likely to be dictated by the financial backing of both sides rather than anything else.

And, just like BLM, fuckwits everywhere will forego supersizing at least one Big Mac meal a month to fund their heroes.

, 2:15 Sun Jul 18
Re: GB News - New TV Station
Beats me how with GB news trying to build itself into something viable and credible Neil takes himself off for a month’s holiday.

zebthecat 1:24 Sun Jul 18
Re: GB News - New TV Station
Andrew Neill is a fantastic interviewer.
Utterly unbiased and always better briefed than whichever numpty as put before him.
He is definitely right of centre (pretty obvious given his career with Murdock and the Spectator) but it never showed.
He said that GB News would not be a Fox News clone. Looks as though (given that Nigel Farage is now the marquee presenter) that viewing figures have forced this move. I have read that they are negotiating with Piers Morgan as well.
It is rather sad that his project looks to be descending into outrage culture and cancelling any dissenting voices.
It'll get viewers for sure but is pretty cynical.

Darlo Debs 10:49 Sat Jul 17
Re: GB News - New TV Station
I think.i've seen that before Charley, great stuff

charleyfarley 10:38 Sat Jul 17
Re: GB News - New TV Station
Great questioning from Andrew Neil and as expected answers from BOjo

Andrew Neill interviewing Bojo on the EU

AN: So how would you handle – you talk about Article 5B in GATT 24 –

BJ: Paragraph 5B. Article 24. Get the detail right. Get the detail right, Andrew. It’s Article 24 paragraph 5B.

AN: And how would you handle paragraph 5C?

BJ: I would confide entirely in paragraph 5B, because that is –

AN: How would you get round what’s in 5C?

BJ: I would confide entirely in paragraph 5B which is enough for our purposes.

AN: Do you know what’s in 5C?

BJ: No.

AN: I thought you were a man of detail.

Darlo Debs 6:07 Sat Jul 17
Re: GB News - New TV Station
But yes agree re his excellent standard of interviewing. Paxman was also good when.he did the job and is right wing.

A person's politics shouldn't actually come into it though, esp on TV, whether right or left. Its their job as broadcast journalists to scrutinise those in.politics and positions of power on.our behalf.

Darlo Debs 6:02 Sat Jul 17
Re: GB News - New TV Station
Neil is a written journo/senior editor too and was pretty outspoken about Brexit.

Any Old Iron 5:50 Sat Jul 17
Re: GB News - New TV Station
Darlo Debs 6:40 Fri Jul 16

I'm not sure how you can "vehemently disagree" with what Brillo says because after all he's not a political commentator, but a political interviewer.
I think what you're doing is assuming he's right of centre because he's not flagrantly left wing like someone such as John Snow.
He was, and is the best political presenter/interviewer because he was tough but fair, and witty with it. But he was also superbly prepared for whoever he was facing.

It's a bloody shame that those behind the scenes at GB News are letting him down so badly.

wd40 3:50 Sat Jul 17
Re: GB News - New TV Station
Welcome a news channel like this myself but always disappointed when looking in but not today!

Interviewing a parrart who had escape and now found .

cholo 7:34 Fri Jul 16
Re: GB News - New TV Station
"culture war" isn't a left or right wing term, it originates from the German word kulturkampf.

Any use of the term should always be preceded by the words "so called" IMHO.

Oh dear 6:43 Fri Jul 16
Re: GB News - New TV Station
Wouldn't be the first time Wils.

Wils 6:42 Fri Jul 16
Re: GB News - New TV Station
Oh dear

Think you misunderstood my post.

Darlo Debs 6:40 Fri Jul 16
Re: GB News - New TV Station
Rios sorry Responding to your earlier point re broadening horizons. I actually miss Neil.being on the Beeb. Much what he says I vehemently disagree with but loved This Week, and he is very good at what he does, hence why Boris wouldn't be interviewed by him.

Oh dear 6:33 Fri Jul 16
Re: GB News - New TV Station
Culture War!! What’s a Culture War Wils?

It’s another shitty little word made by some intolerant twat in the media who can’t abide to see others with a different opinion. Who hasn’t been able to get their own way at the ballot box for a while and can’t work out why.

Is it the BBC having to reprimand broadcasters Naga Munchetty, Emily Maitlis and Victoria Derbyshire for pushing their political or personal bias on air in contravention of the BBC Charter?

Or is it Jon Soper’s outright activism on air?

Or is it anything you don’t happen to agree with?

God forbid anyone watching or listening to something that falls outside of your agenda, thinking for yourselves or making your own mind up isn’t for those nasty people who have warped political ideals, which fall way short of what you expect.

You can’t be opposed, can you Wils.

I’m getting old, I’ll be dead soon. Thank fuck.

riosleftsock 6:15 Fri Jul 16
Re: GB News - New TV Station
You should have listened to his phone in Debs, he had politicians from all backgrounds on his show, normally people that vehemently disagreed with him.

He surprised me when he did a show on modern feminism with a few feminist contributors, it was one of his best shows tbh

charleyfarley 6:14 Fri Jul 16
Re: GB News - New TV Station
Was thinking how long it took before tv-am back in the 80's got off the ground, it was beset by all kinds of problems before it took off, but that of course was for mainstream tv, bit difficult to see if GB news can survive with such a niche audience, like wils said probably needs a bit of sport in there other than politics all day

Darlo Debs 6:11 Fri Jul 16
Re: GB News - New TV Station
Not sure I'd ever be influenced by a flat capped middle aged man still stuck.in an idealised image of 1950s Britain, but I can see why the men of his age group.on here would be

riosleftsock 6:10 Fri Jul 16
Re: GB News - New TV Station
You're funny Debs. Farage is a traditional conservative, I have no idea about Mercy's politics, but she is probably culturally conservative, Oliver is an environmentalist I have no idea what his politics (apart from he hates the SNP) are and Doyle is a socialist.

That's quite a broad range of political opinions, you should try to broaden your mind a bit. I often watch left wing commentators if they are interesting, Paul Embrey is excellent for instance.

Mike Oxsaw 6:08 Fri Jul 16
Re: GB News - New TV Station
Farage is an excellent orator.

Unless you are scared that you may be influenced by what he is saying, he's worth watching just for the entertainment value.

Plus you can't hear too many different viewpoints in this world.

Darlo Debs 6:02 Fri Jul 16
Re: GB News - New TV Station
Sorry stopped reading at Farage

You are funny

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