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Nutsin 7:08 Wed Jun 16
Gasoline prices up 45% since last year

Rental cars up 12% since April

Lumber, Bacon, Milk thru the roof!
So many other items are spiking, PPI up 6.6% at some point the rise in prices will get passed on to the consumer, so expect it to go up more.

What a mess, hard to get this genie back in the bottle..... Wait till Biden starts spending all these new freshly printed Trillions.....

Fucking mess!

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Side of Ham 11:33 Sun Jun 20
Re: Inflation
Unlike Pickle to be half a rainforest behind the news……

Hammer and Pickle 11:26 Sun Jun 20
Re: Inflation
The glut on the lumber market is an interesting one as it reveals yet another populist fuck-up. The nutters here and in Brazil thought chopping down the countries’ forests was a great little earner. And once again they have demonstrated how utterly useless they are.

Kaiser Zoso 11:13 Sun Jun 20
Re: Inflation

BRANDED 11:05 Sun Jun 20
Re: Inflation

Capitol Man 5:45 Sun Jun 20
Re: Inflation

Hermit Road 10:22 Fri Jun 18
Re: Inflation

Your usual victim mentality is showing again.

Alfs 5:19 Sun Jun 20
Re: Inflation
Kaiser, I've had a few garden offices over the years. Don't get ripped off as they've never been so in demand. Instead, look locally for the workmen you need, such as a carpenter, and get it built yourself.

Darby_ 4:35 Sun Jun 20
Re: Inflation
LUMBER has dropped 50%, the biggest price drop in history, which suggests the whole thing is temporary. Just a mix of COVID related supply snarls, repressed demand bouncing back and people using their stimulus cheques to do stuff around the house. Thus employing more people and creating more economic activity.

The crash in LUMBER prices also could be because higher prices encourage businesses to increase the supply of LUMBER. If you’re going to get a good price, why not hire a few more people to increase the amount of LUMBER you’re producing?

Oil prices are just back to where they were before COVID, which suggests that the economy is returning to normality.

Basically the stimulus is working exactly as intended.

Capitol Man 4:07 Sun Jun 20
Re: Inflation
Slow Kenny and the gimp bringing their powerful intellects to bear. Ag ag ag

You sad pair of fucking twats.

Jaan Kenbrovin 3:34 Sun Jun 20
Re: Inflation
I see Biden's polling is slipping quicker than he can walk up stairs.

That chuckle puppet Harris won't even visit the border she cared so much about either.

It's like LOLmerica were lied to? Which can't be the case as the US media love Biden and have firewalled him from all scrutiny or accountability. Yet the old cunt still can't keep to script when actually confronted with a worthwhile question.

China and Russia must be rubbing their hands.

Hammer and Pickle 12:34 Fri Jun 18
Re: Inflation
Seems I was too late - someone ask Muppet when he re-emerges.

That was actually quite funny O'Cone - are you quite sure you're feeling alright?

Just so we're clear - Biden is in big danger of fucking it up with inflation following this post-Covid stimulus package. Naturally, the Republican media troll machine will of course be doing everything possible to make sure he does fuck it up. However, for the time being, I am assuming his experience and skills as a statesman will be enough to make sure he does the necessary, which is of course unblocking trade with China and the EU to ensure that the required supply-side response is there to meet the demand surge.

Mike Oxsaw 11:54 Fri Jun 18
Re: Inflation
When Trump does something to increase inflation: "Burn him! Burn him face first! Then kill his first-born and all his family. Leave no trace of his DNA on the planet!".

When Biden does something to increase inflation: " Pah! It's just a blip. Move along, nothing to see here. Talk about something important (to us, that is - we don't really give a flying fuck about what you think is important except that it's WRONG and always will be."

Johnson 10:51 Fri Jun 18
Re: Inflation
BRANDED 10:25 Fri Jun 18

It's the sound you hear on the wind as you walk down the street.

Hammer and Pickle 10:34 Fri Jun 18
Re: Inflation
Before you disappear into the reactive fantasy world at the bottom of your rabbit hole, can you explain how it is that most of the Republican Party and a vast section of the global establishment and media machine centred around the fossil fuel sector is down there with you?

Can you hear us down there, Muppet?

Come in Muppet!

Hermit Road 10:32 Fri Jun 18
Re: Inflation
It's a huge piece of metal that keeps a ship steady at night.

BRANDED 10:25 Fri Jun 18
Re: Inflation
What’s an anchor?

Hermit Road 10:22 Fri Jun 18
Re: Inflation
I know Biden is doing a great job because the press keep telling me he is doing a great job and I know that the press are doing a great job of covering Biden because they go to great lengths to ensure that their coverage is rigorous.

Only a couple of weeks ago one of the big anchors at CNN grilled the Press Secretary and asked her what the press could do better to give her and Biden's administration better coverage.

Then another terrier-like interviewer at either CNN or MSNBC told a Democrat representative (non-sarcastically) that she just wants to sit back and be filled with his wisdom.

It's also been great to see them not be distracted by small things like the President's son calling people n*...... (That word we don't use). The major networks and publications completely ignoring that story can only be for the better.

Hammer and Pickle 9:30 Fri Jun 18
Re: Inflation
Call Biden what you want but he is doing a vastly better job than Trump could ever dream of. Trying to dig him out on inflation at this stage just exposes you as incapable of having a normal conversation on politics. Never mind.

BRANDED 9:29 Fri Jun 18
Re: Inflation
If people try and spend the money on i e cream then ice cream prices might go up.

Generally most of this money goes on asset prices like homes and the stock market. They go up inexorably.

Browno22 9:20 Fri Jun 18
Re: Inflation
Balloons are going up

nychammer 6:00 Fri Jun 18
Re: Inflation
Biden is a politically compromised senile old fuck voted for by politically woke mind slaves like you, capitol - hes doing a great job at fucking our economy over and turning us on one another. Happy Juneteenth to you by the way!

Capitol Man 5:41 Fri Jun 18
Re: Inflation
I suppose they have to reach for something with Biden doing such a cracking job. Flailing around and whining about inflation on the way out of a pandemic. If it’s still about this time next year then maybe take it seriously - as it is you’ve only got to think how the world was looking last May.

Where was the debt hysteria with Trumpy’s unfounded kickback to the rich and corporations - where’s the 4%+ growth is was going to fire?

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