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Manuel 8:47 Sun Jun 20
Caroline Crouch Murder
I haven't read too much detail about it all, so no 'expert' on it, but it's one of them kill your own family murders and then concoct an elaborate tale, full of holes, about how it happened, etc. A bit like the Jeremy Bamber murders, but on a lesser scale.

So a young British woman, 20, living in Greece, married to a local bubble, pilot, some 13 years or so older than her, they had a daughter together. He kills her by smothering her and invents a tale about home intruders breaking in tying them up and then killing her, which from the beginning didn't sound believable, as for one it would have made it an extremely rare thing/crime to happen in Greece, according to local plod. He also killed their dog to make it look more convincing (sorry Sold)

I don't know how close he was to getting away with it, but it seemed to be quite a gap between the crime and him being arrested, and he attended a memorial service for her and was consoling the mother, etc. It was here that the police came for him, but told him they just wanted to speak to him, rather than making a a scene and charging him at the memorial.

He basically got caught by data collected from a fitness tracker on her wrist showed her heart had stopped beating before the alleged break-in took place and trace type of apps on his phone that disproved his theories of timelines and movements in the house during the alleged break in, etc. Hope the cunt suffers behind the door.

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Nurse Ratched 11:27 Tue Jun 22
Re: Caroline Crouch Murder
The MHC/pill issue is entirely separate from the 'inability to spot a bad man' issue. Blame bruuno for the confusion 😁

Dagenhammer 11:06 Tue Jun 22
Re: Caroline Crouch Murder
Nurse Ratched 7:33 Mon Jun 21

That is very interesting Nurse, so if you link the two points about the study on psychopaths being able to identify women who had been damaged by previous relationships or events in their lives with the MHC / Pill situation, you have almost a perfect storm.

In essence the further down the spectrum of psychopathic behaviour someone is, the more likely they are to be able to spot their target, a target who, if they are on the pill have had their warning system, their senses, turned off or reduced.

Nurse Ratched 8:52 Mon Jun 21
Re: Caroline Crouch Murder
Mr Comma! 😳

bruuuno 8:27 Mon Jun 21
Re: Caroline Crouch Murder
That’s what I was thinking of nurse, thanks for reminding me.

, 8:25 Mon Jun 21
Re: Caroline Crouch Murder
Grew their own fur bikini bottoms.

Nurse Ratched 8:02 Mon Jun 21
Re: Caroline Crouch Murder

You mean cave women never wore fur bikinis either??

, 8:00 Mon Jun 21
Re: Caroline Crouch Murder
Velociraptors died out at the end of the Cretaceous period some 70 million years ago. This means that during human existence no woman has been menaced by dinosaurs being some 65 million years too late.

Nurse Ratched 7:34 Mon Jun 21
Re: Caroline Crouch Murder

Nurse Ratched 7:33 Mon Jun 21
Re: Caroline Crouch Murder

I don't recall reading anything about the contraceptive pill impacting a woman's judgment regarding whether a man is a threat/wrong'un.

Put VERY simply (because I don't want to spend ages typing) the pill does affect a woman's ability to fully detect or appreciate a man's major histocompatibily complex (MHC) via scent/taste. His 'chemistry', if you like. This is because the pill fools her body into thinking she is already pregnant (and therefore there is no need to sniff out a mate right now).

MHC can be thought of as a chemical blueprint of immuinty/the diseases a person is less likely to suffer from. Ideally a woman would want to choose a male to breed with whose MHC profile is at as much variance to her own MHC profile as possible (thus allowing the offspring to benefit from protection from a broader spread of diseases).

The stakes are much higher for a woman to choose a mate wisely because to get burdened with a sickly child while trying to escape from hungry veloceraptors while wearing a fur bikini is potentially disastrous.

On the other hand, men can easily choose the option of spraying their seed around and leaving the women/children to fend for themselves. In theory. Some do, some don't. Anyway, that's why women are better at detecting a man's MHC than the other way round.

There have been some rather elegant studies which have proved the point about women being better able to detect a 'suitable' mate while NOT on the pill, versus being on the pill. I'm not making it up. However that's about a man's genes being suitable for fatherhood, not his temperament.

MHC is probably why humans started kissing 🙂

MHC is also the reason I could not save my sister's life with a bone marrow donation (we were not a match)

Crassus 6:54 Mon Jun 21
Re: Caroline Crouch Murder
Don't know about that, but when a youngster saw many a man's judgement clouded by a woman saying she was on the pill
Fortunately, 'vision' was usually restored once due process had occurred ;)

bruuuno 4:15 Mon Jun 21
Re: Caroline Crouch Murder
Interesting point, nurse. I remember reading once how the contraceptive pill can have the affect of clouding women’s judgment about such things, I can’t recall the details but I made sense at the time.

Lee Trundle 4:02 Mon Jun 21
Re: Caroline Crouch Murder
She wrote in her diary she was mentally not right in the head and had been violent towards him.

If this was a bird who murdered her mental, violent husband, then they'd be escaping the charge most probably.

southbankbornnbred 3:54 Mon Jun 21
Re: Caroline Crouch Murder
W4 - don't worry, fella. I do actually accept that there is something quite visceral about all of this at times - just knowing and sensing that there's something not quite right about somebody. Definitely have said that about a few people - and also had it told to me (about others) by some folk who sniffed out a wrong 'un quicker than I did.

I just liked the idea of presenting 'Wrong 'Un' Theory to the courts. ;-)

Toe Rag 3:33 Mon Jun 21
Re: Caroline Crouch Murder
Google Joanna Dennehey for the opposite end of the stick.

Proper psychopath and had several men wrapped round her little finger to the point where they willingly became accessories to murder and attempted murder.

An ex of mine had a borderline personality disorder, absolutely could not see an arsehole coming (she was with me for a while after all ag ag ag ag). I’m sure psychology text books have been written about her.

We went our separate ways but remain good friends. She caused me more trouble after with the people she got involved with. I was astounded by some of the dangerous situations she got herself in. Absolute fuckery. One cunt stole her identity and ran up thousands of quids worth of loans.

There’s definitely something in it.

w4hammer 3:18 Mon Jun 21
Re: Caroline Crouch Murder
the sarah everard murderer had recently been nicked for publicly wanking in a chicken shop, twice i think - and he was allowed to still go on duty and operate as a copper- where he "allegedly" was able to stop her on the basis of her being out on a non-essentiual walk...either ways- someone in the OB should have seen the signs that he's a wrong-un - theres other records of his " bizaare behaviour" which will no doubt come out

What im referring to is a a woman/girl introducing a new man in her life and within 30 minutes / via a couple of conversation topics most blokes can clearly workout " he's a wrong-un" anthinng from dates not adding up ( hes a bullshitter) to the interests he does or doesnt have , to the fact the noone knows him and he doesnt appear to have or have had any mates, they all add up or do not, hence " hes a fucking wrongun"

Anyway i digress, please blokes, stop murdering women, simple as that

southbankbornnbred 2:57 Mon Jun 21
Re: Caroline Crouch Murder
FWIW, I think it works both ways.

A couple of male friends of mine were genuinely taken aback when their wives/girlfriends turned out to be proper psychos - despite the fact that we all warned them about the women involved.

Equally, I know too many women who failed to spot some obvious signs that their fellas were wrong 'uns.

To make a serious point, one of the most difficult and emotional discussions I ever had with a friend was when I discovered that a female univeristy friend had been physically abused by her partner for years. Some of the signs were there, and a few of us had tried politely to warn her. But what he did to her was - to use W4's analogy - just plain fucking wrong and yet she didn't break away from it for all kinds of reasons.

Complex, psychologies, innit? Usually one of the brightest people I know and yet she did nothing for years.

I think love, lust or just plain loneliness can make some folk turn convenient blind eyes to many things that, ordinarily, ought to sound alarm bells.

southbankbornnbred 2:48 Mon Jun 21
Re: Caroline Crouch Murder

I'm looking forward to your expert evidence at the Sarah Everard murder trial.

"So m'lud, in summary, that balding, pasty ginger fella there is a fucking wrong 'un. I know, I know...he was married...tick...joined the police...tick...upstanding member of the community...tick...but a fucking wrong 'un nonetheless...and he should have been sniffed out by a woman long ago."

Judge: "Well. Thank you, W4, for that beautiful insight based on the latest evidence, data and research. I think I've heard enough..."

[Dons black cap]

ray winstone 2:47 Mon Jun 21
Re: Caroline Crouch Murder
The cunt even strangled the family dog, what sort of mindset leads you to such fucking awful atrocities? Sounds like the baby had a lucky escape.

Nurse Ratched 2:37 Mon Jun 21
Re: Caroline Crouch Murder

It's very interesting what you say about men having an inner sense of other men who are wrong'uns whereas the wrong'un's woman can't see them for what they are right from the start.

Abusive men appear to have a sixth sense that allows them to home-in on damaged women - the sort of women who, for whatever reason, are unlikely to spot what a psycho he is from the start.

There was an interesting bit of research done on male psychopaths. Researchers had a number of women walk past the psychopaths. Just walk past them, no interaction whatsoever. Unfailingly, the psychopaths were able to spot which of the women had a past history of being abused in some way by a man.

Although female true psychopaths are much rarer than males, I'm sure abusive women are able to target their marks in a similar way.

And of course, there are more ways to cause severe harm to another person than just violence/murder. Psychological harm can ruin lives, too.

w4hammer 2:19 Mon Jun 21
Re: Caroline Crouch Murder
every day there's another story of the hideous violence that men mete out on their partners /exes - Im fucking sick of it and the police seem as dozy and u-rreacive ( even after all the "lessons learned " bullshit) - just today there's that poor girl murdered in derbyshire by a fucking loner wierdo who she had one date with and was subject to a restrainimg order - a month ago a neighbour found a "murderkit" in the hedge near where she was murdered and handed it to the police and they did fuck all about it.... just last week there was the news from spain about a "husband and father" who killed his one year old and three year old and dumped their bodies at sea to fuck his wife up for the rest of her life..what is fucking wrong with these people and why cant women sniff them out sooner- ive always said blokes have an inner sense of a wrong un from a fucking mile off

Crassus 2:16 Mon Jun 21
Re: Caroline Crouch Murder
I had forgotten about that case, remember thinking it sounded strange at the time

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