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Q: 2021/22 What competition should we prioritise this season?
a. The league is our bread & butter, so this year let's have a club sandwich
b. We're owed an FA Cup after Gerrard nicked our last one in 06, our name's on it in 22
c. A bye to the League Cup 3rd round gives us a good start, let's make it count
d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

Come On You Irons 4:58 Thu Jun 24
Away goals
Scrapped by UEFA. Good.

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Mike Oxsaw 5:23 Mon Jun 28
Re: Away goals
Extra time means sponsors get at least 30 minutes more to shove their adverts down the mug-punters' throats - not that anyone on here is gullible to be influenced by an advert.

Also means all the media crew get paid overtime. What's not to like?

Rio61299 3:54 Mon Jun 28
Re: Away goals
I never thought it was fair that once the game went to extra time the away side had an extra 30 mins to score the goal.

Sven Roeder 10:02 Mon Jun 28
Re: Away goals
Replays have disappeared and now away goals have gone.
Matches have to be decided on the day.
I go back and forward as to whether extra time is a good thing but often think 120 mins makes it less likely someone can just play for pens.
To me its a mental thing ... if you cant beat someone in 120 mins to be frank you have failed and deserve to go out.
You have to imagine you are OUT and the pens are giving you a second chance. Treat its as an undeserved chance to progress.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 1:54 Mon Jun 28
Re: Away goals
Ten blokes trying to score a goal and another bloke trying to stop them 'isn't football'.

If it isn't, it looks a lot like it is..

What's wrong with a test of footballing skill and nerve?

The Mercernary 10:21 Sun Jun 27
Re: Away goals
It was definitely an improvement on drawing lots!

Eerie Descent 9:37 Sun Jun 27
Re: Away goals
'It's not proper football to me either'

It's the fairest way of ending a cup game that's a stalemate. You can't keep having replays ffs, certainly not in tournament football.

And FYI, I've seen most of our penalty shootout loses, so no, I won't change my mind of it happens again on Tuesday.

fraser 9:20 Sun Jun 27
Re: Away goals
I'll still feel the same.. Not a problem with it. I'd be more pissed off if we lost on away goals personally, having not actually lost a game or penalties

The Mercernary 9:17 Sun Jun 27
Re: Away goals
Ok then, let's bring replays at a neutral venue in.

See how you feel about penalties if Germany win with them on Tuesday..

fraser 9:11 Sun Jun 27
Re: Away goals
Yeah but it's definitely better than a team going through by drawing.. Going through without actually winning a game or a shoot out.. Nah

The Mercernary 8:50 Sun Jun 27
Re: Away goals
My hatred is mostly because England and West Ham nearly always lose them. It's not proper football to me either.

Eerie Descent 6:32 Sun Jun 27
Re: Away goals
99% of football matches do end in the traditional way, son.

The odd penalty shootout is great entertainment when 2 teams can't be split over 120 minutes. There's no better or fairer way to get a result.

You grumpy shitbag x

Manuel 6:24 Sun Jun 27
Re: Away goals
ED - Don't be baffled old son, I very rarely, if ever, watch the EL or the CL mainly due to the KO times here, so I don't even catch all of that 'fantastic entertainment' that you mention. Personally, i prefer a game to end in a more traditional, fairer way, call me old fashioned if you will, and again don't be baffled. Enjoy your penalties, and try not to get too excited about them.

Eerie Descent 5:43 Sun Jun 27
Re: Away goals
Nah, not having that. Excitement, anxiety, exhilarating if you win, crushing if you loose. Brilliant stuff.

mallard 5:36 Sun Jun 27
Re: Away goals

mallard 5:35 Sun Jun 27
Re: Away goals
Great entertainment if you're team is not involved

Eerie Descent 5:32 Sun Jun 27
Re: Away goals
It absolutely baffles me that there are football fans who don't like penalty shootouts.

They are fucking fantastic entertainment.

The Mercernary 5:06 Sun Jun 27
Re: Away goals
No more Den Haag’s then: 4-0 down at half time but through on away goals in the end.

Don’t agree with getting rid of this at all, especially as the seeded teams are often at home in the 2nd leg. Why should they get the advantage of being at home for ET/pens?

Inevitably it will lead to duller ends to second leg games too, as teams ‘settle’ for extra time, rather than the home team needing to find a goal if they’re losing on AG.

Doesn’t help that I hate penalties. Maybe they should have a shoot out after the first leg as the backup decider if the whole tie finishes even. At least that way the team who lost would have to go for it in the 2nd leg extra time.

Alfs 1:42 Sat Jun 26
Re: Away goals
f you look at the data it's quite interesting. In the 1970s the home team would score on average 2.2 goals to the away teams 1.15 goals. Now its 1.64 to 1,35. Not the exact figures but roughly, from memory.

So playing at home is far less of an advantage than when the rule was introduced.

Manuel 2:29 Fri Jun 25
Re: Away goals
Not sure why so many think more penalty shoot outs, which there inevitably will be, is a good thing. That is more farcical than the away goal rule for me.

Sven Roeder 1:01 Fri Jun 25
Re: Away goals
Good decision and agree that extra time should also go.
Straight to pens

Moving through these improvements , next is finally getting round to Sepp Blatters suggestion of smaller shorts for womens teams (subject to referee approval in individual cases).

Morpheus 12:55 Fri Jun 25
Re: Away goals
I would cut extra time down to one 15 minute period

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