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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

Block 12:09 Thu Jul 1
The 90's
Massively underrated music era.


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Coffee 2:56 Fri Jul 9
Re: The 90's

What a fucking racket.

Not bad though, as rackets go.

Darby_ 12:59 Fri Jul 9
Re: The 90's
Peak 90s. Arsene will like this (NSFW).


Full Claret Jacket 7:36 Wed Jul 7
Re: The 90's
If time machines were invented then it's where I'd be headed back to. Great decade for many reasons and if I'd known how shit the 2000s are I would have done so much more of everything.

Vexed 7:34 Wed Jul 7
Re: The 90's
Mad Dog 7:24 Wed Jul 7

I went to Kings a few times, a fucking zoo. Always a pile up, bouncers were a mixed bag, some genuine hardnuts some absolute pretenders. Geezer went mental with a screwdriver and it soon became apparent which were which. Locals were rather hostile too, mostly fighting eachother. Weird place, weird town

ray winstone 7:30 Wed Jul 7
Re: The 90's
The Windmill, Marks Tey was a great little club, Jurassic Night on a Thursday was horrific, good fun though.

Mad Dog 7:24 Wed Jul 7
Re: The 90's
Billy. I used to work at King's on canvey. Good times

dm 3:37 Wed Jul 7
Re: The 90's
great albums in the 1990s:
Hawkwind released:
Space Bandits, It is the Business of the Future, Electric Teepee and Alien 4, all excellent albums.

Arena's 1998 album The Visitor is a masterpiece.
Shadowland's excellent debut Ring of Roses came out in 1992.

Marillion released Holidays in Eden, Brave, Afraid of Sunlight and Radiation. again all excellent albums

Current 93 did All the Pretty Little Horses as well as other great albums.
Chumbawamba did Anarchy and Slap
Al Stewart released Between the Wars in 1996. One of his best.

Adam Ant put out just two albums that decade, ie Wonderful and Manners & Physique but they were both excellent imo.

Pendragon released The World, The Window of Life and The Masquerade Overture
Pink Floyd did The Division Bell and Roger Waters released the sublime Amused to Death.
Galahad released the excellent Following Ghosts in 1998

Paul Roland did several excellent albums that decade
REM did Out of Time and Automatic for the People.
Blur did the brilliant Small Faces inspired Parklife.
Porcupine Tree created some amazing influential albums such as The Sky Moves Sideways and Voyage 34.
There was the excellent one off album by Janison Edge - The Services of Mary Goode.

Mike Oldfield did Tubular Bells III and Songs From Distant Earth, both brilliant albums.
There were Sophie B Hawkins great first two albums.
And Spock's Beard's excellent debut The Light came out late in the decade.

Vexed 7:41 Tue Jul 6
Re: The 90's
BGW - where on earth did that list come from? It's all over the place.

Swiss. 7:40 Tue Jul 6
Re: The 90's
Ministry of Sound - Pete Tong, DJ Harvey ?

Billy Go Wings 7:33 Tue Jul 6
Re: The 90's
Arbeez - Ilford
Ashwells - Brentwood
Barons - Ilford
Benji’s - Mile End
BENS - Romford
Berwick Manor - Rainham
Birdcage - Romford
Car Wash - West End
Chads - Chadwell Heath
Chameleon - Southend
Charlie Chan’s - Walthamstow
Chesters - Southend
Chicago Chelmsford
Circus Tavern - Purfleet
Crocs - Rayleigh
CTZN - Chelmsford
Dukes - Chelmsford
Echos - Southend
Echoes - Bow
Elliotts - A127
Epping Forest Country Club
Escape - Colchester
Evoke - Chelmsford
Faces - Ilford
Factory - Basildon
Fiction - Romford
Fifth Avenue - Ilford
Gold Mine - Canvey Island
Greyhound - Chadwell Heath
Hollywood’s - Romford
Ilford Palais - Ilford
Kings - Seven Kings
Kings - Canvey Island
Legends - Barking
Liquid-Envy - Romford & Basildon
Lotus - Forest Gate
Maxines -
Mayhem Southend
McCluskeys - Romford
Opium Lounge - Buddha
Oscar’s - Gants Hill
Palms - Hornchurch
Paradise lost - Watford
Pink Toothbrush - Southend
P’zaz - Grays
Rains - Southend
Racquels Basildon
Reds - Chelmsford
Regency - Chadwell Heath
Rezz - Romford
Ritzy - Tottenham
Ritzy - Romford
Room at the Top - Ilford
Roxanne’s - Stratford
Rumours - Grays
Sam’s - Brentwood
Secrets - Romford
Stop outs - Ilford
Talk - Southend
Tiffany’s - Basildon
Time - Basildon
ToTs - Southend
Twilights - A127
Villa - Epping
Visage - Gants Hill
Zero 6 - Southend
Zeus - Southend
Zivargos - Southend

Hallerinthemorning 6:45 Tue Jul 6
Re: The 90's
We always tall about the music of the 90s but I reckon a certain movie in 1994 had alot to do with culture at the time too.. Pulp Fiction could not have come out at a more appropriate time, then you had trainspotting. All had their part to play in it being such a fucking great era.
For me football was fun as fuck too in 90s..lots of rucks at football, great group of mates and all the great pubs in area were open still.
Then it started to go down hill musically and football culminating in that game vs Mancs autumn 98 (think we drew nil nol) and for me things got serious and a bit shit from then on..massive hiding in Euston and nicked. End of fun days out. Lol end of 90s with a wallop

Darlo Debs 5:54 Tue Jul 6
Re: The 90's
A fave boogie tune from.back in the 90s

Come Baby Come - K7

zebthecat 1:12 Mon Jul 5
Re: The 90's
longford 12:52 Mon Jul 5

There is a youth culture but is different yet still the same.
It is on the internet now.
I am quite glad that I grew up pre internet. Even in my profession (Programmer) it has changes so much in that when I started if you wanted to find out out how to build something you read a book. My younger colleagues think that is funny.

longford 12:52 Mon Jul 5
Re: The 90's
the truly last great decade for youth culture

Westham67 2:41 Sun Jul 4
Re: The 90's
I thought it was general 90s thread like one of Lens

Westham67 2:40 Sun Jul 4
Re: The 90's
ED LOL. I mainly listen to house music so I thought I would fill a few gaps in case other posters think I am stuck in 1990

Eerie Descent 2:34 Sun Jul 4
Re: The 90's
I don't think the thread was started as life stories from the 90's, 67 son.

Unless they're the lyrics from a Squeeze song?

ironsofcanada 2:32 Sun Jul 4
Re: The 90's
eusebiovic 12:22 Sun Jul 4

I know he (and I) were late to the party but the Buckshot LeFonque albums of the mid 90s were still quality and add something to the genre. ie. Branford's real jazz chops.

Breakfast @ Denny's probably my favourite.

Westham67 2:27 Sun Jul 4
Re: The 90's
I was still well on it in the mid and late 90s. I moved to Sudbury Town for work for what was then called Railtrack. August 97 I went with a bloke from Northern Island to Venezuela, Trinidad and then Miami. I came back February 98 with a bad habit . I then started work back on nights on LU and lived in Cathall road Leytonstone coming home on the N8 at 4am was interesting

Vexed 2:18 Sun Jul 4
Re: The 90's
eusebiovic 12:22 Sun Jul 4

Level 42 were not even similar to acid jazz. They had their place though.

Hallerinthemorning 12:37 Sun Jul 4
Re: The 90's
Dolphin was good Johnson

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