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Q: 2022/23 You are the Chairman what do you do with Moyes?
a. Stick with him obviously, he's delivered two good seasons back to back and will see us out of this dip in form
b. If we're still lingering around the bottom three by the start of the WC then that's the time to get rid
c. What are we waiting for 2 wins in the last 20 PL games is reason enough to sack him, go now
d. I've just got my new Orange & White 3rd Kit with Moyesinho on the back, I can't wait to wear it down to the supermarket, they call me Mr West Ham around here

arsene york-hunt 12:33 Tue Jul 27
Woke watch
There is a very good section on GB news where the ludicrous idiocies of Wokeness are looked at

I thought we would should have one for WHO. I'll start with Baptiste on BBC: In Hungary,an ambassador's family are kidnapped by Islamic terrorists and carry out atrocities. At the end of the last episode Baptiste finds out that it is a false flag operation and conveniently, the real culprits are white supremacists who want to stop all immigration.

Coronation Street ITV a gay black footballer is stopped by the police, because he is driving an expensive car. He is pushed to the ground during an altercation, and damages his leg threatening his career. Could have been written by Dawn Butler or a BLM activist.

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BRANDED 10:47 Tue Oct 4
Re: Woke watch
I am going to call my dog TRIGGER. Then I can put a trigger warning on my front gate.

BRANDED 10:28 Tue Oct 4
Re: Woke watch
Oxford University's student union has said it will place "trigger warnings" on freshers’ fair stalls which students could find distressing.

The union said it will also install a wellbeing zone for anyone who feels “uncomfortable” at the event this week.

More than 400 clubs and societies related to areas including music, sports, literature, politics, faith and cultural groups, at the university are eligible to have a stall at the freshers’ fair on Thursday and Friday.

In a message posted on social media, the student union said it was not able to ban any society from having a stall at the fair because of UK freedom of speech legislation.

However, it said it wanted to “reassure” students that it has “put in place mitigations to support the welfare of students”.

These will include “material content reviews” and “trigger warnings being placed on several stalls with potentially triggering content”.

“We are aware that students may be concerned about the content of some of the student society halls,” the union said.

only1billybonds 9:43 Tue Oct 4
Re: Woke watch

Saw that earlier, if its a deliberate wind up then he's hit the bullseye,the usual lot are fucking apoplectic,tremendous fun.

goose 9:32 Tue Oct 4
Re: Woke watch
Kanye’s “white lives matter” has got the world bent out of shape.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 1:24 Tue Oct 4
Re: Woke watch
Ringo has Covid and has cancelled some dates. From the BBC

'He formed his All-Starr band, where "everybody on stage is a star in their own right" in 1989. The ever-changing line-up has included rock legends such as Joe Walsh, Peter Frampton, Todd Rundgren and Sheila E.'

Who knew Sheila E. was more of a rock legend than the following:

Edgar Winter
Steve Lukather
Nils Lofgren – guitar, accordion, vocals (1989–1992; guest 1995, 2013)
Dr. John – piano, bass, vocals (1989; guest 2008; died 2019)
Billy Preston – keyboards, vocals (1989, 1995; died 2006)
Rick Danko – bass, guitar, vocals (1989; died 1999)
Levon Helm – drums, harmonica, vocals (1989; guest 2008; died 2012)
Clarence Clemons – saxophone, tambourine, percussion, vocals[4] (1989; died 2011)
Jim Keltner – drums (1989; guest 2006, 2010)
Dave Edmunds – guitar, vocals (1992, 2000)
Burton Cummings – keyboards, guitar, tambourine, harmonica, flute, vocals (1992)
Timothy B. Schmit – bass, guitar, vocals (1992; guest 1997)
Zak Starkey – drums (1992–1995; guest 1989, 1995, 2010)
Timmy Cappello – saxophone, percussion, keyboards, guitar, vocals (1992, 1999)
Randy Bachman – guitar, vocals (1995)
Mark Farner – guitar, harmonica, vocals (1995; guest 1997)
Felix Cavaliere – organ, keyboards, percussion, vocals (1995)
John Entwistle – bass, vocals (1995; died 2002)
Mark Rivera – saxophone, percussion, organ, keyboards, guitar, bass, harmonica, vocals (1995-1998, 2000–2003, 2011–2013; guest 2010)
Gary Brooker – keyboards, organ, vocals (1997-1999; died 2022)
Jack Bruce – bass, keyboards, guitar, vocals (1997-2000; died 2014)
Simon Kirke – drums, vocals (1997-2000; guest 2003)
Scott Gordon – harmonica (1998)
Eric Carmen – keyboards, guitar, bass, vocals (2000; guest 1989)
Roger Hodgson – guitar, keyboards, vocals (2001)
Ian Hunter – guitar, keyboards, vocals (2001)
Howard Jones – keyboards, vocals (2001)
Greg Lake – bass, acoustic guitar, vocals (2001; died 2016)
Paul Carrack – keyboards, guitar, vocals (2003)
John Waite – bass, guitar, vocals (2003)
Billy Squier – guitar, bass, vocals (2006; guest 2014)
Richard Marx – guitar, keyboards, vocals (2006)
Rod Argent – organ, keyboards, vocals (2006)
Gary Wright – keyboards, vocals (2008-2011)
Wally Palmar – guitar, harmonica, vocals (2010)
Rick Derringer – guitar, vocals (2010)
Richard Page – bass, acoustic guitar, vocals (2010-2017)
Gregg Rolie – organ, keyboards, vocals (2012-2021)
Graham Gouldman – bass, guitar, vocals (2018)
Bruce Springsteen – guitar, vocals (1989)[6]
John Candy – tambourine (1989)[7]
Garth Hudson – accordion (1989)[8]
Paul Shaffer (1989)[9]
James Gang (1992)[9]
Slash (1995)[10]
Ginger Baker – drums (1997-1998, 1999)[11]
Andy Summers – guitar (1999, 2000)
Michael McDonald - vocals (2000)
Steven Van Zandt – vocals (2003. 2006, 2012, 2014)
Pete Townshend – vocals (2006)
Jeff Lynne - vocals (2006, 2010)
Paul McCartney – bass, vocals (2010)
Pat Mastelotto – drums (2013)
Klaus Voormann – backing vocals (2018)

Get well soon, Sir Richie!

Jaan Kenbrovin 11:28 Fri Sep 30
Re: Woke watch
The trans woman from U.N.C.L.E

Jaan Kenbrovin 11:19 Fri Sep 30
Re: Woke watch
Jason Bournaman - Buttlewoman

oioi 11:18 Fri Sep 30
Re: Woke watch
I was in the Pleasance theatre the other day. The toilets were labelled as gender neutral. The 3 urinals in what used to be the mens toilet were covered so you couldn't use them. Was ok when it was quiet but I went for a piss after the show to find a queue of blokes waiting for a couple of women who were locked in the only 2 cubicles for ages. Hopeless. I nipped into the disabled toilet, sod 'em.

Fifth Column 11:13 Fri Sep 30
Re: Woke watch
*not going to call him a woman.

Fifth Column 11:11 Fri Sep 30
Re: Woke watch
On the Virgin dress code thing, to be honest if a bloke wants to wear a dress then I don't care. Let him. What difference does it make to me?

But the "pronoun badges" for cabin crew... if this bloke is going to be wearing a dress he's still a bloke and I'm not going to be calling him "madam" or whatever. He's a man in a dress - not a woman. I'm not going to call him one.

Mike Oxsaw 10:08 Fri Sep 30
Re: Woke watch
A plain-clothes shirt-lifter.

goose 10:05 Fri Sep 30
Re: Woke watch
A tranny spy? Hardly incognito 🥸 is it.

Mike Oxsaw 10:03 Fri Sep 30
Re: Woke watch
"A tranny spy"?

More like a selfish, entitled, ungrateful git in my book, whatever gender of the month he/she/they aligns with.

BRANDED 9:50 Fri Sep 30
Re: Woke watch
A former US army major and his anaesthesiologist wife have been charged with plotting to leak the medical records of US military figures and their families to Russia to assist its war in Ukraine.

Jamie Lee Henry, a former major and doctor at Fort Bragg in North Carolina, and his wife, Dr Anna Gabrielian, were caught offering to disclose the conditions of patients at the army base during an FBI sting operation, according to an indictment unsealed on Thursday.

Dr Henry, who was reported to be the first known active-duty army officer to come out as transgender in 2015, once praised the US military for its response during a difficult transition period.

A tranny spy

ted fenton 2:18 Thu Sep 29
Re: Woke watch
And me Mike to possibly be served drinks on board by some bloke in a mini skirt and all the trimmings would not go down well with me....

Mike Oxsaw 12:50 Thu Sep 29
Re: Woke watch
That's Virgin fucked off my custom, then - and all their code-share flights.

ted fenton 11:43 Thu Sep 29
Re: Woke watch
This is your captain speaking my name is Tom and I'm wearing a silk blouse and a pleated skirt just above the knee !

Enjoy your flight.

Fo the Communist 11:30 Thu Sep 29
Re: Woke watch
The notion of allowing people to be their 'true self' at work is an odd one.

I'm not sure my congenital irascibility, penchant for profanities and wasting hours of my time on sites like this would be acceptable to Virgin or any other employer for that matter. True self, my arse.

ted fenton 10:50 Thu Sep 29
Re: Woke watch
Virgin Atlantic’s crew, pilots and ground staff can now wear whichever of its uniforms they feel most comfortable in, regardless of the original male or female design of its red skirt suit or burgundy trousers.

The airline has announced a gender identity policy that lets its staff choose which of the Vivienne Westwood-designed outfits they wear to work – “no matter their gender, gender identity or gender expression”.

Virgin said the move was to reflect the diversity of the workforce, and to reinforce its branding campaign as welcoming and inclusive, after recent moves to relax rules on visible tattoos.

The airline will also start using optional pronoun badges for crew and passengers, who can request them at check-in to ensure people use their preferred pronouns. Its ticketing systems will also allow people whose passports have gender neutral markers – available in the US, India and Pakistan – to travel using those gender codes and the title Mx.

Virgin will also start mandatory inclusivity training, and initiatives for hotels in destinations such as the Caribbean, where some people have faced more barriers.

Juha Järvinen, Virgin Atlantic’s chief commercial officer, said: “It’s so important that we enable our people to embrace their individuality and be their true selves at work. It is for that reason that we want to allow our people to wear the uniform that best suits them and how they identify and ensure our customers are addressed by their preferred pronouns.”

C&P Guardian

BRANDED 10:27 Thu Sep 29
Re: Woke watch
Alex Scott has opened up about her past relationship with fellow former Lionesses star Kelly Smith.
The former Arsenal star details her relationship with Kelly in her new book, How (Not) To Be Strong, describing her former teammate as her “first love”.

mashed in maryland 9:09 Thu Sep 29
Re: Woke watch
Fifth Column 8:09 Tue Sep 27

Wouldn't be surprised if they actually nick people for those tweets.

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