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arsene york-hunt 12:33 Tue Jul 27
Woke watch
There is a very good section on GB news where the ludicrous idiocies of Wokeness are looked at

I thought we would should have one for WHO. I'll start with Baptiste on BBC: In Hungary,an ambassador's family are kidnapped by Islamic terrorists and carry out atrocities. At the end of the last episode Baptiste finds out that it is a false flag operation and conveniently, the real culprits are white supremacists who want to stop all immigration.

Coronation Street ITV a gay black footballer is stopped by the police, because he is driving an expensive car. He is pushed to the ground during an altercation, and damages his leg threatening his career. Could have been written by Dawn Butler or a BLM activist.

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Fo the Communist 3:52 Wed Mar 22
Re: Woke watch
twoleftfeet 12:56 Wed Mar 22

One was a clearly racist Tweet, the other wasn't.
And her resignation will most probably be on the insistence of her own party (not THE LEFT).

Hope that helps.

Eerie Descent 2:37 Wed Mar 22
Re: Woke watch
Good work there, Ray.

You wally.

violator 2:12 Wed Mar 22
Re: Woke watch
Probably too busy with anti-semitic ones

Council Scum 1:40 Wed Mar 22
Re: Woke watch
Yeah The Forde report was a waste of time Ray.

Luckily Labour don't have any issues.

Lee Trundle 1:39 Wed Mar 22
Re: Woke watch

Good one, ray.

ray winstone 1:31 Wed Mar 22
Re: Woke watch
''those on the left'' don't generally Tweet racist remarks.

, 1:01 Wed Mar 22
Re: Woke watch
I commend her for doing the honourable thing a rare thing in politics these days.

twoleftfeet 12:56 Wed Mar 22
Re: Woke watch
I note with interest that the Tory councillor who called Ian Wright a black hypocrite has resigned.

Nice to see that those on the right pay the price for tweets but those on the left carry on unfiltered.

Free speech suits the left when you agree with them.

Council Scum 12:33 Wed Mar 22
Re: Woke watch

Lee Trundle 11:55 Wed Mar 22
Re: Woke watch
Anyone wondering why there hasn't been much in the news about those after those two Muslim worshippers set on fire?

Well they've just arrested the suspect and should all become clear why.

Leonard Hatred 9:33 Tue Mar 21
Re: Woke watch
Brexit will put an end to all this nonsense

northbankboy68 7:58 Tue Mar 21
Re: Woke watch
Cooper questioned how the government would tackle misogyny, homophobia and racism highlighted in the Met police when Braverman had urged officers not to focus on “woke” issues.

Dick Shaftsbury 6:12 Tue Mar 21
Re: Woke watch
BRANDED 11:06 Sat Mar 18

Did he really...haha brilliant.

Russ of the BML 5:41 Tue Mar 21
Re: Woke watch
Hammer and Pickle 2:40 Fri Mar 17

Thanks. It is rather nice.

northbankboy68 2:26 Tue Mar 21
Re: Woke watch
So glad Saint Boris of the Twats is anti woke.

BRANDED 11:06 Sat Mar 18
Re: Woke watch
Joe Biden on Friday made an off-colour joke that he was “really not Irish” because he does not drink alcohol and his relatives in Ireland were not “in jail”, as he marked St Patrick’s Day.

Sydney_Iron 10:31 Sat Mar 18
Re: Woke watch
BBC rewrites Great Expectations to make British Empire more beastly.

Written by Peaky Blinders creator Stephen Knight, the beloved novel has been given a new twist, referencing the evils of Empire which were not present in the original Victorian book.

In one scene, criminal Magwitch, one of the central characters, describes the British Empire as having been 'built on the lies of privileged white men'


Kaiser Zoso 9:52 Sat Mar 18
Re: Woke watch
SurfaceAgentX2Zero 12:40 Fri Mar 17


For anyone with the sexual proclivities of Joycey, Oxfam is the perfect place to ensure contact with vulnerable needy children.

goose 9:33 Sat Mar 18
Re: Woke watch
“Brussels cannot impose the concept of family on us: a child needs a mother and a father. Children are not bought, not rented, not chosen on the internet”

Matteo Salvini
Italian infrastructure minister

Imagine the uproar if that was said by a o politician over here?

Hammer and Pickle 2:40 Fri Mar 17
Re: Woke watch
Russ of the BML 3:39 Thu Mar 16

Really? I’m delighted you live somewhere nice.

Hermit Road 1:47 Fri Mar 17
Re: Woke watch
I have to admit that true woke can be very entertaining.

Hamza Yusuf the candidate for SNP leader introduced Hate speech legislation which meant it was illegal to deny someone's supposed gender identity despite warnings about how wrong it was and how it didn't make sense.

He was asked about the rapist who wants to go to prison the other day and he said that the bloke isn't a real trans. Now he's been reported to the police up there for braking his own hate crime law.

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