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Q: 2021/22 What competition should we prioritise this season?
a. The league is our bread & butter, so this year let's have a club sandwich
b. We're owed an FA Cup after Gerrard nicked our last one in 06, our name's on it in 22
c. A bye to the League Cup 3rd round gives us a good start, let's make it count
d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

Sydney_Iron 9:06 Wed Aug 4
WHO Runners, Shoe advice
I know there are a few on here who run as well,

What shoes do you use?

Using ASICS Nimbus 23 but looking at getting the Hoka Clifton 8, any good? Or what do you use.

ASICS can fuck off, only 4 months old and sole is badly wearing and upper developing a hole in the mesh.

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Sydney_Iron 8:08 Sat Aug 7
Re: WHO Runners, Shoe advice
First run in the Hoka Clifton 8 today, first impressions are very good, a comfortable and soft feel and I do like that roll this shoe has!

Also today on my regular 6.3Km route took a slow pace and averaged 5.40/km and actually enjoyed the run a lot more! could have easily done it all again, heart rate was a surprise, as I averaged only 110 bpm? Now looking at doing some longer distances at this slower pace.

Will leave the fast pace to the shorter routes and less of them, learning as I go with running that its not all about speed and going as fast as possible, maybe when not in lockdown and im only running 2 or 3 times a week between gym sessions I can go hard and fast, but running hard every day it really takes its toll after a while, especially as im about to turn 60……

LeroysBoots 10:25 Fri Aug 6
Re: WHO Runners, Shoe advice
Wrong thread !


LeroysBoots 10:24 Fri Aug 6
Re: WHO Runners, Shoe advice
We have a clear responsibility to explore all opportunities to ensure the best possible outcome for the public and taxpayer from the Olympic legacy and are keen to work with West Ham United to reduce the cost of the stadium to the tax payer.

"We have been approached by PAI Capital who we understand are putting together a serious offer to purchase the controlling interest at West Ham United. On this basis we have entered into discussions with PAI Capital on a set of principles that, if adopted, would see PAI Capital owning the stadium on a long leasehold should they reach agreement with the current owners of West Ham United and take a controlling interest in the club.

"LLDC has always been open to discussions with potentially interested parties, including the current owners of West Ham United, as well as any credible possible investors into the Park, and this remains the case."

OWNING the stadium, the current lot don;t OWNcthe stadium, they rent it

Own the stadium through a leasehold agreement

Dandy Lyon 5:29 Fri Aug 6
Re: WHO Runners, Shoe advice
Flip flops

Woodford Green 1:13 Fri Aug 6
Re: WHO Runners, Shoe advice
I always recommend that you go to a specialist running shop and get tested on a treadmill. They will then recommend a shoe for your running style depending on how your landing foot strikes the ground.

I’ve done test 4 times and each time I got recommended a pair of Brooks Adrenaline GTS so now I just order a new pair off the net whenever they wear out. Had about 9 pairs over the years.

Sydney_Iron 12:27 Fri Aug 6
Re: WHO Runners, Shoe advice
I was using Adidas before swithing to Ascics, the Boost range, didnt find them that great, lasted ok but had sore feet and even had a scan and found fluid seeping from joints on my right big toe, Asics was suggested instead and they have been better, well until know! Looking forward to getting the Hoka,s

Adidas do seemed to have slipped down the line, dont really see them reccomended like they used to be, not for runners anyway.

madhammerette 8:22 Thu Aug 5
Re: WHO Runners, Shoe advice
I'm super picky when it comes to running shoes.
Has to be zero drop, light and fit my stupidly wide foot span.

For trail, I run in Altra Superior 4s or New Balance Minimus.

For road, I run in Saucony hattori. These are the lightest shoe ever made and it's like popping on a sock with a sponge underneath but they are fantastic.

Sad thing is once they are discontinued I'm scouring ebay to pick up as many spares as I can.

gregan 8:11 Thu Aug 5
Re: WHO Runners, Shoe advice
I had Adidas adios which were very light and fast but not overly durable. My general runners are new balance propels which are comfy as f**k.

scott_d 4:14 Thu Aug 5
Re: WHO Runners, Shoe advice
I would definitely recommend The Running Works in the City (Houndsditch I think).
It's not just a running shop it's a whole running community (sounds cheesy I know - but the owner is a real nice guy who puts on free track sessions over at mile end and they have all sorts going on in the shop from time to time). I am not sure what is happening throgh covid but pretty sure they are still open.

RichyP 3:51 Thu Aug 5
Re: WHO Runners, Shoe advice
Thanks Scott, any recommendations on shops in London which would stock a good variety of shoes? I'd rather try them on before buying instead of taking a punt online. I used to go in Runnersneed on the approach to Waterloo Bridge quite a bit but that has closed down now I think. I know they have are other branches dotted around but there must be some decent independents as well..

scott_d 3:40 Thu Aug 5
Re: WHO Runners, Shoe advice

If you are competitive with yourself then it's worth having a go at a few races. Running is one of the most inclusive sports out there and one of the least intimidating places to compete. Everyone is friendly and no-one looks down at you if you are slower than them. The races are not always at the front and generally most people are racing against the clock anyway.

Try not to be a slave to the watch, HR etc too much though. I have used my watch for pace and HR more often to keep my pace and effort down rather than to see if I'm running fast enough. Running slow can feel a bit odd, especially when you are overtaken by older, slower, larger (or all of the above!) runners but you're not racing every day! I get overtaken in my easy runs by runners who are over an hour slower than me in the marathon.

It's worth having some kind of routine that you follow. Allow yourself to run hard on Tuesdays and Thursdays for instance. Do it as an experiment for a couple of weeks and by week 2 I'm pretty sure you'll be running those faster runs at a faster pace than you were previously just from the rested legs!

If you start enjoying that, think about adding speed sessions in as they will also make a big difference to your improvement.

the long runs however, as this stage should all be slow and easy. Absolutely no need to be smashing out your longest run at any pace unless you are racing. At least not until you are used to running a bit further and even then, you only add in bursts of speed within the long run.

scott_d 3:31 Thu Aug 5
Re: WHO Runners, Shoe advice
Adidas seemed to fall behind a bit over the last few years as they were unable to get anywhere near Nike's Vaporfly and took their time bringing out a competitor.

I think they made some wrong decisions in their direction such as bringing out a super-light racing flat in the Sub2.0 to compete with Nike's Carbon Plated Vaporfly 4%.

But they seem to be back with some decent shoes over the last year or two including some carbon plated racers that are said to be amongst the best of the rest.

Nike dominated the marathon podiums with so many marathon major winners wearing the Vaporfly 4%, Next% and Alphafly but we've see Adidas back in the mix with the Adizero Adios Pro/Pro2 so this could see their popularity revive.

At the end of the day I think Nike will always dominate due to marketing and research budgets but Adidas will be there or there abouts with the likes of Asics, New Balance, Brooks, Saucony etc.

I would definitely recommend branching out to other brands though, just to see how you get on.

RichyP 2:15 Thu Aug 5
Re: WHO Runners, Shoe advice
I notice Adidas doesn't get a mention from anyone, is that because they are in general crap compared to Asics/NB/ON etc?

My right foot is a whole size smaller than my left foot and when i used to do quite a lot of running (around 10 years ago) Adidas were the only running shoes i found which didn't cause me problems with my right foot moving around too much inside the shoe.

I started getting back into running at the beginning of the year, only 5km 3-4 times a week and i've been wearing a 10 year old pair of Adidas complete with toe holes. They feel like slippers on my feet but it's definitely time for a new pair. I've been looking online at the Adidas Ultraboost but i'm wondering now if I should look at other brands again.

Vexed 2:12 Thu Aug 5
Re: WHO Runners, Shoe advice
Kaiser Zoso 2:09 Thu Aug 5

That might have worked had I been offering advice son. You're nearly there with that one though, well done you. 5 team points.

Kaiser Zoso 2:09 Thu Aug 5
Re: WHO Runners, Shoe advice
Your advice ought to be gold Vexed, you’re always on your toes a bit lively round here

Vexed 2:06 Thu Aug 5
Re: WHO Runners, Shoe advice
Beat Freak 11:31 Thu Aug 5

I think they may have been used by triathletes a lot when they first came about, perhaps that's where I got that idea from. I think I like the idea of not running in socks, but I wouldn't dream of doing that in my current beat to shit Adidas SL76s. I am aware they are entirely not suitable and heavy hence the enquiry!

Vexed 2:01 Thu Aug 5
Re: WHO Runners, Shoe advice
I don't think I've ever seen anyone wearing Asics runners without a hole in the front of the cunts. That would annoy me.

Beat Freak 11:31 Thu Aug 5
Re: WHO Runners, Shoe advice
Vexed - On's are no more a triathlon shoe then any of the other brands out there. I have tried them (i prefer socks in all my running shoes) but they are not for me. Heel drop is only 6mm on most of their shoes which doesn't offer a lot of support for a big lump like me. Love the clouds though, have used them for my everyday bumming around shoe for years. Very light and comfy.

Sydney_Iron 11:05 Thu Aug 5
Re: WHO Runners, Shoe advice
Thanks again Scott

Was actually thinking about it today, that I don’t race or think im competitive but in reality as I put on a heart rate monitor with a Garmin forerunner watch and constantly check my heart rate and pace.......LOL, im super competitive with myself??? Always trying to beat yesterday time, very rare my pace is over 5 mins on a 6K run and its pretty hilly were i live, running downhill is actually harder i find as i have to curb the pace, doesn’t help the watch and Strava app spit out that many stats and tells me each time I record a PB, or 2nd,3rd best time for different sections on the routes I run, I can even program it to buzz if I drop below a desired pace, so I can pick up again.

Will take your advice and slow down for at least half the time and see how I go, maybe increase the run length in time, not least as a always have some injury or another, especially groin problems, knees and feet are never a problem, was having Physio and being told to not do so much, take days off from running etc, with COVID that’s not happening!! (nor is the Physio, so no one to keep telling me to slow down) if anything I’m running more than ever, and on a few days when not working have been out morning then afternoon as well.

Your right, carry on like this and something will give, hopefully the gym is back open sooner rather than later, was only running 2 or 3 times a week then.

Morpheus 11:00 Thu Aug 5
Re: WHO Runners, Shoe advice
nah it only started a couple of weeks ago.....will crack out the foam roller.....cheers

scott_d 10:49 Thu Aug 5
Re: WHO Runners, Shoe advice
Morpheus, if it's a long term thing, best see a physio. The IT band is long, so could be related/affected by something else.

Otherwise, the usual foam rolling, sports massages and stretching can help.

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