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Q: 2021/22 What competition should we prioritise this season?
a. The league is our bread & butter, so this year let's have a club sandwich
b. We're owed an FA Cup after Gerrard nicked our last one in 06, our name's on it in 22
c. A bye to the League Cup 3rd round gives us a good start, let's make it count
d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

New Jersey 4:32 Wed Aug 4
FA Cup
Well the greatest cup competition in the world starts on Saturday, with the extra preliminary round. My son and I have picked a team, Knaresborough Town in North Yorkshire, and are going to watch them play Northallerton Town. We will then watch who ever wins in the next round and so on. I don't expect we will be able to get tickets for the semi-final or final but really looking forward to it! Proper grass roots football, cheap beer and fuck knows after the next round, where and who we will end up watching. A friend did it a number of years ago and really enjoyed doing it, I don't know if anybody on here has had a go??

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the coming of gary 5:03 Sun Dec 26
Re: FA Cup
nnooooo ... you'll have to start again next season :-(

New Jersey 4:57 Sun Dec 26
Re: FA Cup
Had it all worked out perfectly for the 3rd round in a couple of weeks. Continue the cup run by watching Charlton v Norwich on the Saturday, hotel booked then WH v Leeds on the Sunday. Checked the fixtures, fuck me both games on the Sunday! Can't pass up WH v Leeds, so original cup run is postponed for a round!

New Jersey 10:01 Mon Dec 6
Re: FA Cup
Charlton v Norwich for me, that's got me pissing my pants with excitement!

New Jersey 5:18 Sat Dec 4
Re: FA Cup
Few to many beers before the match to make much sense of the game. I think Charlton were just a bit more clinical. Few more beers in the Premier afterwards, a few Charlton fans stopping there, fair play to them, coming all the way up there on a freezing Friday night. Await the draw on Monday, to much to ask Charlton draw us!

Gary Strodders shank 9:11 Fri Dec 3
Re: FA Cup
I watched Stockport beat Wealdstone 4.1 last week & they look a tad overpriced to me tonight at 6/1 or win & btts at 11/1.
Quigley Madden & Cruickshank all very good players.
Also done the 3.3 draw at 66/1.

cup of tea 9:09 Fri Dec 3
Re: FA Cup
Got it on ITV4 now


New Jersey 7:40 Fri Dec 3
Re: FA Cup
In Newcastle city centre, few beers, looking forward to the Heed knocking Charlton out of the FA Cup!

The Stoat 12:36 Thu Nov 18
Re: FA Cup
Great cup tie

Pedro 11:57 Wed Nov 17
Re: FA Cup
Ha Stockport singing our song “Stockport are massive“

yngwies Cat 11:46 Wed Nov 17
Re: FA Cup
Great at the moment on the telly.

Stockpot 3 Bolton 3. Going into extra time.

New Jersey 8:21 Wed Nov 17
Re: FA Cup
Only if it was the only way to get a ticket!

I was in the away end for the cup semi-final V Forest which was fucking awful, particularly as my brother managed to persuade the steward to take him to the WH end!

AKA ERNIE 3:02 Wed Nov 17
Re: FA Cup
Fair play have a good one
So if we draw gateshead at home in 3rd round are you going in away end ?

New Jersey 11:23 Wed Nov 17
Re: FA Cup
Yes, I think it's on TV as the match has been switched to a Friday night. In a way pleased Gateshead won as Altrincham have big restrictions on tickets for some reason and with Charlton going up there it would have been difficult to get tickets. Plenty of room round the running track. Booking the Premier Inn today, £45, few beers in Newcastle Friday teatime then onto the match!

AKA ERNIE 11:15 Wed Nov 17
Re: FA Cup
Gateshead won replay 3 2 so gateshead v charlton next

only1billybonds 9:48 Tue Nov 16
Re: FA Cup
ITV4 now. Solihull Moors v Wigan.

New Jersey 1:52 Tue Nov 9
Re: FA Cup
Mike - Hopefully Altrincham will squeeze through on the replay, as train links are good from Leeds so we can have a few in Manchester then get a train out to the leafy suburbs. They should win the replay against Gateshead being a division higher and at home but you never know. Don't really fancy going to the Gateshead running track again, pretty soulless and I wonder when the last time it was full was?

Mike Oxsaw 9:56 Tue Nov 9
Re: FA Cup
Good 2nd round draw or not?

SDKFZ 222 12:14 Sun Nov 7
Re: FA Cup
In the past I have followed both Chelmsford and Hendon in the FA Cup earlier rounds.

My favourite matches were watching Hendon draw at home 2-2 to Orient in 1997 and then beating them away at Brisbane Road. Hendon had Junior Lewis, Jermain Darlington, who both went on to have league careers with Leicester and Wimbledon, respectively, and former West Ham youth player, Simon Clarke playing for them.

Takashi Miike 8:54 Sat Nov 6
Re: FA Cup
watching the barrow game on itv4, the commentary team next to a couple of blokes who keep swearing 😂

New Jersey 8:22 Sat Nov 6
Re: FA Cup
Mex - lt wasn't quite the big time with only one stand open and three sides closed! I think it holds about 8000 with about 1000 there, £15 to get in! Really like not knowing where we're going until the draw, Yeovil away would be quite a trip but wouldn't mind it!!

New Jersey 8:15 Sat Nov 6
Re: FA Cup
Just on train back to Leeds, first half was dire, second half much better, not great in quite a large stadium with the running track when we have been used to being pitch side. Thought Gateshead would win easily when 2 nil up with 10 minutes to go but fair play to Altrincham for getting the draw. They should go on to win the replay being a division higher but they are close so wouldn't write off Gateshead. Not fussed for next round, but wouldn't mind somewhere different to Gateshead.

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