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Q: 2022 Summer Transfer Window - How many 1st team players will we sign before August 6th
a. None as Sullivan will wait until the last week before he gets his scattergun out the cupboard
b. A couple of freebies paraded as superstars, usual hype to follow
c. I'm more optimistic as surely they know we need to strengthen, 3-4 with decent money spent.
d. Who gives a toss as we have a great squad already, I've already ordered the new replica kit, socks and all and can't wait to wear it at our first game, down the pub of course, I bleed claret & blue

w4hammer 10:45 Tue Aug 10
Sonos buffs...
Anyone had any experience of hooking up an existing amp up to a sonos system to through the WiFi - seems like sonos connect is the answer at £350 🤒🤒any other advice or options


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BRANDED 12:33 Tue Aug 17
Re: Sonos buffs...

If you haveSpotify on your phone

Buy this


Or any other bluetooth receiver similar.

Pair your phone with the receiver

Play music streamed from your phone to your old system

One thing, you might need a mini jack to streo RCA cable/connector.


w4hammer 12:30 Tue Aug 17
Re: Sonos buffs...

Is it something like this that you're using?


w4hammer 12:26 Tue Aug 17
Re: Sonos buffs...
BRANDED 1:45 Wed Aug 11
Re: Sonos buffs...
what are you trying to achieve?

I generally use blue tooth to receive a signal from my phone on an older amp.

Works a treat and only costs 15

This was where my questions started - ive a got a room with an amp/cd player ( and decks ) and id like toi stream music ( occasionally) through it Ive got spotify in another room however im not wedded to linking it all- if theers a proven solution to bluetooth connect an amp for 15 im all over it

Joe C 2:12 Thu Aug 12
Re: Sonos buffs...
Absolutely cracked. Bless

BRANDED 1:54 Thu Aug 12
Re: Sonos buffs...
If YOU haven't done a blind test, what you said was absolute bollocks. Classic Joe C. Not that I have any idea what Joe C ever says of course.

Joe C 1:45 Thu Aug 12
Re: Sonos buffs...
BRANDED 1:22 Thu Aug 12

Still not relevant to what I said though.

Absolutely classic BRANDED this

Mike Oxsaw 1:28 Thu Aug 12
Re: Sonos buffs...
If my Hi-Fi is set up to deliver the sound I want, why would I give a flying fuck about what anybody else thinks?

What sort of busy cunt even sticks their nose in to tell somebody they shouldn't like listening to what they like, how they like?

BRANDED 1:22 Thu Aug 12
Re: Sonos buffs...
Joe C

The only answer to what you can “hear” is to do a blind test. A blind test is listening to recorded music in one system without knowing what is playing the music ( file, CD, vinyl) randomly so you then say what you think the medium is. The only one you’ll get right every time is vinyl.

MaryMillingtonsGhost 12:20 Thu Aug 12
Re: Sonos buffs...
Joe C 12:01

Nice👍 Cambridge Audio kit is very decent indeed, the quality of their gear seems to go up a notch every few years. Still have a DacMagic in the loft somewhere.
Unfortunately my Cyrus Stream/DAC Sig came bundled with their own software, Cadence, which to be honest is an absolute pile of wank. Hence me looking for alternatives (currectly Audirvana).

Joe C 12:14 Thu Aug 12
Re: Sonos buffs...
MaryMillingtonsGhost 12:09 Thu Aug 12

I've got a Cambridge Audio CXN v2 (which is a lovely bit of kit btw) and the Stream Magic app does pretty much that - and it was free.

As you say, £120 a year for a nice shiny front end is somewhat taking the piss

MaryMillingtonsGhost 12:09 Thu Aug 12
Re: Sonos buffs...
Joe C 12:01

Did exactly the same mate, several times with different credentials. Only suggested it as an option.
I think the fact that you're given access to your own music alongside any streaming service(s) you may also subscribe to in a seamless manner would appeal to a lot of people. It did to me. However £120 a year seemed a lot, just to allow you to play music that you already own. The streaming costs as you know are additional.

oioi 12:04 Thu Aug 12
Re: Sonos buffs...
On all day

Joe C 12:03 Thu Aug 12
Re: Sonos buffs...
BRANDED 10:52 Thu Aug 12

Congratulations on an answer that isn't relevant to what I was saying.

Joe C 12:01 Thu Aug 12
Re: Sonos buffs...
MMG - I don't get the fascination with ROON. I tried the trial of it, and it just seemed to be a very expensive way of doing something that I can do for free with alternatives - yet the press rave about it!

MaryMillingtonsGhost 12:00 Thu Aug 12
Re: Sonos buffs...
oioi 11:58

Do you leave the Apple running 24/7 fella, or turn it on when you want to listen to music?

oioi 11:58 Thu Aug 12
Re: Sonos buffs...
Horses for courses with me.

Great amp & speaker system in the front room, Harman Kardon Sound sticks in the office, Bose Revolve bluetooth speaker in the kitchen. All linked to Apple computer & phone.

Got a couple of cupboards full of vinyl, never play them. If anyone collects rare stuff I've got a Bowie MWSTW dress cover I'd flog if the offer was good enough.

MaryMillingtonsGhost 11:55 Thu Aug 12
Re: Sonos buffs...
Haven't played an actual 'disc' of any variety for a few years. Ripped all of my CD's to FLAC. I'd already flogged all my vinyl. My DVD/Blu Ray's also.
Have often thought about buying a new TT. As others have mentioned, I think it's the fact that you're able to hold the sleeve, read the liner notes, that sort of shit. Probably makes me think of my yoof when I spent more than I should have on new vinyl. Nothing like slapping it on the deck for the first time.
It's all about convenience AND sound quality for me now. A decent PC running UPnP software (Audirvana or ROON) and I can listen to music anywhere in my house there's a compatible system/speaker, still only using my phone (as a remote) but with the ability to play back high-res lossless files as opposed to lossy MP3's.

BRANDED 11:39 Thu Aug 12
Re: Sonos buffs...

I used to use actual cash to pay for things. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Holding something is fine but you are still ultimately listening to something so at that point its the amp and speakers that matter.

If you are “streaming around the house” you need an amp and speakers in each room you are streaming to. If you care about sound then its the amp and speakers that matter. I have a sonos amp/speaker and its nice but not as nice as some other speakers I’ve got. I dont like the clunky system to listen to stuff in comparison to just beaming straight from my phone to the playback system.

As far as ears fucked I tried my best to protect my ears and luckily didnt spend years in practice rooms with loud hard middly amps. When I have been in them I try to get out quickly.

zebthecat 11:25 Thu Aug 12
Re: Sonos buffs...
BRANDED 11:08 Thu Aug 12

I like vinyl as it is someting to hold and listen to. For me the combination of vinyl and digital download is perfect. Similarly I have always bought and read actual books.
As for ears mine are shot - spent far too much of my life in small rehearsal rooms full of loud amplifiers and that is before you get to all the gigs.

Bungo 11:22 Thu Aug 12
Re: Sonos buffs...
Anyway, my private jet full of champagne and supermodels is ready to leave for the Caribbean so I must go.

Just need to find my Walkman and some cassettes so I can have something to listen to on the way.

Have a good day folks. 😁

BRANDED 11:20 Thu Aug 12
Re: Sonos buffs...
Crack in which way?

I’m helping idiots make better informed decisions on here as I always do. I know about sound, sound production, music play back, audio, files, vinyl, music, music production and equipment related to it. No one else has explained one thing about their beliefs or why they believe what they believe, as usual and end up becoming children on the playground and you turn up to join in. As usual.

In my bedroom I have an old analogue NAD amp and a lovely pair of 10 year old B&W speakers. They sound lovely with any source. I can stream 60 million files from my mobile phone to them with the addition if a £15 bluetooth receiver. So, the only additional expense was £15. That’s my advice to FO. Its what I do and I have four different rooms with lovely sounding amps and speakers. They all sound great.

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