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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

The Mercernary 8:41 Thu Aug 12
Europa League thread
Draw is apparently in Istanbul at 12 o'clock on Friday 27th August.

Finding that out has got me just a little excited! So many potentially magical trips - who do you want? Presumably Slavia Prague is right up there.

Group H

Dinamo Zagreb
West Ham
Rapid Vienna

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The Mercernary 1:17 Fri Nov 5
Re: Europa League thread
Good game tonight and last 32 secured. One more win and we’re into the last 16.

As neither Genk nor Vienna can catch us, a draw against Zagreb also means we’d top the group, even if we lose to Rapid.

The Mercernary 4:44 Fri Oct 22
Re: Europa League thread
So, according to Wiki, the last 16 in 20/21 was unseeded and the same associations could be drawn against each other.

The Mercernary 4:32 Fri Oct 22
Re: Europa League thread
Looks like UEFA haven't updated their page for the lsat 16 draw yet.

The last 32 is as follows (but hopefully won't apply to us):

How the draw works
• UEFA Europa League group runners-up are drawn against the teams that finish third in the UEFA Champions League group stage.

• The runners-up in the UEFA Europa League group stage play the return legs at home.

• Clubs from the same association cannot be drawn against each other.

Match dates
First legs: 17 February
Second legs: 24 February

The winners of the eight ties on 17 and 24 February will join the eight UEFA Europa League group winners in the round of 16.

No seeding or country protection will apply for the quarter-finals.

Fortunes Hiding 2:48 Fri Oct 22
Re: Europa League thread
Is there country protection in last 16 draw?

Ie can we draw Man United if they drop into EL?

The Mercernary 2:32 Fri Oct 22
Re: Europa League thread
A bit slow replying ‘Proper’ but you definitely earn a priority point for each group game you attend. I bought the package and the 3 points are already showing on my account.

Tickets for last night’s game were also still on sale yesterday, so we’re not selling out.

The win takes our earnings over £4.5m so far (excludes TV money) - we’ll have enough for a proper striker soon...

PwoperNaughtyButNot 5:36 Sat Sep 18
Re: Europa League thread
Will knocks outs, quarters, semis and finals be for season ticket holders only or will we build priority points for attending the group games?

Mr Anon 7:59 Sat Sep 18
Re: Europa League thread
Daveyg and slim shady need to apologise immediately for crimes against the obvious

fraser 9:31 Fri Sep 17
Re: Europa League thread
Duke - it was fucking obvious I thought.

Iron Duke 9:26 Fri Sep 17
Re: Europa League thread
My comment was a direct response to The Stoat, who wrote that Haller scored in the Champions League. Every time someone mentions his goals for Ajax, someone else always pipes up that the Dutch League is shit.

It was just a joke. Calm down you fannies.

gph 12:24 Fri Sep 17
Re: Europa League thread
I read Iron Duke's comment as tongue-in-cheek.

If it wasn't, he clearly is an idiot.

On the other hand...

Slim Shady 12:00 Fri Sep 17
Re: Europa League thread
daveyg, ignore him, blokes an idiot clearly.

daveyg 11:34 Thu Sep 16
Re: Europa League thread
Iron Duke wrote...

Re: Europa League thread
Mickey Mouse League


RBshorty 10:44 Thu Sep 16
Re: Europa League thread
It’s UEFA attempt to get as many teams to continue playing European football after the new year. And to keep the super elite. (And Spurs.) Happy.

LeroysBoots 10:15 Thu Sep 16
Re: Europa League thread
Napoli, flash fuckers,kit made by Armani !

Nutsin 7:34 Thu Sep 16
Re: Europa League thread
Any streams fir the game?

El Scorchio 7:22 Thu Sep 16
Re: Europa League thread
This second place playoff thing is such bullshit. All these chances for failed CL teams to win the EL. Likewise EL into the third tier spurs competition.

The Mercernary 6:44 Thu Sep 16
Re: Europa League thread
So, tonight’s the night we prove we’re one of the best teams in Europe... hopefully!

Thought I’d post up the prize money - it’s not too shabby:

Qualified to group stage: €3,630,000
Match won in group stage: €630,000
Match drawn in group stage: €210,000
1st in group stage: €1,100,000
2nd in group stage: €550,000
Knockout round play-offs: €500,000
Round of 16: €1,200,000
Quarter-final: €1,800,000
Semi-final: €2,800,000
Runner-up: €4,600,000
Champion: €8,600,000

Swiss. 1:39 Thu Sep 16
Re: Europa League thread

I live in Ixelles not Molenbeek which is where many super rich French tax exiles live like Gerard Depardieu.

I've been through Belevedere once and it stinks of the Crossness Sewage works it's next to.

Swiss. 1:34 Thu Sep 16
Re: Europa League thread
Block 12:50 Thu Sep 16

"M+S have shut food outlets here, as it's over priced shit."

Says the man who has no taste and only shops at Iceland.

A minor inconvenience. But it's a shame for those British suppliers who will lose trade. Another loss for Brexit. Many more to follow unfortunately.

only1billybonds 1:03 Thu Sep 16
Re: Europa League thread
Wont be easy, if we can maintain our unbeaten start it,'ll be a decent night's work.

Bishopsfinger 12:11 Thu Sep 16
Re: Europa League thread
COYI ⚒️ 2-1 win Antonio and Fornals won’t be easy.

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