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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

TheDoc 3:47 Fri Aug 20
Your first game?
2005 WHU 1-2 Derby in the championship. Despite losing, was hooked.

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Side of Ham 8:18 Tue Aug 24
Re: Your first game?
Jim was that the one when Leroy chinned their centre back after getting some verbals from him and just walked straight off not even waiting for the red, I think this result also sent Chelsea down?

BN2 8:16 Tue Aug 24
Re: Your first game?
Liverpool ‘90-‘91
I’d gone up to London from home in Somerset for a university interview, and stayed up for the night with a mate who’d already moved.
It must have been a Monday night game.
The tube was packed and the favoured song was “You’ll Never Walk Again”. I must admit I was shitting it.
The game was sold out.
We watched it on the portable tv behind the counter of the burger van at the gates, and frequently a chorus of “Can you hear us on the box?” would strike up.
We were all over them, Grobbelaar had a blinder and it finished 0-0.

My interview was unsuccessful.

GBHammer63 7:44 Tue Aug 24
Re: Your first game?
One Iron 2.54
That Romford ground used to be the Romford Bombers speedway track I think. When it fell into disrepair we used to climb to the top of the floodlights, seemed like a mile high. Fucking swaying everywhere in the wind.

Jim79 5:20 Tue Aug 24
Re: Your first game?
Apologies it was against Chelsea, im getting the match with Wolves 2 yrs later mixed up where we won 4-0

Jim79 5:15 Tue Aug 24
Re: Your first game?
I was 9 years old and taken by my dad, West Ham vs Wolves, 2nd May 1988
Last game of the season, we won 4-1. Supported them before having left the hospital at 2 days old in a claret and blue baby grow but that game there was when the love affair was cemented and long may it continue.

Leeshere 3:50 Tue Aug 24
Re: Your first game?
First game was a friendly against Rainham Town around 1983, too young to remember it but I’m told a young youth player called Tony Cottee scored a hat-trick.
First league game against Liverpool in 1987, finished 1-1, Cottee scoring our goal.

stats 3:44 Tue Aug 24
Re: Your first game?
West Ham 3 Leeds 1

March 30th 1974.

A shock result with us in 18th and Leeds in 1st and went on to win the league.

Goals from Pop Robson, Trevor Brooking and Clyde Best.

I was hooked and never looked back!

one iron 2:54 Tue Aug 24
Re: Your first game?
GBHammer63, i was at that match

one iron 2:53 Tue Aug 24
Re: Your first game?
My first two 57-58 season, liverpool home 19/4/58, boro away 20/4/58. 3.1 liverpool was 1/1 next year 64 years a proud hammer.

Cony Tottee 2:39 Mon Aug 23
Re: Your first game?
Spurs away, September 1983. 2-0 win.

GBHammer63 1:12 Mon Aug 23
Re: Your first game?
Pre season friendly also, Romford v West Ham at the Brooklands Stadium. 1975, grew up in Romford so was only a walk down. Draw I think.

Can’t remember much about the first UP game but would have been shortly after and we lost, got a lift with mate and his dad in his Jaguar XJ6. Didn’t see many of them in Romford at that time. Remember the smell of the hot dogs and linament near the west side stands.

Gloucester Iron 10:48 Mon Aug 23
Re: Your first game?
Birmingham City 1 - West Ham Utd 5

November 1st 1975

Andrew Ware 10:17 Sun Aug 22
Re: Your first game?
April 1969. verses Spurs Away.
Lost 1-0 to a Greaves goal. Hated Spurs with a passion ever since.

Norman 12:35 Sun Aug 22
Re: Your first game?
2nd Jan 1989 V Wimbledon lost 2-1. I was 6

Jonah Lomas 12:21 Sun Aug 22
Re: Your first game?
First game was a preaseaon friendly before the 02/03 season against some foreign team. Cannot for the life of me remember who it was though. I keep thinking of Roma, but not sure.

Admiral Lard 11:07 Sun Aug 22
Re: Your first game?
That was part of an incredible sequence Cyprus;
we beat Tranmere 6-0 in the league cup, then your Leicester game 6-2 followed by Birmingham 3-0 then Burnley 5-3 away. a few weeks after my 3-0 vs Boro we beat Wolves 5-2.
Great times

cyprus 10:56 Sun Aug 22
Re: Your first game?
Wasn't far off you Admiral Lard, was home to Leicester 74, Frank Worthington etc, but was one of those big wins ...6-2 !

Admiral Lard 10:51 Sun Aug 22
Re: Your first game?
Away - 22nd April 1972, Arsenal 2 West Ham 1.
Trevor Brooking scored but ultimately we were well short. No Moore, No Hurst.

Home 2nd November 1974 West Ham 3 Middlesboro 0 (including a young Graeme Souness)

Keith Robson, Graham Paddon and a Stuart Boam OG. We won the FA Cup that season and had plenty of big wins

Admiral Lard 10:43 Sun Aug 22
Re: Your first game?

bruuuno 10:25 Sun Aug 22
Re: Your first game?
32 years ago today v Bradford city. I can still remember the bright lights reflecting off the dazzling green pristine pitch.

When I got back to my nans in Becontree after she asked me how it was I replied “it was the best night of my life”


the exile 10:18 Sun Aug 22
Re: Your first game?
1969-70 at WHL with a Spurs supporting mate, both 12 years old. A 2-0 win for the mighty Hammers. Hurst and Peters scored, Moore was imperious, Greaves missed a penalty and a young Trevor Brooking was looking good in midfield. Happy days!

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