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Q: 2022 Summer Transfer Window - How many 1st team players will we sign before August 6th
a. None as Sullivan will wait until the last week before he gets his scattergun out the cupboard
b. A couple of freebies paraded as superstars, usual hype to follow
c. I'm more optimistic as surely they know we need to strengthen, 3-4 with decent money spent.
d. Who gives a toss as we have a great squad already, I've already ordered the new replica kit, socks and all and can't wait to wear it at our first game, down the pub of course, I bleed claret & blue

the exile 1:44 Wed Aug 25
Team for Palace.
Hardly worth doing, given that the first team is so settled. But last week somebody had Diop in for Dawson and one person had three at the back with Johnson coming in. So we'll see if anyone disagrees with the unchanged team.

So, we're top of the league and most will fancy us to stay there as we face a home tie against Palace. But you can be sure that Moyes won't be allowing any complacency. As for Palace, it's going to be interesting to see if Vieira joins a long list of top players who can't cut it as top level managers.

Coufal Dawson Diop Cresswell
Soucek Rice
Bowen Fornals Benrahma

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Glenn Rodent 7:02 Wed Aug 25
Re: Team for Palace.
I'd be surprised if Zouma comes straight into a winning team. I would have thought that Moyes would want to let him settle into training for a few days and also challenge him to prove his worth







fraser 6:49 Wed Aug 25
Re: Team for Palace.
Ha well you could see it that way but surely you're agreeing if not what's the point of upgrading players if not to try and strengthen and concede less goals.

Dawson often gives the ball away when passing out, so does Ogbonna to be fair.

Nice to have someone with pace who can pass, and if he does make mistakes which he will more chance of recovering.

Manuel 6:44 Wed Aug 25
Re: Team for Palace.
I think most would have in him in front of Dawson, it's just that you have made the extra effort and expanded on why that should be, ie we are conceding too many goals and Moyes isn't happy. So therefore, imo, you are just going the long way around to point out Dawson's alleged mistakes.

fraser 6:37 Wed Aug 25
Re: Team for Palace.
Manuel - Ha ha, you could have just asked if I'm digging out Dawson then :-)

Depends what you call digging him out, I think he had an unbelievable superb spell, unfortunately I think it was the exception not the rule.

I think he's a decent squad player, I would rather he wasn't a regular in the team..

The reason I put Zouma in ahead of him, well it's obvious. I don't rate Cresswell that well defensively either if that helps..

Manuel 6:32 Wed Aug 25
Re: Team for Palace.
fraser - Yes, not saying of course we don't need an upgrade on Dawson/Diop, as you know I think we do, it's just that you have mentioned a few times now that Moyes isn't happy at goals conceded, but the reality is most managers lament that after games. I haven't suggested at all he won't play Zouma, my point was we won't suddenly become impregnable at the back when he joins. I don't see much criticism for Coufal, Cresswell or Ogbonna, so just wondering if you are going all around the houses just to dig out Dawson again :-)

fraser 6:16 Wed Aug 25
Re: Team for Palace.
Manuel - of course it isn't as simplistic as that but with our squad so thin and could be strengthened in most places its a centreback he wants to spend the money on.

You've even argued with me about wanting better than Dawson and Diop if we're to progress, I preffered a central midfielder as you know

After 2 games of the season I've conceded you're right, clearly Moyes also agrees with you.

Why would he spend on an upgrade and not play him?

Manuel 5:47 Wed Aug 25
Re: Team for Palace.
fraser - You keep saying that, but many goals are scored through poor defending, most goals can be stopped. Rodgers will think his defense could have done better on Monday, Antonio mugged of their defenders for both his goals. You make it sound like if Zouma comes in we won't concede any goals or make mistakes any more?

fraser 5:22 Wed Aug 25
Re: Team for Palace.
You think a defence that leaks over 1.5 goals every game is doing well?

Moyes keeps saying he's not happy with the goals we're letting in do he's planning on spending the majority of his budget on an upgrade to that defence, that's the reason he'll come into the team.

Not because he comes from Chelsea, because we keep making defensive mistakes which lead to goals.

Capitol Man 5:02 Wed Aug 25
Re: Team for Palace.

fraser 2:32 Wed Aug 25
Re: Team for Palace.

Because you have a great winning side that's playing well. New signings should have to earn their place in the side, not get it because he's come from Chelsea.

Lee Trundle 4:55 Wed Aug 25
Re: Team for Palace.
the exile = David Gold

the exile 4:35 Wed Aug 25
Re: Team for Palace.
Oh bugger! That's what comes of rushing. Yes, Ogbonna not Diop.

As for this being a pointless thread this season, the only player with an obvious replacement is Fabianski, so there will be plenty of debate as soon as we get any injuries, and for cup games.

Mex Martillo 4:29 Wed Aug 25
Re: Team for Palace.
But Exile that isn’t an unchanged team?

I’d go for an unchanged team:

Coufal Dawson Ogbonna Cresswell
Soucek Rice
Bowen Benrahma Fornals

Romfordboy 2:36 Wed Aug 25
Re: Team for Palace.
I doubt zouma will start against palace… if we were playing a top 4 side maybe

fraser 2:32 Wed Aug 25
Re: Team for Palace.
How would it kill morale?

We've been leaking goal alarmingly for over half a season which is why the bulk of our minimal budget has been spent on rectifying that.

If he signs and had time (doubtful) he will start Sat3, if not after the break.

Capitol Man 2:22 Wed Aug 25
Re: Team for Palace.
This has a slip-up written all over it - still, got to be an unchanged side. Zouma will have to play his way in. Unless there are injuries I doubt Moyes will throw him straight in - it would kill morale.

⚒️ 2:13 Wed Aug 25
Re: Team for Palace.
It’s 99% done mate.

Hammer and Pickle 2:13 Wed Aug 25
Re: Team for Palace.
Bit confident about Zouma, aren’t you ⚒?

Dandy Lyon 2:12 Wed Aug 25
Re: Team for Palace.

⚒️ 2:10 Wed Aug 25
Re: Team for Palace.
I’m sure Moyes would never forget Fornals!

BillyJenningsBoots 2:10 Wed Aug 25
Re: Team for Palace.
Crossed Hammers

I know we've been great so far - but not sure we will compete with 10 men from the start?

Dandy Lyon 2:09 Wed Aug 25
Re: Team for Palace.
⚒ is that what you’d do or what you think Moyes will do?

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