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Q: 2021/22 What competition should we prioritise this season?
a. The league is our bread & butter, so this year let's have a club sandwich
b. We're owed an FA Cup after Gerrard nicked our last one in 06, our name's on it in 22
c. A bye to the League Cup 3rd round gives us a good start, let's make it count
d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

Bishopsfinger 8:11 Sat Aug 28
The owners
When is it going to start again in the stadium? They are get away with it again, why are we rolling over and not letting them have it?

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Willtell 1:08 Fri Sep 3
Re: The owners
I'd prefer you to stop making WHO a place where reality no longer exists...

goose 12:51 Fri Sep 3
Re: The owners

you're mental.

do you want me to start paying rent for all the time i spend in your head?

Willtell 12:49 Fri Sep 3
Re: The owners
Time for you to switch to another name I think...

goose 12:46 Fri Sep 3
Re: The owners
In other words you realise you've made a fool of yourself (again).

You're on fire recently Will, by on fire I mean constantly making a show of yourself.
Time for another break from WHO for you I reckon.

Willtell 12:40 Fri Sep 3
Re: The owners
Ha ha ha!

You liars don't half have some front I'll give you that....

Meantime there's a real world out there and good luck to coping with your virtual reality

Side of Ham 12:23 Fri Sep 3
Re: The owners
Also this is more about Willwall telling those that protest and have attended home & away for decades to put up and shut up with the owners and that they are mugs. He wants to drag it back to it’s him vs us…..it’s not it’s about him slagging off the hardcore support that has a problem with the owners.

He knows he’s cunt hence why he tries to deflect these facts about his behaviour on here after he fucked it off!

goose 12:17 Fri Sep 3
Re: The owners
honestly i worry about your grip on reality.

i said i no longer have a ST, that doesn't mean i cannot attend games.

is it really that hard to understand??

jack flash 12:17 Fri Sep 3
Re: The owners
Vexed 7.23 ~

The most sensible post on here and I fully agree

We're in a good place right now, in fact in the best place we've been for many decades and yet people still want to look backwards and rock the boat!

These aren't the worst owners we've ever had by a long way, T.Brown takes that prize!

Of course, GSB have made plenty of mistakes, misled and lied to the fans on several occasions
That much is undeniable

The fact that we've ended up with the best management team since Lyall has come about by default, luck rather than good judgement

No doubt PAI will be claiming that the reason the board paid out to bring in 4 top quality players this window was down to the pressure that they put on the board and the threat of a backlash from the fans if they hadn't

This window I think we have spent well and wisely at a time when everyone has been feeling the pinch
Remember that Barcelona are 1.5 billion in debt (think about that!) and very few clubs have paid out much in transfers this window without selling their best players

It's a relief to hear that Sullivan and his agent buddies are no longer going to be involved in transfers after wasting millions of the clubs money on duds
Perhaps he's finally learnt his lesson?

I was going to The Boleyn when our capacity crowds were 20-25k (we all know a few more sneaked under the gate!) and it was blatently obvious the size of the ground was holding us back

Much as I loved the old ground even after all the improvements, it was never going to be adequate and I was delighted when we got the LS though appalled with what we finished up with

The owners have tried to make some cosmetic improvements but nothing like we were all led to believe. However, until the stadium is actually owned by the club it seems that the necessary improvements simply cannot be made

The ground cannot be purchased by anyone (including PAI) until 2023 and GSB will definitely not be selling out before then no matter how much the fans protest and complain

When they (or someone else) buys the ground, they'll get it for a pittance, and the saleable value of the club will sky rocket, so why would the board want to sell out before that happens anyway?

Willtell 12:13 Fri Sep 3
Re: The owners
Oh just the ones you told about going to games before admitting you don’t.

goose 11:45 Fri Sep 3
Re: The owners
what lies are you waffling on about now??

Willtell 11:42 Fri Sep 3
Re: The owners
The internet has wonderful convoluted logic.

So, it's OK to tell blatant lies like goose and Snide do as long as you join the GSBOUT campaign...


John Lyall was my hero.

I go to every game home and away...

How am I doing fellas?

Side of Ham 11:33 Fri Sep 3
Re: The owners
In the 1980 cup final there were at least 2 songs sung mentioning Lyall (the main songs as well), banners everywhere with his name on etc…..but Willwall didn’t know who he was…..and he’s second rate after wii img it in ‘75 as well…..the blokes a lying cunt….

Takashi Miike 11:12 Fri Sep 3
Re: The owners
John Lyall was so 2nd rate that Alex Ferguson wrote the foreword for Tim Crane's book 'They Played For John Lyall"

Willtell 11:06 Fri Sep 3
Re: The owners
Oh OK makes sense. The liars are the way forward for WHO...

Sound logic there Johnson. Makes you out to be the hero again...

Johnson 10:46 Fri Sep 3
Re: The owners
Willtell is to football threads what Hammer and Pickle is to politics threads.

Side of Ham 10:36 Fri Sep 3
Re: The owners
The cunt Willwall couldn’t even spell his name right that’s how much he knew about Lyall when pulled up on it…..yep a cunt…..that thinks his view will get listened to…. Hahaha!

You are despised on here old feller and you have some proper scummy views on life, West Ham and it’s supporters……glad everyone sees it though…..so carry on…..

goose 10:09 Fri Sep 3
Re: The owners
“ But then I had experience of semi-pro football....”


Takashi Miike 10:06 Fri Sep 3
Re: The owners
"Anyway, that’s fact and John Lyall May have impressed you but to me he was a 2nd rate Ron Greenwood"

what a cunt

goose 9:49 Fri Sep 3
Re: The owners
Will WTF are you waffling about?

You do realise you can go to games without a ST?
And phones do actually work at the LS.

You’re so desperate it’s hilarious. Like a drowning man thrashing around.

Willtell 3:32 Fri Sep 3
Re: The owners
“Yes you have Willwall.... and it came about by you stating on here Harry Redknapp was your favourite West Ham manager.....after bragging you'd been to both John Lyalls F.A. Cup finals (allegedly).....this was then put to you and you went on about or along the lines of you was playing in those days and did not know who he was......do fuck off........

....see your gobbing off on here tripped you up yet again......

It’s funny really because much of what you say is true. However, like thick twats everywhere you draw the wrong conclusions due to a simple mind.

I was at both 70’s finals seeing us win against Fulham and Arsenal. (Was it 80’s against L’Arse?)

Anyway, that’s fact and John Lyall May have impressed you but to me he was a 2nd rate Ron Greenwood. But then I had experience of semi-pro football....

Willtell 2:46 Fri Sep 3
Re: The owners
Willtell 3:56 Wed Sep 1
Re: Our owners
So Takahashi Miike doesn't go to games! Well I never and Snide of Ham doesn't either. Plus goose posted on here during last weekends game so he almost certainly wasn't at LS either....

Funny that!

goose 2:01 Tue Aug 31
Re: The owners
Didn't you just make that up?

goose 5:46 Tue Aug 31
've not denied it because it's ridiculous.

goose 4:50 Wed Sep 1
Re: Our owners
Yeh you deffo cannot use a phone at the LS

goose 6:10 Thu Sep 2
Re: The owners
"Just pointing out your utter bullshit (again). You think I couldnt possibly have been at football because i posted on here??"

goose 7:22 Thu Sep 2
Re: The owners
I've not had a ST since the last season at UP.

Wow so you admit to being a ly ing wankert that wants to disrupt WHU just becaue you don't go.

What a sad fucker you are goose! time go switch to the next user name to abuse me some more...


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