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Q: 2021/22 What competition should we prioritise this season?
a. The league is our bread & butter, so this year let's have a club sandwich
b. We're owed an FA Cup after Gerrard nicked our last one in 06, our name's on it in 22
c. A bye to the League Cup 3rd round gives us a good start, let's make it count
d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

Tomshardware 6:59 Sun Aug 29
Nikola Vlasic - Signed
Looks close to being done deal.


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Full Claret Jacket 10:30 Mon Nov 22
Re: Nikola Vlasic - Signed
From what little I've seen of him since he joined he is a hard worker, little of the pace and not really gelled with the team, anticipating the runs of his team mates and used to the style of play.
I think he needs time and it's ideal that we have others who are playing well whilst he gets used the the team. I think he will come good but we also need to look at how we can make the most of his talent.
The cup and European games should give him a chance of game time but as with a lot of players you often only see the best of them when they get a run of games.

Jasnik 10:10 Mon Nov 22
Re: Nikola Vlasic - Signed
I'd give him time

Sir Alf 9:57 Mon Nov 22
Re: Nikola Vlasic - Signed
Thin margins at the very top and in the Prem he needs to be bit quicker with his passing ( less time and space ) but also better physically at protecting the ball when he has it and generally in challenges. But to be optimistic ( very unlike me) Benrahma was as lightweight as it gets, Lanzini too always been too lightweight in the challenge but under Moyes this season both are noticeably stronger on the ball and working harder in games with increased stamina. Vlasic needs to similarly improve and we then have a player because he has great technique and passing.

scott_d 5:57 Mon Nov 22
Re: Nikola Vlasic - Signed
Quite happy to give him time seeing as don't actally need him to be on form quite yet.

There are plenty of members of our first team who took some time to settle: Fornals, Bowen, Benrama

No pressure and happy to wait.

Lato 2:27 Mon Nov 22
Re: Nikola Vlasic - Signed
Has he actually played a full 90 minutes yet?

Russ of the BML 2:07 Mon Nov 22
Re: Nikola Vlasic - Signed
Lee Trundle 11:01 Mon Nov 22

Mate, he's played 30 times for Croatia in the last three years. He isn't a dud.

He's just taking time to settle. he may not ever settle. Who knows? I just think to say he's a dud is a bit OTT.

But I do agree with you that the money should've been spent on a striker.

Nagel 1:08 Mon Nov 22
Re: Nikola Vlasic - Signed
This is what Moyes said in the conference at the Dinamo Zagreb game:

“I see him playing 7, 10, or 11. I think we can use him in all those positions. You [Croatian press] will probably know much better than I do. What I’ve seen just now I really like the look of.

"I think we need to give him a bit of time to settle with us, our speed, the movement with how we play. But he’s a brilliant boy. He is great, you will know that much better than me, he has a fantastic attitude, committed, determined, and he will be good for us. What I want is his goals, I want his assists. I want all that whether he plays 7, 10 or 11.

"And I know he can bring that so I thought today was good for him, coming home to Croatia I felt was a good place for him to start. And we’ll bring him on and hopefully have a really top Premier League player in the future.”

A Croatian journalist then said, “He has played a false nine for the country so maybe you can use him there!”

Moyes: “You’re right I might need him there, thanks for that wisdom!”

Pagey 12:41 Mon Nov 22
Re: Nikola Vlasic - Signed
Trundle, I think that everyone in the world knew we should have signed a back up striker in the summer. There’s really no need to mention it every single day.

It seems that Moyes saw Vlasic as an attacking midfielder who could ‘do a job’ up front as well as Bowen. You can understand the logic behind that but sometimes you just need to buy a player in a position that you need. I’m not sure Origi is the answer to be honest, but he would at least be an option.

Block 12:10 Mon Nov 22
Re: Nikola Vlasic - Signed
Trundle, the gamble of not signing a striker MIGHT just pay off.

As we're likely to get Lingard for next to nothing, and I see we're being touted as a club for Origi for a free in the summer as well.

fraser 12:09 Mon Nov 22
Re: Nikola Vlasic - Signed
No it didn't but it's done now.

Lee Trundle 12:08 Mon Nov 22
Re: Nikola Vlasic - Signed
It's all very well saying "give him time" etc, but what happens if the striker we eventually buy is the same?

It didn't make sense buying him over a striker in the summer, and it still doesn't make any sense now.

fraser 11:54 Mon Nov 22
Re: Nikola Vlasic - Signed
Maybe he just needs playing time, he hasn't had it because the team has been doing so well it's picked itself.

Block 11:37 Mon Nov 22
Re: Nikola Vlasic - Signed
Too early to write him off.

Has barely played for us, I do think he needs to work a lot harder and this might be the reason why Moyes hasn't picked him as regularly.

He'll be fine, just needs to buy into how we play.

White Pony 11:35 Mon Nov 22
Re: Nikola Vlasic - Signed
He hasn’t looked very good so far, has he?

Having said that, we haven’t seen lots of him. He needs a run of matches to judge him properly, and we will get more injuries at some stage, or maybe it will be when Benny goes to Africa.

Agree though that if we do go back for Lingard, it proves that buying him over a back up striker wasn’t very wise. Still, hindsight and all that.

Mr Kenzo 11:14 Mon Nov 22
Re: Nikola Vlasic - Signed
He may need the season to settle in like Fornals,Bowen and Benrahma had. Hopefully he comes good, Moyes has been spot on so far with his signings

Manuel 11:11 Mon Nov 22
Re: Nikola Vlasic - Signed
They don't really have confidence in him, they are just being fashionable and all modern day. Comparing him to Fornals really isn't a like for like thing either as Fornals was playing most weeks, this fella isn't, so not sure how he 'gets up to speed' based on a few mins here and there?

Still, we live in hope that it works out, as that is what we all want at the end of the day.

Lee Trundle 11:01 Mon Nov 22
Re: Nikola Vlasic - Signed
I'd love the confidence that some of you have in him. I think we've been sold a dud, though.

There's been absolutely nothing from him, so far, to suggest the money wouldn't have better spent on a striker. I'd much prefer to be sitting here hoping our backup striker might be coming good.

If we're signing Lingard, then Vlasic likely becomes surplus to requirements.

Manuel 10:54 Mon Nov 22
Re: Nikola Vlasic - Signed
Unless you bring in a very well established, international player from overseas then there is always a risk, it's just the way it is due to the PL being the best league and the most physical.

It's why signings like Zouma and Linagrd are no brainers, proven PL players, but it's not realistic just to sign these types all the time and there would be no point in having scouting systems and bringing in bods like 'super scout' Robert Newman.

Russ of the BML 10:47 Mon Nov 22
Re: Nikola Vlasic - Signed
simon.s 11:51 Sun Nov 21

Agree to an extent. Although I do think Kral was a decent signing. Rice and Soucek needed back up and Noble's legs aren't what they were. So I saw Kral as a good addition.

Although, if we had bought a striker instead of him and Vlasic I wouldn't have worried.

Russ of the BML 10:45 Mon Nov 22
Re: Nikola Vlasic - Signed
I think he will come good. He's too good a player.

I just think, right now, he's been caught out by how hard and fast it is in the PL. And he's also had his confidence knocked as he isn't the star man. For his other clubs and to an extent Croatia, he is their attacking main man. He's probably realised that he isn't as good as he thought he was. That's hard to accept.

He hasn't been getting much game time. But that will change. We will need him at some point. Benrahma going off to play for Algeria, an injury or suspension here and there. He will get game time.

My main worry is that when he came on against Wolves he looked a bit nervous. Like he didn't want to be there. You need your subs coming on confident and ready to change the game. So that confidence thing may be affecting him more.

dealcanvey 10:35 Mon Nov 22
Re: Nikola Vlasic - Signed
He is not at a level I thought he would be considering his price tag but then neither Benrahma or Fornals had good starts here.

Moyes must see something in him to pay such a fee. He is still young and adapting. He'll come good just needs time.

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