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Q: 2021/22 What competition should we prioritise this season?
a. The league is our bread & butter, so this year let's have a club sandwich
b. We're owed an FA Cup after Gerrard nicked our last one in 06, our name's on it in 22
c. A bye to the League Cup 3rd round gives us a good start, let's make it count
d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

Tomshardware 6:59 Sun Aug 29
Nikola Vlasic - Signed
Looks close to being done deal.


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DukeofDevo 1:17 Tue Jan 18
Re: Nikola Vlasic - Signed
Lee Trundle 1:05 Mon Jan 17

We missed a couple of decent striker options that have gone to Leicester and Palace Should have competed for one of them!

The suits probably thought Yarmalenko could provide cover

Lee Trundle 1:05 Mon Jan 17
Re: Nikola Vlasic - Signed
I can't understand any of those reason, if I'm honest, Stubbo.

Lingard played through the middle. Moyes plays Vlasic on the left wing.

Johnson can cover, but isn't someone who competes with Cresswell. Masuaku should never been seen as any choice anywhere on the pitch.

We've arguably had 4 transfer windows where we've been looking for a striker. That's long enough to find someone to compete up front.

Stubbo 12:52 Mon Jan 17
Re: Nikola Vlasic - Signed
I understood the signing...he was brought in to replace Lingard (who had such a big impact and we'd lost).

I understood not signing a leftback (with Johnson covering, Cresswell deemed adequate first choice, and Masuaku deemed a viable wing back with a change of formation).

Not signing a striker was never ok, but you can understand it being hard to find one once you decide Antonio is our number 9 first choice and thus whoever comes is likely to play second fiddle.

Moyes had the wrong mindset in finding a striker in my opinion (and continues to have).

Stowie.40 11:36 Mon Jan 17
Re: Nikola Vlasic - Signed
Can’t argue he hasn’t been a waste of money, we’d be in exactly the same position if we hadn’t of signed him. He has contributed sweet FA really. It has been a shit signing no dressing it up and moyes has unbalanced the squad more so when a forward maybe even 2 and a left back was more needed.

Manuel 11:30 Mon Jan 17
Re: Nikola Vlasic - Signed
I'm looking forward to the calendar showing August, that's when he will come good apparently. Tbf, there is a strong chance he won't even be here next season.

Lee Trundle 11:28 Mon Jan 17
Re: Nikola Vlasic - Signed
When we needed a left back, and a striker for so fucking long, it is a waste of funds to be bringing in this guy, who has barely contributed anything (unless you count him giving the ball away for the winning goal yesterday).

The money should have gone on a position we're in desperate need of. We've had well over a year and 3 or 4 transfer windows to sort both of those positions out.

paulon 11:21 Mon Jan 17
Re: Nikola Vlasic - Signed
Never seen it as a waste of funds or strange purchase - we needed numbers in the squad. Was he a priority? No but Moyes obviously saw the chance to get a young player he rates and presumably couldn’t find the right forward or CB he wanted for the right price

He also knew Benrahma would potentially be missing for most of this month - who else would people have put in that position while he’s away? Yarmolenko? Masuaku?

Also worth remembering he was 19 when he was at Everton. Bit desperate if we’re going to start talking about stats like that or maybe we should be hammering Longelo for not being able to get into the side at 21?

Crassus 10:52 Mon Jan 17
Re: Nikola Vlasic - Signed
If a chippy bought an expensive saw and used it as a hammer he would have no grounds for saying it’s a shit tool

It may well be but until he cuts wood he can’t know

Strange purchase mind when he desperately needed a screw driver and plane

Manuel 10:23 Mon Jan 17
Re: Nikola Vlasic - Signed
I think with the ever increasing pace, intensity and physicality of the PL it's become more and more difficult for a foreign player to come in and do well, particularly offensive players, unless they are already a highly established player. If Vlasic had joined a club in a similar position to us in Spain, Italy, Germany he would most likely be doing okay, but the PL is a different ball game and unforgiving. He looked a little shell shocked jogging off yesterday.

Lee Trundle 10:13 Mon Jan 17
Re: Nikola Vlasic - Signed
He's been a complete misuse of funds.

Whether he comes good, or not, doesn't change the fact the money should have been spent elsewhere in positions we're in desperate need of.

bigfrank 10:49 Sun Jan 16
Re: Nikola Vlasic - Signed
Spot on romford

Romfordboy 10:43 Sun Jan 16
Re: Nikola Vlasic - Signed
Fornals should have played left helping cresswell out with raphina… vlasic through the middle

No idea why he took fornals and vlasic off tbh Antonio was acting like a teenager and Lanzini was being walked through in midfield

Sajmo1 10:33 Sun Jan 16
Re: Nikola Vlasic - Signed
Ideally you'd play him behind a striker with a pacy winger on the left

Pedro 10:27 Sun Jan 16
Re: Nikola Vlasic - Signed
Think we needed a skilful type player who takes players on or someone with pace who can run in behind (Lingard).
He hasn’t shown much of that. His strength is holding players off and turning away from defenders and putting balls through. Seems better suited as a false 9 or off a striker.

Think he has got better and works hard.

nerd 10:25 Sun Jan 16
Re: Nikola Vlasic - Signed
Was stupid subbing him

grasshopper 9:51 Sun Jan 16
Re: Nikola Vlasic - Signed
Bottom line is that for 25m, he has produced fuck all.

Leavemyarcelona 9:32 Sun Jan 16
Re: Nikola Vlasic - Signed
Thought he was decent today worked hard

Sir Alf 9:09 Sun Jan 16
Re: Nikola Vlasic - Signed
Correct Nagal.

Until he is played in his preferred position, the position he has been successful in and on a regular basis we do not know what he is capable of. He is neat and tidy ( albeit today got caught in possession as did many of the team with the Leeds press...) but not involved enough when out wide because he does not possess pace. Played centrally he, I think, will look to create and get on the end of the second balls etc. He is working hard and very unselfish. More unselfish than his other team mates currently as he is the "new kid". I am wildly guessing ( as always ) that Moyes did not expect Lanzini to have his renaissance and with Lingard moving back to United , Vlasic would be in that number 10 slot. It was not the priority in the summer and especially with Lanzini returning to some kind of form in his deeper role, so looks like a bad purchase. However, I will wait a biy longer than half a season because technically he is undoubtedly good ( control, one touch passing) and is developing strength on the ball ( ironically lost it for the lead up to their 3rd ). Wait a bity longer before writing him off but first play him in his best position.

paulon 8:41 Sun Jan 16
Re: Nikola Vlasic - Signed
Nagel 8:13 Sun Jan 16

Wouldn't waste your time, this lot are thick as mince

Nagel 8:13 Sun Jan 16
Re: Nikola Vlasic - Signed
"Had 12 appearances with no goals at Everton. 12 appearances and one goal at West Ham. Decent stats at Moscow but it's a different League."

I know I keep banging on about this, but at Moscow he played as a No 10. For us and at Everton he's been played wide, which clearly don't suit him. Fuck knows why Moyes insists on playing him there when Fornals can play wide left.

Nick QQQ 7:51 Sun Jan 16
Re: Nikola Vlasic - Signed
On the ball….

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