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Tomshardware 6:59 Sun Aug 29
Nikola Vlasic
Looks close to being done deal.


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Swiss. 6:39 Tue Sep 6
Re: Nikola Vlasic

threesixty 3:55 Tue Sep 6

Cornet is winger playing in his natural position wide and Vlasic is not and was playing out of position. Can you not see the obvious difference here?

El Scorchio 5:24 Tue Sep 6
Re: Nikola Vlasic
Funnily enough on Todorov, not sure if anyone is watching it but he's in that Football Dreams channel 4 show about the Palace academy at the moment as he is or was one of their youth coaches.

Not a bad watch (as is that Sky one about Tooting and Mitcham) but some of the parents are total fucking dicks.

Northern Sold 5:19 Tue Sep 6
Re: Nikola Vlasic
I remember the original Svetoslav Todorov thread...

Wils 4:35 Tue Sep 6
Re: Nikola Vlasic
"Oh gawd. Is this going to be the Haller thread mark II?"

Next season we can cut and paste it for Scamacca.

threesixty 3:55 Tue Sep 6
Re: Nikola Vlasic
Sadly, Cornet has shown more in his appearances than Vlasic did pretty much all season.

I think alot of that has to do with Vlasic not having a pre-season and Cornet already being used to this league. This as well as cornet being used to playing multiple positions and scoring in the league.

But I also think this is the top tier of league football worldwide. If you dont show what your about pretty quickly then thats up to you. Its not the managers fault. You have to make it happen for yourself here.

Also, playing Cornet means dropping players who have done a job for you consistently over the last couple of years. I think Moyes has to "manage" that without ruining players. So I get why he persists with Bowen when his form has dropped a bit. Its the right thing to do.

El Scorchio 2:48 Tue Sep 6
Re: Nikola Vlasic
Why is this now about Cornet? Just because you want to bang a drum about everything being Moyes' fault? Where exactly have I said he can't be criticised? Oh- nowhere. I've got plenty of criticism of him but over Vlasic? Not really.

As it happens, I also think Cornet should have had more time on the pitch, and I find it strange he hasn't got more, especially when Bowen's played every minute and has been below par.

Vlasic got plenty of opportunity to show something. Even in a wider instead of central position you can tell if a player has SOMETHING in this league or not. He really didn't show anything to make a convincing case to be ahead of the players who were playing at any point in the season.

Takashi Miike 2:38 Tue Sep 6
Re: Nikola Vlasic
Cornet's played a total of twenty five minutes in the five league games he's been available. Five games where apart from Spurs second half, we've been terrible, yet he still didn't think to give him more time on the pitch. And this, with the new five substitute rule, he still doesn't want to utilise our talent. In two starts in Europe, Cornet has a 100% assist record (one per game), and did more in five minutes Saturday than Bowen's done in six league games yet you think the manager can't be questioned? fuck off

El Scorchio 2:36 Tue Sep 6
Re: Nikola Vlasic
and again, VIRTUALLY everyone does not mean everyone.

El Scorchio 2:36 Tue Sep 6
Re: Nikola Vlasic
Calm down with the angry namecalling.

Of course I'm sure seen as you're never wrong about anything, you were utterly unwavering in your steadfast support and admiration of Vlasic thoughout his entire time here...

Takashi Miike 2:30 Tue Sep 6
Re: Nikola Vlasic
you're the cunt who said 'virtually everyone', and who do you think should be blamed for him being played out of position the thirty or so times he got an opportunity, often in the five minute variety which is what cornet's currently dealing with?

El Scorchio 2:22 Tue Sep 6
Re: Nikola Vlasic
Takashi Miike 1:39

No it isn't. Note the carefully chosen 'BARELY'. I'm not saying every single person did but certainly the majority.

But he was very widely panned from very early in his West Ham career by most on here and barely anyone was saying later in the season to recall him in any position. I guess now because it's in fashion to blame the manager for most of our woes, the narrative changes to it being the fault of the manager holding the player back from being successful.

threesixty 1:54 Tue Sep 6
Re: Nikola Vlasic
I just think this league is a level above in terms of intensity and the time you get on the ball.

I dont think Haller would necessarily do better back in the prem either. Look at Lukaku, 100m, killled it in Italy, terrible for Chelsea. Morata etc...
same thing.

What I will say is that any player that plays in this league will be better for it. Even if you dont do well. Because this league makes you sharper, faster and hardens your game. Maybe Vlasic is just benefiting from spending that time with us?

Lee Trundle 1:45 Tue Sep 6
Re: Nikola Vlasic
I probably think he had enough chances (over 30 times he played for us), but I never really saw anything from him to indicate he'd be any good for us in any position.

But considering he was meant to be Lingard's rebound for Moyes, it's very surprising he wasn't played more as a number 10.

Mind you, there were a lot of things I found surprising with player recruitment last season.

Takashi Miike 1:39 Tue Sep 6
Re: Nikola Vlasic
"This is somewhat revisionist. When he was here barely anyone was saying 'Oh he just needs a run of games and he'll start banging them in.'"

bullshit, there were a few of us who said he hadn't been given a chance in his best position, and often said it wasn't wide right/left

southbankbornnbred 1:02 Tue Sep 6
Re: Nikola Vlasic
And the situation is different to Haller's.

Haller was given opportunities in his best position. He can have no complaints. They played him down the middle on his own at times, which he didn't really like. But Moyes started him several times upfront alongside Antonio etc. He had his chances (unlike Vlasic).

Haller just didn't pull up any trees. He wasn't ready for the frenetic, lung-bursting pace of the Premier League.

El Scorchio 12:58 Tue Sep 6
Re: Nikola Vlasic
This is somewhat revisionist. When he was here barely anyone was saying 'Oh he just needs a run of games and he'll start banging them in.'

Virtually everyone said they didn't want him anywhere near the first team at all after merely a couple of games.

southbankbornnbred 12:57 Tue Sep 6
Re: Nikola Vlasic
He's playing quite well in Italy.

BUT...he couldn't get ahead of Fornals or Lanzini last season. And he wouldn't get ahead of them if Torino had them both either.

More than that, there is no way he would get into our side ahead of Paqueta now.

So it's all a bit irrelevant, given those circumstances.

The fact is that, while he's a good player (and I hope he does well in Turin), we simply didn't need him at the time. We needed a striker. We spent a fortune on another ACM when we already had two, possibly three if you include Benrahma in that position too.

That was Moyes' mistake with Vlasic.

daveyg 11:26 Tue Sep 6
Re: Nikola Vlasic
Swiss agreed.
Was about to say the same thing.

Swiss. 11:14 Tue Sep 6
Re: Nikola Vlasic
In some ways yes another Haller situation. Shows up Moyes to be the fucking useless manager he is. Many of us were screaming for him to play a more central role which is his strength but no Moyes puts him out wide.

The sooner this Scots dinosaur is out of my club the better.

Rossal 11:11 Tue Sep 6
Re: Nikola Vlasic
So Torino have done the thing Moyes never did

Give him a run of games in his best position....simple this management lark

Lee Trundle 11:08 Tue Sep 6
Re: Nikola Vlasic
dealcanvey 10:58 Tue Sep 6

*doffs cap*

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