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Q: 2021/22 What competition should we prioritise this season?
a. The league is our bread & butter, so this year let's have a club sandwich
b. We're owed an FA Cup after Gerrard nicked our last one in 06, our name's on it in 22
c. A bye to the League Cup 3rd round gives us a good start, let's make it count
d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

tonka 4:29 Fri Sep 10
Anyone got an EV?
Pain in the arse or OK?

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Charoo 1:56 Wed Sep 29
Re: Anyone got an EV?
If you can put through your own company or have a company car it just makes sense.

I am paye and get a car allowance but only need the car for work every now and again.

With used car prices being so high at the moment I sold my big SUV for £3.5k more than I paid 2 years ago and leased a mild hybrid diesel X3.

I figured I’ll let the lease company take the gamble on a diesel car and at the end of the lease EV cars should be more affordable with a better infrastructure.

I did really want to go EV now but from a personal lease standpoint or outright purchase they don’t make so much sense as the monthly’s or the sticker price is much higher, so the fuel saving doesn’t really exist.

Norflundon 8:16 Tue Sep 28
Re: Anyone got an EV?
Mines the bollox
I’ve got an Audi Etron Quattro with the tax breaks and money I’m saving on fuel it’s basically a free car

Lee Trundle 5:25 Tue Sep 28
Re: Anyone got an EV?
*high fives madeeasy*

madeeasy 5:20 Tue Sep 28
Re: Anyone got an EV?
You petrol pump wankers

Stepney.Ammer 4:06 Sat Sep 11
Re: Anyone got an EV?
Got the Mercedes EQC on order.

Getting it via a salary sacrifice scheme through work which means I save on tax, both before deductions and also on benefit in kind.

On a fully maintained lease and know someone who can fix the electricity for the charging point at home so it by passes the meter. Means it should end up costing next to fuck all to run.

madeeasy 3:14 Sat Sep 11
Re: Anyone got an EV?
The breaking is an interesting one and you soon get used to it, i hardly ever break tbh and generally have the cruise control and stop start function on as well, especially in traffic as it saves you having to do half the driving. I love the way it keeps in lane and breaks and accelerates for you.

The speed thing is quick, but i have had quicker cars before. what i like is the lack of lag and the quickness from 50 to 100 being just as quick as the 0 to 50

tonka 3:08 Sat Sep 11
Re: Anyone got an EV?
I drove a p85d back in 2015 liked it, fucking quick! Found the regen braking a bit weird, but less infrastructure back then, especially in central london. The Audi just feels like an Audi without engine noise

madeeasy 3:06 Sat Sep 11
Re: Anyone got an EV?
Nice car Tonka.

My mate spent 170k on the new porsche electric car. i took mine up there to show him and looked at his. His mrs got in the tesla and asked him why the tesla looked so much nicer inside than the porsche as his cost 3 x more!

i think the tesla have the interior simplicity right. great at handling as well.

tonka 3:03 Sat Sep 11
Re: Anyone got an EV?
The thanks was for the Octopus tariff thing :)

madeeasy 3:03 Sat Sep 11
Re: Anyone got an EV?
BTW if anyone is going to get one then let me know, and I will buy you a beer, if you use my referral code as it will then give you and me 1,000 free supercharger miles worth of charge each....

tonka 3:03 Sat Sep 11
Re: Anyone got an EV?
Thanks, for that Madeeasy.
Just put a deposit on an Etron.

madeeasy 3:02 Sat Sep 11
Re: Anyone got an EV?
Hermit Road 9:45 Fri Sep 10

Mine is all included tbh so not sure if i got that on the lease deal i signed up to or not?

riosleftsock 10:08 Fri Sep 10

Can get them from about 400 a month i think on a lease deal, obviously depending on miles you need and extra upgrade in the spec, the only upgrades to the spec are colour of exterior and colour of interior. then the extra if you want long or short range. but there are some great deals out there.

https://www.thebestcardeals.co.uk this was the company i used.

madeeasy 2:57 Sat Sep 11
Re: Anyone got an EV?
aldgate 9:42 Fri Sep 10


switch to this mate, their day rate is cheap enough as well and is certainly a money saver.

I dont know what car you have got but in the tesla you can set the time the charge starts. there is an app for your home charger but tbh mine was way above my pay grade to work the fucking thing out so set mine through the car.

joe royal 6:06 Sat Sep 11
Re: Anyone got ED?

aldgate 12:37 Sat Sep 11
Re: Anyone got an EV?
rios - i pay about 500 a month through my company. Plus three grand up front which you don't get back

Too Much Too Young 11:00 Fri Sep 10
Re: Anyone got an EV?
Giant scaletrix.

I will remain in my old S Class for as long as possible. When i neglected to change the 2nd battery, it slowly turned into Apollo 13, and all manor of things randomly did or didn't work and it could only be opened with the physical key.

It would have been impossible for anyone else to ever get it going cept me...

And its got double glazing.

Modern cars are shit.

riosleftsock 10:08 Fri Sep 10
Re: Anyone got an EV?
So how much is one of these Teslas per month?

PwoperNaughtyButNot 9:50 Fri Sep 10
Re: Anyone got an EV?
Flat battery I think you are fucked

You have to think like a normal car and not a iPhone or Walkman. You don’t drive a car until the petrol tank is empty and then push it to the garage.

Keep the car topped up overnight and never worry.

To answer your question though - Tesla hours form 1% to 80% on about 45mins

iphammer 9:46 Fri Sep 10
Re: Anyone got an EV?
How long does it take to charge an EV from flat battery to full battery?

Hermit Road 9:45 Fri Sep 10
Re: Anyone got an EV?


These are the ones.

For some reason I got it In my head that it's £30 a month. It's a tenner

aldgate 9:42 Fri Sep 10
Re: Anyone got an EV?
I’ve got a Tesla 3. Lease it through my own company which makes it great deal with tax breaks. Full charge costs about £8 but I do that during day - sounds like I’m missing a trick not doing it overnight. Govt gave me £500 towards installing home charger as well

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