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Keep dreaming 8:32 Thu Sep 16
Torn ACL
On Saturday playing football.
Knee big as a handball and loose as a prositute.

Anyone been through this shit? What am I in for? Is my footballing career over?

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aldgate 5:01 Fri Sep 17
Re: Torn ACL
i ruptured mine rather than torn it back in 1990
docs said dont play football again but i played for another ten years at a decent standard in the old essex businesses houses leg (wearing a brace)
now 54 but i can still go down gym every day and play golf
trick is not to put on weight which does your joints in and strengthen hips/calves/quads daily

gph 1:08 Fri Sep 17
Re: Torn ACL
"nothing anywhere near as cheap"

Slightly untrue. I was visiting the University of Southern Paris (not really in Paris, if you want to be picky), when a company pushing Gamay nouvelle as a rival to Beaujolais nouvelle supplied free wine to the refrectory all day. Unfortunately, I was working, so I only had one glass.

riosleftsock 12:55 Fri Sep 17
Re: Torn ACL
To be honest I've always judged the standard of a country by how good their table wine is when repairing sports injuries (back on track)

Mad Dog 12:55 Fri Sep 17
Re: Torn ACL
Agree. But that's one of the things I love about WHO

Can anyone help with an ACL question

Well yes, but let's talk about wine.

gph 12:40 Fri Sep 17
Re: Torn ACL
Typical WHO thread deviation.

*polishes buttons*

pdcwhu 12:39 Fri Sep 17
Re: Torn ACL
On a more Serious note....
Quad Muscle must be worked on.
It's so Important.

gph 12:36 Fri Sep 17
Re: Torn ACL
When I've been in Lisbon, I went to quite a few places where very drinkable wine was cheaper than a mineral water.

I've drunk better wines, but not that much better, and nothing anywhere near as cheap.

The only annoying thing about Portugal was their habit of putting sugar in your coffee without you asking. And speaking a language I don't understand, of course.

riosleftsock 12:27 Fri Sep 17
Re: Torn ACL
I also prefer reds, but as I've got older I don't drink as much wine (only on holiday and sometimes a glass with a meal). When a german red is good, its very good.

I would also fancy a Portuguese hiking holiday with some decent douro.

gph 12:10 Fri Sep 17
Re: Torn ACL
Old wine varieties: I went to a conference on Lesbos, which used to be famous for its wines before the earlier 20th century wine plague (I've forgotten the proper name for this).

I enjoyed the everyday wines of the place, but, when it came to leave, I bought a bottle of a recreated old Lesbos wine, made from the original grape variety, but grown under biologically secure conditions, intending to share it with friends.

It was shit. Far sweeter than a red wine should be, for a start. One comment was that it tasted like the bottom of an old-fashioned sweet jar.

gph 12:04 Fri Sep 17
Re: Torn ACL
I'm usually more red than white, but German red wine is unreliable. Some years, Dornfelder is better, other years Blauer Portugueser, some years neither is much cop. The river Aar is the German red wine centre, although other places do it as well.

Fortunately, white white tastes a lot better when you're actually thirsty.

Perhaps my next target will be Saxony, the only place where East Germany successfully made wine. Their wines are supposed to be premium nowadays. Never actually tried them, so I'm unsure whether they are genuinely premium, or premium through rareity, which is not the same thing..

bruuuno 11:41 Thu Sep 16
Re: Torn ACL
If you do everything you should do physio wise and take your recovery seriously you can be playing again after a year.

I found the mental aspect of being injured worse than any physical pain. Frustrating in the extreme.

Good luck mate

riosleftsock 11:08 Thu Sep 16
Re: Torn ACL

If you like cycling, hills and wine - I recommend northern croatia. Their grasevina is their day to day wine and superb. But they do probably the best chardonnays and some older original grape varieties that are well worth trying. Moldova is also superb for wine.

Morpheus 11:05 Thu Sep 16
Re: Torn ACL
Find yourself a good surgeon with many positive reviews and prepare to do lots and lots of rehab, use it as an opportunity to come back fitter and stronger - good luck man

Mad Dog 11:02 Thu Sep 16
Re: Torn ACL
Oh, and while I think about it, what I wasn't prepared for was the knock on effects.

Eg using 1 leg more than another for a yer could lead to overcompensating and give you shit on on other parts

gph 11:00 Thu Sep 16
Re: Torn ACL
Cycling, unlike football, is massively enhanced by frequent breaks for alcohol.

My favourite cycle routes are all in the German wine area.

Will eventually give French vineyards a go, but French cycle friendliness was much lower when I started doing this.

Keep dreaming 10:49 Thu Sep 16
Re: Torn ACL
Haha precious.

And your probably right joyo,

Northern Sold 10:38 Thu Sep 16
Re: Torn ACL
kd... can think of 4 of our vets boys that had cruciate done and came back and played... one of my idiot mates literally played a whole season with it snapped... he was great running in straight lines but kept falling over when turning... when they had a look inside they asked him after if he was in any pain as the cruciate was not even there... told them it smarted a bit... stupid wanker !!

joyo 10:23 Thu Sep 16
Re: Torn ACL
Keep Dreaming my age didn't help,yes had surgery but not for ACL,scan picked up other problems including cartilage.
I can't do impact sport unless l want to be a raspberry, cycling aint boring mate especially mountain biking

Keep dreaming 10:17 Thu Sep 16
Re: Torn ACL
Got you. Did an MR on tuesday but haven't got the final result.
Has already been at the physio, and she pulled the leg forward until it snapped out of position.
Walking with crutches as the swelling is bad and muscles has completely stopped working. Tough times ahead I suppose. Thanks for sharing your story

Mad Dog 10:16 Thu Sep 16
Re: Torn ACL
Good luck with it anyway
Need any advice, let me know

Mad Dog 10:11 Thu Sep 16
Re: Torn ACL
You've "only" done 1 ligament I assume. So recovery will be much easier then mine. You need to get it checked properly ASAP.

Quicker it's sorted easier the rehab. If you don't yet the answer you want ask for another opinion. I got dicked around for nearly 2 years "oh you only need a bit of physio" "it's probably just a muscle tear" I got told. Mri scan even a camera went in. Couldn't work out what was wrong.

2nd opinion diagnosed it in under a minute.

Acl repair has got so much better over the years. Ita basically key hole now and they'll probably take a bit of hammy to repair it.

They ended up using hammy from both my legs in the 2 ops

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