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Q: 2022/23 You are the Chairman what do you do with Moyes?
a. Stick with him obviously, he's delivered two good seasons back to back and will see us out of this dip in form
b. If we're still lingering around the bottom three by the start of the WC then that's the time to get rid
c. What are we waiting for 2 wins in the last 20 PL games is reason enough to sack him, go now
d. I've just got my new Orange & White 3rd Kit with Moyesinho on the back, I can't wait to wear it down to the supermarket, they call me Mr West Ham around here

charleyfarley 10:36 Fri Sep 17
⚽ West Ham v Brentford - Official Match Thread FT 1-2
    London Stadium
    Sun 3rd Oct 14:00 GMT
    VAR Andre Marriner
Peter Bankes: (2) - 12 0

Fredericks and Coufal late fitness tests

Dasilva & Sorensen both out

West Ham 4/5: Draw 5/2: Brentford 15/4















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Hammer and Pickle 9:18 Fri May 6
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Brentford - Official Match Thread
Hmm. Perhaps this is the right thread for that post after all…

Hammer and Pickle 9:00 Fri May 6
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Brentford - Official Match Thread
Got to face it - we were bested by a more disciplined, tactically superior team. No shame in that but it does show how far we have still got to go before we can call ourselves a force in the League and in Europe. We need proper full backs and strikers, proper investment and a football strategy for the club. Right now we may have exhausted the potential of this manager because the fact is, Moyes came up short in terms of addressing our weaknesses and taking advantage of theirs.

I’m not confident we’ll see another European cup run until we’ve sorted this out.

Lily Hammer 8:43 Fri May 6
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Brentford - Official Match Thread
Ha ha! I just saw the BBC article and made a new thread of it.

Jasnik 8:30 Fri May 6
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Brentford - Official Match Thread
Yeah saw that article and thought the same...

Alex G 8:27 Fri May 6
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Brentford - Official Match Thread
Sorry for bumping an old thread, but after the accusations of over the top time wasting when we played Brentford earlier in the season it was quite interesting to see which premier league match this season has seen the lowest amount of time with the ball in play...


ornchurch ammer 11:21 Thu Oct 7
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Brentford - Official Match Thread
At 1-0 up in the second half Brentford often reverted to a flat back 6 with 3 midfield players sitting tight in front leaving only Toney up front when we were attacking.

Whilst I can see what points other posters are making that sort of blanket defence is difficult for any team to break down. Once we did I thought that we would get at least a point.

The surprise was that, as highlighted on MOTD, they threw all of their outfield players up for for the free kick in the last minute. Surely we could have combated that by leaving a couple of our smaller players up in attacking positions?

GreenStreetPlayer 11:08 Thu Oct 7
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Brentford - Official Match Thread
Good to debate and have a post-mortem on games, sure Moyes will do the same and learn.
For whatever reason, we aren’t going to win every game. You should look at the overall trend and we are going in the right direction. Just looking at one game in isolation is probably a waste of time though as the next performance and result could undo all that analysis and soul searching.
Regards to Soucek, yes not quite the same as last season at the mo for whatever reason, but reckon his praises will soon be heard fairly soon.

Sir Alf 10:27 Thu Oct 7
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Brentford - Official Match Thread
Spot on Zico about our expected goal scorers and set pieces too. I suppose teams this season will be far more aware of that and I noticed the amount of "wrestling" they employ on the likes of Soucek, Ogbonna, Zouma, Dawson or whoever has increased. That said, Zouma had a decent chance last Sunday that he may have put away on another day from a corner.

But the Lingard factor perhaps papered over this towards the end of last season and we are now seeing the consequences of not bringing in another natural finisher / goal scorer ?

Will be interesting to see what happens by January and then in the Jan window. We have to hope that Vlasic steps up to the pace and physicality of the Premiership as he potentially has some goals in him. Its early days but he does resemble Benrahma of last season and is somewhat anonymous at the moment. FIngers crossed on that one.

Overall it really brought home the proverbial "thin margins" saying though. We could, on another day, ended up winning 2 or 3-1 despite it not being our best performance. Even their second goal. Fabianski's stop sat up perfectly for the scorer. The good thing is that the work rate and effort is still there which has not often been that case in the past when we lost games.

zico 7:17 Tue Oct 5
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Brentford - Official Match Thread
Sir Alf 6:08 Tue Oct 5

Good post that Alf. I too am slightly baffled by Moyes lack of decsion in playing a different shape when over run in midfield. Whislt we certainly got back into the game second half I thought a switch to a 451(433) would have been beneficial with say Kral coming on for maybe Fornals and having the three in central mid thus allowing Soucek to get forward and joining Antonio in the box for any cross from Coufal or Cresswell, after all Bowen, Benny and Pablo aren't going to bang in too many with their head!

Our set pieces haven't been as good this year either. Was it 18 odd goals scored last year? None this yewar as far as I can remember, certainly not direct from a set piece anyway.

Bad decision makiing was certainly a cause for the lack of opportunities but one thing that hasn't been mentioned is that our three behind Antonio are not exactly prolific in front of goal. Fornals, Bowen and Benny all offer plenty of positives to the way we play but they all have the Andy Cole problem of needing three or four chances to put one away. Cole in his day was fortunate to be in a team that gave him seven or eight chances a game!! Bowen prior to Brentford hadn't scored in several games and whilst Benny has opened his account none of them can be deemed prolific scorers, certainly not at this level. Not knocking them you understand but that's an area the Lingard arrival that benefitted with several goals and assists in his months here.

Sir Alf 6:08 Tue Oct 5
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Brentford - Official Match Thread

LeroysBoots 3:16 Mon Oct 4

A good summary of some of the key factors behind the defeat on Sunday. I must admit I was so disappointed when that last minute goal went in that I turned off immediately and have only just felt ready to reflect on the game ( some posters will be praying for more defeats like that if it keeps me from posting :-) ).

I still think the media and fans do think in binary terms too much some times and in the immediate moments after the game almost everyone over reacts. Its a human nature thing IMO :-). The primary reason IMHO for not winning, let alone losing, was simply finishing and the whole proverbial "final 3rd". We just did not show the quality needed at that end of the field. We need to get better at that.

Yes, the other points are valid, and Moyes should have reacted to their system of almost a 5 in midfield as we were being overrun / outmanoeuvred in there in the first half and he should, in hindsight ( "a perfect science" ;-) ), perhaps have looked at fresh legs 2nd half. But at the point Brentford made their subs we were dominating the game for the most part and making most of the chances. So I can see why he kept things as they were.

Biggest disappointment for me was the final ball. We got it wrong every time and our decision making too when in on goal.

In addition, I was looking at the bench and thinking who could come in and give us something else that the front players could not give? Yarmalenko ? Lanzini? Perhaps Vlasic? ( but he has not exactly shown too much yet to make you think he would have made a difference). So, for me, even with improvements, there is still the problem of squad depth and quality in attacking positions that remains. The lack of an alternative striker who plays in a different way to Antonio etc. Ideally and ironically someone like Toney. So that is definitely a factor too. One that many foresaw and it remains a huge "hole" in the squad.

Then there was Antonio's performance on the day. Brilliant in many aspects but when it mattered a few instances of poor control and his heavy touch was a throwback to a few seasons back which led to him missing chances to get in on goal like he has been doing in previous weeks/months. Others like Bowen also screwed up in the same way. and in Bowen's case he had decent chances and should have scored another at least 1 more ( again IMO) .

In midfield, Soucek is definitely looking less than he was last season. Fatigue, lack of rest over summer, change of role whatever but he is not having the same impact. He wasn't awful but seemed to chase shadows at times but that is probably also down to their midfield overloading ours in terms of numbers and pace etc. Coufal's worse game ( injured still ) didnt help either.

Ogbonna and Zouma, our supposed best 2 CBs, looked at sea at times too dealing with runners from deep and caught on their heals. Would Diop with Zouma be a better combination for the future? Maybe, but perhaps they could have been worse. Oggy had a poor game by his standards but will be given another chance and deserves it based on past performances but if he continues as he did on Sunday then Diop should get a chance to be alongside Zouma more regularly. Zouma got done for their first goal so was not that much better than Oggy but over the season and based on his age and experience he has to start in our best 11.

But for all this, and trying to be objective, in terms of the overall game, we did enough to draw without doubt and on another day would have won.

We are also now seeing teams like Palace and Brentford matching us physically this season and we need to try something different which is Leroys point about systems but I think the squad depth still limits that. That 11 was arguably our best so strengthening the squad further is the key ( most of us recognise this I think). I remember when Pellegrini was in charge a few of us on here were talking about our future success and the role Husillos would play in it. As it turned out, he was ultimately one key reason why we went into a nose dive.

So the role of Rob Newman and how successful he is will have a huge influence on our fortunes from now on. Our current squad is decent but I suspect we will struggle to repeat last year's 6th placing now we have the Europa, players getting more international call ups etc. Get the recruitment right and we can perhaps get near the rich 4 but for now it could be us and 6 or so other teams interchanging places in the positions between 6th and 12th. But its a lot better than being in a relegation struggle every year or 2.

As always, apologies for the verbose, long winded post. Hopefully 4 or 5 Red Bulls and you will have managed to read it. Ok, 7 or 8 red Bulls.

gph 3:59 Tue Oct 5
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Brentford - Official Match Thread

COYI can afford to erect hundreds of crosses around his gaff...

Fortunes Hiding 3:53 Tue Oct 5
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Brentford - Official Match Thread

I Am Moderator.

White Pony 10:53 Tue Oct 5
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Brentford - Official Match Thread
Here’s a tip for you. People who tell strangers on a football forum that they earn loads of money and shag loads of women, usually don’t do either of those things.

Fortunes Hiding 10:49 Tue Oct 5
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Brentford - Official Match Thread
Well said MPI.

There are probably posters on here (anxiety thread) who earn got F all, posters would have more respect for them, than some “boring bell end” who goes on about his salary.
I certainly have.

Moncurs Putting Iron 10:39 Tue Oct 5
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Brentford - Official Match Thread
*Stands up*


fraser 10:33 Tue Oct 5
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Brentford - Official Match Thread
You have to feel for COYI his freedom of speech has been stifled, with that thread locked how will anyone know that he doesn't rate Benrahma.

Even though Moyes who he has claimed doesn't, clearly does

Moncurs Putting Iron 10:21 Tue Oct 5
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Brentford - Official Match Thread
This has really gotten to you hasn't it COYI?

6 (SIX) Figure salaries can't buy respect on a West Ham forum, mired in the noughties.

You could, like, you know, just laugh it off?.

Lee Trundle 10:20 Tue Oct 5
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Brentford - Official Match Thread
Come On You Boring Bell End 10:08 Tue Oct 5

Don't cry.

White Pony 10:16 Tue Oct 5
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Brentford - Official Match Thread
Congratulations, now you’ve got a second weird obsession that’s eating away inside of you.

Come On You Irons 10:08 Tue Oct 5
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Brentford - Official Match Thread
24 hours later and STILL no admission of culpability from the cowardly mod who locked the Benrahma thread and insulted me whilst doing so.

What a big man you are hiding behind your 'moderator' status.

Sven Roeder 10:13 Mon Oct 4
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Brentford - Official Match Thread
I think we have two priorities .... beating Man City in the League Cup and finishing top of the Europa group.
I dont care if we finish mid table if it means we have a serious go at all 3 cups ... Europa, League Cup & FA Cup.

Playing at home on a Thursday with half a team & then again at home on a Sunday is no excuse. We dominated the second half and should have won and got sucker punched. Shit happens.
What we are missing to close out games like Man U & Brentford is Lingard and another striker.
That half hearted effort to do those when the likes of Wolves & Palace found strikers (even Brentford found someone who came on and scored the winner) is what will cost us.

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