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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

Irish Hammer 6:05 Sun Sep 19
Noble Pen
In 2020 he was rated as the player with the second highest conversion rate for penalty kicks in the world over the last 20 years. His 90.5% conversion rate was only beaten by Robert Lewandowski's rate of 91.1%.

Yeah but how many of them were when he was cold off the bench ?

Fuck all. That’s how many.

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Jasnik 12:26 Wed Sep 22
Re: Noble Pen
If it goes to penalties will he sub off Noble for Rice :-).

Iron Duke 11:52 Tue Sep 21
Re: Noble Pen
Maybe we should sign a QPR player. 8 out of 8 penalties scored tonight v Everton.

chim chim cha boo 10:15 Tue Sep 21
Re: Noble Pen
Fucking hell, Oxycontin!


chim chim cha boo 10:14 Tue Sep 21
Re: Noble Pen

chim chim cha boo 10:13 Tue Sep 21
Re: Noble Pen
One thing that you can be sure about, our manager won't make the same mistake twice.

It's quite comfortable knowing that we finally have a coach who has an elastic way of thinking. He'll address this balls up, practice and move on.

I still love our gaffer

BBondsBootlaces 9:51 Tue Sep 21
Re: Noble Pen
Any professional footballer should be able to take a penalty. Nobe's penalty was not a good one. BUT he has a fantastic record.

This is Sunday morning level coaching bringing on a cold player to take one.

gph 7:43 Tue Sep 21
Re: Noble Pen
Its classic "hindsight is a perfect science" :-)

THIS isn't, though.

After Southgate did it, there was an element of hindsight.

This became foresight (it's called learning from experience), and I was dreading Noble's effort before it happened.

Percy Dalton 5:45 Tue Sep 21
Re: Noble Pen
On reflection Moyes must know it was a huge mistake bringing a cold player on to take the said penalty.
Just hope there's no repetition just sort out a regular penalty taker score or miss whoever it is will grow into the job.
I wouldn't pick Rice as next season we'll be looking for another Pen taker.

Northern Sold 5:11 Tue Sep 21
Re: Noble Pen
Well one thing is for sure… if we ever get to a penalty shootout we are FUCKED….

Browno22 2:22 Tue Sep 21
Re: Noble Pen
Moyes has done fucking wonders for us and has completely won me over. I was so depressed when we reappointed him but he's been fantastic.

However the noble sub was a monumental fuck up which I will forgive him for and hope he learns from it. Rice is the main man now. Who gives a shit if he missed his last penalty, he should have taken this one and I'm 100% sure he would have buried it. You live and you learn

Sir Alf 2:13 Tue Sep 21
Re: Noble Pen
Its classic "hindsight is a perfect science" :-)

If Rice had missed we might see the opinion "well he was completely knackered after 85 mins, adrenaline levels too high and he's only got a 50% success rate from the spot".

The problem with Noble coming on in the last few mins is that it created a "high drama" situation which Sky and the media then hype up even more. Its why every pundit is now coming out with their opinion and its one they love. Very binary for the ex footballers... who just say it was not what they would have done to prove their "expertise".

DukeofDevo 2:01 Tue Sep 21
Re: Noble Pen
Should have let Rice have it! I reckon he’s the sort of character that would want to make amends for the last miss. He’s been practicing and thinking ‘wait till I get my next one’ Of course he still may have missed it but that’s what I would have done!

Stowie.40 1:16 Tue Sep 21
Re: Noble Pen
I’d have Benramha as first choice, Rice or Bowen as back up. Moyes has just put confusion within the whole squad with that fuck up. Wish he’d have come out and held his hands up.

Block 12:47 Tue Sep 21
Re: Noble Pen
Swiss = Alex Ferguson

Swiss. 12:39 Tue Sep 21
Re: Noble Pen
Lee Trundle 12:22 Tue Sep 21

Absolutely. Is it going to be Rice or not? Moyes needs to sort this out. I'd personally get Antonio to practise like fuck and Rice as 2nd choice. Maybe Soucek. Cresswell is not the future and Noble obviously isn't.

Manuel 12:35 Tue Sep 21
Re: Noble Pen
Sold - I think it's happened one or two times before. This doesn't get any better does it. Moyes should be feeling fucking embarrassed. Struggling to think of a bigger rick, that also needs cleaning up after. Just when we had started singing his name too.

I assume Rice will take a pen on Saturday if we get one? Unless its last minute? Moyes got himself carried away with the moment, which is piss fucking poor for a man of his experience.

Northern Sold 12:27 Tue Sep 21
Re: Noble Pen

Like I said on the other thread ... what would have happened if we got a pen 5 or 10 mins to go... would that same decision been made?? Even if Nobes has scored than Rice is still going to be thinking... well the boss ain't got much confidence in me... strange state of affairs... can anyone else remember a time that has happened?? You know first kick of the ball by a sub to take a pen??

Lee Trundle 12:22 Tue Sep 21
Re: Noble Pen
Your designated penalty taker should be someone who's a first teamer.

It's pretty poor that we haven't really moved on from Noble who seems to still be that person.

It just creates confusion at a time you don't want any.

BRANDED 12:19 Tue Sep 21
Re: Noble Pen
I do think it takes a certain kind of player to take penalties well. There is no doubting that. In theory Cresswell should be good but if he hasn't done it, mostly because Nobes has always been the one, then maybe he's not "that kind of player". Nobes is. Until they unearth a decent penalty taker or two in the team then they are always going to be criticised. they need to find the next taker who will never be as good as Nobes but who is the recognised one to do it when they are on the pitch. This is the only mistake that might have been made.

Block 11:13 Tue Sep 21
Re: Noble Pen
Nobles record from the spot is 1 of the best around, Rice has IIRC has missed a pen and scored 1.

Not sure why Cresswell doesn't take them, or even Benny.

goose 10:44 Tue Sep 21
Re: Noble Pen
As per the below - Moyes made the shout and got it wrong. If Noble scored he'd be a ledge. But he didn't so it was the wrong decision.

The point raised which I think is spot on - if it happened a few minutes earlier, or was a pen to win the game, no way would he have brought Noble on.

I think he got caught up in the crazy end to the game and made a rash decision.

If we get a pen next week - who takes it? He clearly doesn't trust Rice to score.

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