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Q: 2021/22 What competition should we prioritise this season?
a. The league is our bread & butter, so this year let's have a club sandwich
b. We're owed an FA Cup after Gerrard nicked our last one in 06, our name's on it in 22
c. A bye to the League Cup 3rd round gives us a good start, let's make it count
d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

Coffee 7:08 Sat Oct 2
Saturday football
Man U missed a trick against Villa last time out and were made to work for their win over Villareal in midweek. Everton will also test their metal in the weekend’s opener. The Reds should return to the top of the table, if only briefly, against a side that doesn’t have villa in its name. Home win.

Two points separate these two at the foot of the table. The home side will hope that’s not reduced to one at full time. If form’s the judge, as it probably will be, the visitors will oblige. Home win.

Chelsea were poor in midweek and will want to ensure a return to the standards their investment in playing staff demands. Pity the Saints. Home win.

Probably not today’s most inviting fixture, but – as always with Leeds – a good battle is on the cards. Leeds did well to keep us in check for most of the game last week, falling only at the last when they ran out of fuel – a not uncommon problem in Britain today. If Watford needed a lesson for their game plan… Home win.

This meeting of two of the season’s severely underperforming sides to date does not bode well for neutral entertainment. Can see both of them losing, but as that’s not possible a seat on the fence is in order. Draw.

Now, this one’s got something in it. The high-flying Seagulls sit a point below leaders, Liverpool. After a horrific start, the Arse have at last pulled their socks up, but they’re still fragile and it’s hard to think they’ll relish an opposition that’s conceded just five times so far this season. Goals, you’d think, will be at a premium at the Amex this evening. Draw: 5-5.


There’s a lack of crispness about Leicester this season: they’re more cheese than onion, less ready than salted. Palace, meanwhile, are starting to look competent under golden wonder boss, Patrick Viera. Home win.

Villa will have their tails up after seeing off Man U at Old Trafford last week, and will fancy themselves against a brittle Spurs side, who will need their captain to be on form. Draw.

Much of the pre-match attention will focus on (a) West Ham’s team selection, and (b) Brentford’s excellent draw with Liverpool last weekend. Brentford are still in the Premier League novelty category. That’s the one before nuisance value sets in, the one that gets neutrals wishing them well because they’re new and likely to be relegated, because it’s refreshing to see an unfamiliar name in the top flight, and because they’re associated with Nylons and a Road. But assumptions of weakness by virtue of pedigree and dubious clothing are dangerous, as Jurgen Klopp discovered and that David Moyes will be well-advised to steer clear of. And with the threat duly hyped, it’s time for a little realism: Home win.

How much will advertisers have to pay for a half-time slot at Anfield today? With due respect to Chelsea, this looks very much like a battle of the two leading title contenders. Should be a cracking watch, despite little more than territorial advantage separating the teams. Home win.

Second placed Bournemouth host mid-table Sheffield Utd, with the CHERRIES having a decent chance to go back to the top after West Brom’s defeat at Stoke last night. Coventry host Fulham in the early kick-off – third against fourth. Derby, bottom but now with a point to their name, play lowly Swansea, while QPR (home to Preston) and Huddersfield (away to Luton) both have an opportunity to return to the play-off spots.

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Northern Sold 8:30 Sun Oct 3
Re: Saturday football
Yup ok apart from the 2nd yellow.... but it was worth it just to see pep totally and utterly lose the plot.... ha ha ha... great game...

Sven Roeder 8:23 Sun Oct 3
Re: Saturday football
Some brilliant goals
Especially Salah's work on both goals.
Milner should have gone with two yellows & another shit cameo by RAHEEM. Should have shifted him in the summer for a STRIKER

nich the d 8:22 Sun Oct 3
Re: Saturday football
Superb 2nd half this... got everything

Except the definite yellow card and subsequent red for Milner...

Northern Sold 8:15 Sun Oct 3
Re: Saturday football
Well I imagine that the Salah goal will be shown a few more times !!!

Superb 2nd half this... got everything

goose 7:19 Sun Oct 3
Re: Saturday football
Watching Manchester City is hugely frustrating at times, great football but nobody in the box to finish it!!

All that money and no strikers.

jfk 11:20 Sun Oct 3
Re: Saturday football
A mate of mine had a car sticker in the back of his fiesta saying “Keith Hackett’s a cunt”

Coffee 10:40 Sun Oct 3
Re: Saturday football
Because he's a nitpicking little shit who's more interested in pedantic interpretation of the most minor roles than in facilitating the true spirit of the game.

But the worst ref of all time has to be Mike Reilly. A complete tosser.

twoleftfeet 10:35 Sun Oct 3
Re: Saturday football
Why do so many managers, players and supporters loathe Mike Dean and why is he still in his job?

Eerie Descent 9:59 Sun Oct 3
Re: Saturday football
Yeah agree, they were and have always been light years away from us. It's incredible really, especially considering the dough they have spent since Wenger has left. Just shows you how important it is to get your purchasing right, but also, how important it is to have the right manager.

Ironically, the only player they have signed that looks the part is the one player that was universally slated, and that's the keeper Ramsdale. Saying that, he's certainly getting every chance to look good!

RBshorty 9:57 Sun Oct 3
Re: Saturday football
Arsenal fall from grace can be firmly placed at the feet of Stan Kroenke. (It won’t be of course.) The media go after the easier target. And the vast majority of the fanbase ain’t that sharp. Their success has for the best part been down to sound running by ownership. Where our lack of it. Has been down to our owners. Past and present. Basic plumbing. Shit trickles down.!

fraser 9:39 Sun Oct 3
Re: Saturday football
Eerie - to be fair 2 years ago we were further away than them to where we are now.

Unbelievable how our respective fortunes have changed, long may it continue it's been quite surreal.

Eerie Descent 9:08 Sun Oct 3
Re: Saturday football
The decline of Arsenal being as average as they are has been nearly as quick as our turnaround. It's mad to say it, but it's hard to make a case for more than 2 of their players getting in our first 11, and even then it could be debated. That is fucking mental.

I've seen that their next transfer target is En-Nesyri, who apparently has been Moyes 1st choice striker to bring in. It's fucking annoying, because he'd sign for Arsenal over us of course, he'd get more money and they have a global standing, but for his career he'd probably be better coming to us, because I honestly think they are a long, long way from getting back to anything near what they were.

jfk 7:52 Sun Oct 3
Re: Saturday football
A win today will put us back in the mix.
What a turnaround,after decades of being pushover.
Went to an Arsenal mates house with herself yesterday afternoon for a few beers and a bit of grub had a bullseye we’d finish above them this season.
Confident we will after seeing them play,we’re miles better.

Manuel 6:54 Sun Oct 3
Re: Saturday football
Arsenal seemed to lose a lot of their identity after Wenger and David Dein left, seems like a different club these days.

twoleftfeet 2:16 Sun Oct 3
Re: Saturday football
Arteta was the messiah last week.

This week prize fucking clown.

gph 11:43 Sat Oct 2
Re: Saturday football
"Long may Arteta, Solskjaer and Nuno stay in charge at their respective clubs!"

Fuck that. I'm hoping Spurs sack Nuno before he turns it round.

You're probably right about the other two, though.

Any Old Iron 11:07 Sat Oct 2
Re: Saturday football
Swiss. 3:42 Sat Oct 2

Arsenal fans will never riot. They're so apathetic, it's pathetic.

lowlife 10:38 Sat Oct 2
Re: Saturday football
Makes me laugh that Arsenal were seen as having turned the corner after the Spurs game, and then turn in a performance like that. It was as much Spurs being shit than Arsenal being decent.

Long may Arteta, Solskjaer and Nuno stay in charge at their respective clubs!

threesixty 9:23 Sat Oct 2
Re: Saturday football
Never seen an Arsenal side dominated like that by a “non big side”. Have zero idea why Arsenal fans aren’t rioting over performances like that. Madness.

Brighton didn’t look like scoring to be honest. I think they are missing a few up top. Ramsdale is going to be arsenals player of the year by the looks of it!

Lily Hammer 9:20 Sat Oct 2
Re: Saturday football
That was one of those great nil nils.

Sven Roeder 8:54 Sat Oct 2
Re: Saturday football
Brighton should have been out of sight by half time
8 shots , none on target but two or three should have been goals
Arsenal have been dismal so likely to nick it

Best thing in the match has been thats its required the cunt Jon Moss to run around in the pouring rain & the foul throws (not penalised) by the Japanese full back (Tomatosoup i think his name is) for Arsenal

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