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Q: 2021/22 What competition should we prioritise this season?
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c. A bye to the League Cup 3rd round gives us a good start, let's make it count
d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

riosleftsock 9:05 Sun Oct 3
Pandora's Paper
Look here, not there.

The BBC and Guardian in the UK are leading this international story about corruption and wealth allegedly coming from terrabytes of data 'leaked' by offshore companies.

Its telling why they don't say much about the source, and neither is the CCP or some of the more colourful characters in US politics.

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riosleftsock 6:56 Mon Oct 4
Re: Pandora's Paper

The list will be more revealing by who is omitted.

Meanwhile, the dep head of the fed has been caught trading bonds ahead of a policy announcement, looks like he got out of govt bonds just in time, how fortunate.

PwoperNaughtyButNot 6:25 Mon Oct 4
Re: Pandora's Paper
Hermit - Clinton’s legal counsel has been arrested by the FBI for creating the trump Russia collusion story.

Not a lot of coverage in the news

riosleftsock 6:12 Mon Oct 4
Re: Pandora's Paper
Hermit, indeed.

Fortunately, we have distractions and can now boldly go with some very good news


Hermit Road 2:33 Mon Oct 4
Re: Pandora's Paper
It is questionable what gets massive coverage and what gets ignored.

The two most powerful politicians in the US have both accumulated massive fortunes by dubious means. In the case of the President, there is cast iron proof that he colluded with his son to use his influence as VP to help his son earn millions from Ukrainian and Chinese companies. That was originally labelled fake Russian news and is now acknowledged true but still not reported.

Nancy Pelosi has been an elected representative since 1987 and has seen her and her husband’s fortune grow to $100 million in that time as her husband’s company demonstrates phenomenally good timing in its investments. You would have though that some investigative reporters might think it worth a look.

Anyone who’s worth goes from nothing to $100 million solely while they were employed as a politician, is worth a look.

Iron Duke 2:33 Mon Oct 4
Re: Pandora's Paper
Has anyone blamed the BBC yet?

Kaiser Zoso 2:18 Mon Oct 4
Re: Pandora's Paper
Mr Blair had previously been critical of tax loopholes, once saying that 'the tax system is a haven of scams, perks, City deals and profits'.

One has to assume this is everyone else he's talking about?

Mike Oxsaw 2:11 Mon Oct 4
Re: Pandora's Paper
Agreed, it doesn't look good, but shouldn't the focus be on why such "legalities" exist at all, rather than who uses them?

They must have been introduced for a reason.

BRANDED 2:05 Mon Oct 4
Re: Pandora's Paper
He legally avoided it. Doesnt look good though.

Mike Oxsaw 1:58 Mon Oct 4
Re: Pandora's Paper
I'm no fan of Blair, bur did he avoid paying tax on his London purchase or evade paying tax on it?

Do any of you know the difference?

Kaiser Zoso 11:29 Mon Oct 4
Re: Pandora's Paper
I don't think you've quite nailed it there, Filth.

Imagine preaching socialist ideology and social justice from a prominent public position and at the same time wilfully concealing that you have deliberately avoided paying tax yourself.

Fifth Column 11:19 Mon Oct 4
Re: Pandora's Paper
Blair turned out to be a grasping, self interested piece of shit didn't he. Imagine being that rich and wanting to avoid paying tax. Cunt.

, 11:16 Mon Oct 4
Re: Pandora's Paper
This latest batch of released information is more about where the kleptocracies are hiding their ill gotten gains.

And some of these former SU country kleptocrats seem awfully keen on donating to the Tory party.

PwoperNaughtyButNot 10:21 Mon Oct 4
Re: Pandora's Paper
The press are going crazy for it
They weren’t that bothered about Hunter Biden

riosleftsock 9:50 Mon Oct 4
Re: Pandora's Paper

Its a list of some of the political elite and where they've stashed cash and hidden their income/assets. There'll be a few breadcrumbs for us (Bair etc), but it so far seems to include mainly non CCP and non US politicians.

master 9:25 Mon Oct 4
Re: Pandora's Paper
Interesting timing. Tory conference this week.
Last week, fuel shortages during labour conference out of nowhere.
Almost... Planned.

Hermit Road 10:56 Sun Oct 3
Re: Pandora's Paper
What's the story here Rio's?

I'm no Sherlock

RBshorty 10:40 Sun Oct 3
Re: Pandora's Paper
Would you Adam and Eve it. Politicians and rulers around the world are allegedly corrupt.!
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