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Leonard Hatred 10:31 Wed Oct 6
Hell's Angels
Talk to me.

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Sir Alf 5:38 Fri Oct 8
Re: Hell's Angels
Exactly right lads.

Good days when blokes saw a lovely lady and went "phwhorrr" which sounds a bit like "whore" but I am sure that is a mere coincidence? ;-)

Carry on, innuendo and double entendre !! Its what made this country great.

*** shakes fist at the Woke'sters ****

joe royal 4:18 Fri Oct 8
Re: Hell's Angels
Bungo, crumpet should be much more widely used.

Bungo 4:13 Fri Oct 8
Re: Hell's Angels
Sir Alf 2:27 Fri Oct 8

Something I was thinking recently - is there any place for the Carry On favourite words 'bawdy' or 'saucy' anymore?

Sir Alf 2:27 Fri Oct 8
Re: Hell's Angels
I remember "Hill's Angels".

*** Laments loss of misogynistic humour "

bruuuno 1:07 Fri Oct 8
Re: Hell's Angels
Riders of the living gay lord

joe royal 12:38 Fri Oct 8
Re: Hell's Angels
Similar to these?


Riders of the living lord is also an MC (not an MCC) and don’t fly the 1% badge.

Used to see them at Bulldog giving out pints of tea/coffee along with cheap bacon rolls.

Guessing it was the only patched group that was allowed a pitch.

Hammer Oz 9:35 Fri Oct 8
Re: Hell's Angels
Joe, they bought in the 'Association law' in 2015 to try to get rid of 1% clubs. It hasn't got rid of them just put them under ground more.
As mentioned earlier Motorbike clubs are big in Oz with loads of SMC's etc (social motorbike clubs)

As mentioned being ex military I joined a club then went to the VMC, the Veterans are the only club 'allowed' wear the 3 piece and be called an MC outside the 1%

The VMC was (and still is in certain states) the Vietnam Veterans MC who when it became apparent the club would die as the members got too old accepted Veterans from other conflicts, Iraq, Afghan etc.

This had to be sectioned by the 1% clubs and is strictly enforced. There are 3 Chapters in SA and you only get 'patched' if you have done active service.

For all the 'I would wear what I want' , 'Leather poofs' hiding behind the keyboard scoffing you would not wear anything on your back if you haven't been approved.

If you ever come to Oz I will gladly give you a vest and let you go for a ride, I will follow behind with popcorn

I am the first Pom to be in the VMC in SA can't speak for other states and therefore the first to be Sgt at Arms.

So therefore the in SA is a Hammer also, take that as you will.............

Nurse Ratched 9:33 Fri Oct 8
Re: Hell's Angels
"Oooooooh is it like Mad Max?"

No, it's like CHiPS

*smirks at own cleverness*

Hammer and Pickle 9:31 Fri Oct 8
Re: Hell's Angels
zebthecat 10:53 Wed Oct 6

I can confirm that Deptford hash oil was top quality - a line of the sticky black stuff on a Rizla with tobacco from a B&H. Ah lesseiz moi respirer longtemps, longtemps l'odour!

joe royal 7:20 Fri Oct 8
Re: Hell's Angels
Hammer Oz

Thought MC’s were all but banned over there, or is that just the 1% lot?

Northern Sold 1:57 Fri Oct 8
Re: Hell's Angels
Oooooooh is it like Mad Max?

Hammer Oz 11:52 Thu Oct 7
Re: Hell's Angels
I have been in the VMC in Oz for a number of years, reading a few comments on here it's lucky we don't have to deal with the 'WHO Keyboard warriors club'
Some of you are really scary and know loads 😂😂😂😂

Northern Sold 12:35 Thu Oct 7
Re: Hell's Angels

Anyone remember this?? The Angel almost fainting whilst getting some ink.... what a bunch of smelly ugly as sin cunts

SecondOpinion 12:16 Thu Oct 7
Re: Hell's Angels
I remember back in 1971 going to The Old Bailey to witness a trial of a shooting of a member of the Hells Angel. It was very interesting and even more so when the victim's leather jacket was displayed as an exhibit to the court.
It was peppered with shotgun holes. Not sure if it was a murder trial or not

chevy chase 1:17 Thu Oct 7
Re: Hell's Angels
The Bikie scene is massive in oz. my brother in law was a member of a particular group. His best mate is a Sargent or master at arms if I’ve got it right? I tend not to ask too many questions. His mates a nice bloke but I wouldn’t want to lend then owe him any money.

claypole 12:58 Thu Oct 7
Re: Hell's Angels
The Mongrel Mob

Hello Mrs. Jones 11:39 Wed Oct 6
Re: Hell's Angels
British Hells Angels..are you avin a bubble?

Sven Roeder 11:27 Wed Oct 6
Re: Hell's Angels
In Australia BIKIE GANG just means an organised crime gang dealing in drugs , extortion and excessive violence.
They just happen to ride around on motorbikes.

bloodclot 11:23 Wed Oct 6
Re: Hell's Angels
Went to MMA fights recently at a clubhouse here in California..

All of em have a knife/axe and who knew a ton of em love whippets..

zebthecat 10:53 Wed Oct 6
Re: Hell's Angels
I ran into a few in the 80s.
Played in a psych band that had a residency at The Crypt in Deptford. The promoter was a retired Detective from the Met Police and the door and "Security" was run by the Hell's Angels in return for their drugs concession the ladies loos.
The hash oil was superb.

Was also a drinking buddy waith a couple of Road Rats who were really nice blokes. On another gig with the band we played in Croydon and hired a PA from another Road Rat chapter that my friend Steve knew had one for hire. All went well until I gave the PA back to them. The top bloke was unimpressed when I politely declined his offer of hospitality and ended up having a couple of joints and beers at knife point.
He was all friendly at the end gave me back some money for the PA hire but he was a total nutter.

13 Brentford Rd 10:12 Wed Oct 6
Re: Hell's Angels
.....Motor home not Mobile home.

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