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logo 12:00 Thu Oct 7
Pie & Mash

I'm back in the UK for a few weeks and will be attending the GENK and Tottenham game.

In the past Nathan’s but this has now closed.

Any suggestions welcome.


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Side of Ham 5:21 Mon Oct 11
Re: Pie & Mash
Eerie Descent 5:14 Mon Oct 11

Eerie Descent 5:14 Mon Oct 11
Re: Pie & Mash
You're taking that seriously?

You're a bigger plank than The Swiss.

Cheezey Bell-End 4:54 Mon Oct 11
Re: Pie & Mash
Food snobbery seems out of place on a thread about pie & mash..
Eat was a good chain. If it was Benji's, that would be different.
Anyway, I've spent the last 30 months in Bangkok. I eat Thai food no more than once a week. People can eat what they want.

Mike Oxsaw 4:04 Mon Oct 11
Re: Pie & Mash
I commuted daily on Thalys Den Haag - Brussels for a couple of months and, although their breakfasts were nothing to write home about, they were good enough to encourage me to not bother seeking out the comfort blanket of a down-market, ex-pat station cafe on arrival.

Side of Ham 3:51 Mon Oct 11
Re: Pie & Mash
Swiss is a proper bargain Brit abroad, M&S processed curry & Eat sandwiches in PARIS.......

Eerie Descent 3:44 Mon Oct 11
Re: Pie & Mash
The only place in Paris to get breakfast.

What a life you lead, big shot!

Swiss. 3:32 Mon Oct 11
Re: Pie & Mash
Eerie Descent 2:51 Mon Oct 11

Straight off the Thalys TGV arriving at 10.00am Mon ...breakfast you big tosser. And no pies.

Eerie Descent 2:51 Mon Oct 11
Re: Pie & Mash
Frequent trips to a great food city like Paris, with choice aplenty, and the favoured destination for lunch is EAT.

A classy operator for sure.

Swiss. 2:26 Mon Oct 11
Re: Pie & Mash

There's still an EAT. at Paris Gare du Nord I used to frequent regulary when commuting from Brussels to Paris. In the UK they closed down in 2020.

Gary Strodders shank 8:06 Sun Oct 10
Re: Pie & Mash
A new a pie and mash shop (Hughes) opened up in West Ruislip last year, i tried a take away as we was in lockdown still and it wasn't bad.
Robins in Southend probably the best ive had in recent years though.
I tried one in Chapel Street market (Manzies i think) a few years back and it was shit, an overly burnt crust and mince and onion.
Has the one that used to be in Canning town shut down now?
I tried to find it to no avail before the Leicester game.

Cheezey Bell-End 6:50 Sun Oct 10
Re: Pie & Mash
Are Eat still around? I thought they all got turned into veggie Prets. It was a shame because their food was better than Pret. Especially the soups.

jfk 6:38 Sun Oct 10
Re: Pie & Mash
Is “eat’ a new west London type place that none of us are on about.?
Unlike you to get wrong end of the stick.
Silly fucking bollocks.

only1billybonds 6:13 Sun Oct 10
Re: Pie & Mash

Dont forget thick crusty bread and real butter. All my old mans family would meet upround my Nan's on East India Dock rd for the feast. All would be right with the world til Nan lifred the piano lid then bash away at the keys making an awful racket while convincing herself she was a rival to Mrs Mills.

Great days of my youth

Swiss. 4:21 Sun Oct 10
Re: Pie & Mash
Had it once in some place in Bermondsey. Was pretty tasteless if you ask me.

Eat do a good pie.

lincslink 3:27 Sun Oct 10
Re: Pie & Mash
I get Maureen’s pies and liquor delivered down here. Agree Cooke’s at Hoxton is also good.

oioi 12:50 Sun Oct 10
Re: Pie & Mash
Eindhoven Hammer 5:48 Sat Oct 9


Toe Rag 10:19 Sun Oct 10
Re: Pie & Mash
Robins has gone downhill since poor old June died.

Still Cookes in Hoxton for me.

Shout out to Maureen’s as well.

Glad they’ve made it through the covid without shutting permanently.

Never liked Nathan’s the ice cream scoop wankers!

jfk 5:16 Sun Oct 10
Re: Pie & Mash
Going back a Sunday evening tea type thing for East End families would consist of cockles,eels,winkles,crab …….. a fruits de mere type affair which would now cost a small fortune I’d imagine but cost fuck all back in the 70’s.

lincslink 4:07 Sun Oct 10
Re: Pie & Mash
I was brought up eating rollmops & jellied eels as well of most seafood. I live in Devon now and visit Brixham a couple of times a month for a bowl of jellied eels and a fresh crab sandwich.

Alfs 3:30 Sun Oct 10
Re: Pie & Mash
Geeps, I'm fine with that, as it adds to the taste. The best fish soup I ever tasted by a country mile is Rick Stein's. It's like the nectar of the Gods - and I don't like fish.

But the thought of slicing up an eel is one I'd rather not have.

jfk 1:31 Sun Oct 10
Re: Pie & Mash
With pie and mash shops it all depends on are what you were used to back in the day.
For me Duncombes down plashet grove was the best which later became Duncan’s of green street.
Before it moved to
Green street it had a family atmosphere ,as 11 year olds 40 odd years ago we would gather in there for a two and two and get stewed eels between us before hitting the north bank at 11 ish for 3 o’clock kick offs
Over the years I’d got to know the whole family and was gutted to see the place go.
There still some decent pie shops around but for me nothing will ever beat Duncombes ,plashet grove early 80’s

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