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13 Brentford Rd 10:20 Fri Oct 8
Fury v Wilder 3
I like Fury and want him to win but my Spidey senses are saying Wilder is going to knock him out.

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Takashi Miike 11:04 Tue Oct 26
Re: Fury v Wilder 3
*with him constantly*

Takashi Miike 11:03 Tue Oct 26
Re: Fury v Wilder 3
floyd bored me to tears, the only reason to watch him was hoping his opponent would hurt him, which was difficult to do with constantly on his bike

chim chim cha boo 11:01 Tue Oct 26
Re: Fury v Wilder 3
Mayweather fought Klitschko?

All I know about modern boxing is don't bet on the black bloke.

chim chim cha boo 10:59 Tue Oct 26
Re: Fury v Wilder 3
Mayweather fought Klitschko?

Eerie Descent 9:01 Tue Oct 26
Re: Fury v Wilder 3
I take it you both missed the Klitschko fight?

Northern Sold 8:03 Tue Oct 26
Re: Fury v Wilder 3
Agree chim every Mayweather fight seen been bored shitless... complete opposite to the Gypo king... pure box office

chim chim cha boo 8:00 Tue Oct 26
Re: Fury v Wilder 3
Whatever you think about Money Mayweather being the greatest boxer, as a punter I wouldn't spend two Bob watching the boring cunt.

Again, as a punter I love it when a boxer goes down and then floors his opponent. It's an entertainment business after all.

Fury is pure entertainment and worth every penny he earns.

MaryMillingtonsGhost 3:04 Tue Oct 26
Re: Fury v Wilder 3
goose 2:56

Hammer I am 3:02 Tue Oct 26
Re: Fury v Wilder 3
But Swiss said it was fact? Surely you can't argue against that

Block 3:00 Tue Oct 26
Re: Fury v Wilder 3
Agreed , Goose.

goose 2:56 Tue Oct 26
Re: Fury v Wilder 3
not a fact though is it?

it's impossible to prove and hugely subjective.

Swiss. 2:51 Tue Oct 26
Re: Fury v Wilder 3

Dead on. Mayeather wouldn't beat Leornard, Hagler, Hearns or Duran. Fact.

Block 2:45 Tue Oct 26
Re: Fury v Wilder 3
Scum, easy mate.

Not everyone on here is as thick skinned as you are.

Council Scum 12:28 Tue Oct 26
Re: Fury v Wilder 3
Duran told me over lunch Mayeather wouldn't beat an of the best of the 80's, nor have the arsehole to fight them in the first place.

Sorry for not realising what a fragile little soul you are, but, the scores are in, you know shit about boxing.

Pentonville 3:16 Sun Oct 24
Re: Fury v Wilder 3
"So already I'd say mayweather is better"


Toodlepip for good now boys xxx

Pentonville 3:15 Sun Oct 24
Re: Fury v Wilder 3
Yeah cheers CS. U bully..ur so knowledgeable. I apparently lnow fuck all about boxing.
Well firstly this really is my last post, only came on cos I read something today and thought of you.

Enjoy the link and then read my post from October 15th if you dare.


I don't pretend to be right. I respected everyone's opinions but you came on and tried to belittle and bully me. I thank you for making me realise this website is no longer for me. You need to have more respect for people and their thoughts. I am not saying this list is correct either. But boy I feel my point has been proven. I suggest you go away and look at how you approach people you have never met before. Seemingly we share friends away from this site so maybe in January when I'm back you can apologise to my face. And no I won't be reading responses to this. I'm on the up. Just couldn't resist this Mr Boxing and MMA trainer and general knowall walking the walk.

Hope you all enjoy discussing the list and re reading my post that was dismissed so rudely. Oh and lastly, Hagler agreed with me over a glass of wine whislt watching Golovkin in Monaco. Told me Ali was overrated. Seems he knew fuck all aswell CS eh?

Pentonville 7:11 Fri Oct 15
Re: Fury v Wilder 3
Love you all but comments like the world stopped etc is cos u hadn't seen anything like him before personality wise but this is nostalgia in its purest form.
Firstly there should be no insults here. Its a boxing chat with opinions.. let's remember that first.
Boxing is the art of hitting and not getting hit. MA got hit alot to the point where by Holmes fight which should never have happened, he was obviously suffering consequences. U don't see many boxers nowadays with the effects he suffered as a direct result of being hit too many times so already I'd say Mayweather is better. His Brain obvs absorbed all the hits. I don't think that makes him great. It makes him tough. He got fucked by Frazier in first fight. Yes he went on to beat him twice but how good truly was Frazier. He remains me of Derek Chisora. Ali did a number on Foreman but Foremam could be compared to Joe Joyce with the power of Wilder. Joyce in style. Look.at Ali other opponants. An ageing Floyd Patterson. Leon fucking spinks. He was considered a great due to his fame at refusing to go to war cos it didn't sit with Islam and then he used race and said that why should black men fight when they are treated so badly. So of course the world stood up and noticed him. He turned out to be correct about racism and the Vietnam war but this is why the world stopped to see his fights. U cannot compare eras. Was he the best of his time? Yes I guess so but the loss to spinks makes me question that. Did he take far too much damage in fights, Yes. Massively. Was he funny in interviews and clever? Yes. But do I think he was the best ever. No I don't. Is fury the best ever, of course not but I reckon size wise he would beat Ali. I think holyfield in prime would have beaten him . I think tyson 1986-1988 would have sparked him. I think Lennox would have beaten him and he had 2 horrible losses. He would never be able to rope a dope fighters after tyson. Too big. To heavy handed. Would he dance round many, ys and is he up there as one of the best? Of course. I guess my point is there is no such thing as the greatest of all time. Its an impossible tag to give but if I had to, it wouldn't be Ali for me.

Crassus 11:17 Thu Oct 21
Re: Fury v Wilder 3

Cheers for that, I read this week that he had a session with Hunter whilst on his recent trip around the American trainers, one things for sure, he needs a change
I have a feeling that the HW who will have a big say moving forward is Andy Ruiz. Looks a better boxer than most and is now with the Canelo set up, so I take for that 'chef'. I expect a far fitter and more powerful Ruiz to emerge
Whilst Fury's fights were watchable, I'm no fan. Don't doubt he is not alone (Canelo for one), but there are questions to be answered, hearing them asked would be a start, seemingly airbrushed from history, I don't buy the mentalist/charlie cover
The fights that I can't wait for are Crawford/Porter, Herring/Stevenson and Lopez/Kambosos

Crassus 10:57 Thu Oct 21
Re: Fury v Wilder 3

I would say better now than when he emerged and Hearn moulded him into what he became image wise
But we digress

Council Scum 10:57 Thu Oct 21
Re: Fury v Wilder 3
In fairness, he's had the chance to fight for the other titles a few times and turned them all down, only Whyte knows why, maybe he thinks Fury is made for him. But I do hope he gets the chance now.

Lee Trundle 10:51 Thu Oct 21
Re: Fury v Wilder 3
Council Scum 10:38 Thu Oct 21

Funnily enough, I did think he might be faking it.

Good on him, then. Personally, I'm skeptical that he's good enough to be heavyweight champion, but it's blindly obvious he deserves that chance after what the WBC did to him.

stewie griffin 10:40 Thu Oct 21
Re: Fury v Wilder 3
"but he's not as bad and the Fury fanboys would have you believe"

this x 100

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