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cup of tea 2:20 Sun Oct 10
SKY Glass
Serious question, why? What's the actual point? Surely if you are an existing customer you wouldn't bother and even as a potential new customer why would you pay out for a new TV and a subscription?

Utter stupidity or ingenious marketing?

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mallard 7:57 Thu Oct 14
Re: SKY Glass
eusebiovic 7:31 Thu Oct 14

Alot of people like Sky's User Interface- which is alot more easier to navigate around compared to other products.
True, it comes at a price but not everyone has the patience flaffing around looking for decent streams

charleyfarley 7:43 Thu Oct 14
Re: SKY Glass
If you don't fancy SKY you can always have a dabble with Virgin media, who also don't require a dish although not sure what features they offer

eusebiovic 7:31 Thu Oct 14
Re: SKY Glass
I don't get it

Why do you need a SKY branded service if it's easy to get a much better TV and fast broadband why bother with this?

Is it for simpletons?


cup of tea 2:39 Thu Oct 14
Re: SKY Glass
Correct. Also if you clearly watch the advert it says you need a minimum 10mbps. Now I know not many people have slow speeds with the advancement of broadband but only 2 years ago I was getting 2-4mbps where I lived. So not only are you reliant on decent reliable broadband you may also need to upgrade to fibre if not on it already

Pickle Rick 2:13 Thu Oct 14
Re: SKY Glass
So basically if/when your BB goes down you cannot watch TV, at least at the moment you can still watch even if you're BB is down.

Not going for it yet.

chim chim cha boo 1:38 Tue Oct 12
Re: SKY Glass
PwoperNaughtyButNot 8:01 Mon Oct 11

Ahh, I see. You're preaching to the converted there mate. I can't fucking stand Sky and its stupid adverts. Never have.

If there's something I want to see on there, I turn to my trusted VPN.

PwoperNaughtyButNot 8:01 Mon Oct 11
Re: SKY Glass
chim I meant the adverts for all products not sky’s shows.

It’s commercial tv that you pay for. Double bubble from sky.

BRANDED 7:36 Mon Oct 11
Re: SKY Glass
This is a Tech Analyst’s view:

Sky/Comcast makes a TV - from smart pipe to smart glass?
The TV was always dumb glass and the cable or satellite box and the content rights behind it held the value, which is why Apple never made a TV. But if the TV becomes a screen of apps, or you can buy a $50 dongle that turns it into that, then the cable bundle is just one of the icons on your home screen, the content brands within it can go direct, and the control inverts. What does a pay TV company do? One option is to follow mobile operators’ reaction to WhatsApp and rebalance the pricing: instead of separate prices for pipe and services, have one price for everything. But the other is to move up a layer to the TV - take on Chrome, Roku and Samsung directly with your own UI where you can rank the services.

Of course, this also looks like telcos’ attempts to make feature phones in the 2000s - ‘control the UI so we don’t become a dumb pipe!’ But TVs have a much slower replacement cycle and I don’t think they’ll become a universal platform with global network effects the way phones did. So leasing something good that works out of the box (and Sky is much better at that than Comcast), with all the TV, might be a good strategy, or at least a good rearguard action.

Benedict Evans

chim chim cha boo 7:30 Mon Oct 11
Re: SKY Glass
PwoperNaughtyButNot 6:09 Mon Oct 11

Those adverts for other Sky shows are just 'place holders'.

If someone comes in with some money for a decent advert they'll get put in the place where the Sky advert is.
The reason that you see so many ads for Sky is because they can't get companies to piss their money away halfway between a show about fat yanks shouting about the contents of someone's garage or other such bollocks that makes me want to drive a suicide bomb into their offices in Isleworth.

I think the TV is for people who want a new telly and think that buying the Sky one is like getting it on credit as they'd get Sky anyway?

Lee Trundle 6:49 Mon Oct 11
Re: SKY Glass
Thankfully for those that want it, and don't want to pay £100 a month for it, there's other options, arrr matey.

PwoperNaughtyButNot 6:41 Mon Oct 11
Re: SKY Glass
Someone just signed a 12 months sky extension for all the channels

mallard 6:40 Mon Oct 11
Re: SKY Glass
Jesus! - There’s some proper DOOM merchants on here….

If you don’t want it, don’t buy it …simple

PwoperNaughtyButNot 6:09 Mon Oct 11
Re: SKY Glass
One thing I never understood about Sky

It’s so fecking expensive and yet it is full of adverts

You pay a licence for BBC and it is ad free.

ITV C4 are free but you pay by watching ads

Prime and Netflix , you pay for but no ads other than for their shows.

Sky are charging people to watch adverts - that can’t go on forever

threesixty 6:01 Mon Oct 11
Re: SKY Glass
This is more about Sky being worried that you can buy a tv set with so many apps already installed with content from other streamers, so why buy a sky box?

Netflix, prime, apple now.. all there when you buy a new tv and you don't need a cable or a dish. Bt sports have an app as well right? C4/Iplayer, C5 all apps. You can rent videos on your tv as well. If you have a good broadband connection you can easily live without sky/virgin.

I just think its all got rather worrying for them so they just need something in that area that competes with that.
Not a bad idea though, convenience and nice designs can always get people.

Mike Oxsaw 5:44 Mon Oct 11
Re: SKY Glass
Johnson 5:00 Mon Oct 11

Millions of people bought mobile phones that did exactly that and it took government/EU intervention several years down the line to allow those phones to be unlockable/not tied to one network provider.

Sky are doing this to make money for Sky, not give ex-customers an easier life.

Far Cough 5:04 Mon Oct 11
Re: SKY Glass
Johnson, indeed

Johnson 5:00 Mon Oct 11
Re: SKY Glass

So Sky are going to sell you a TV that you can't plug your PS5 in say for the first 24 months of ownership then you'll have to go through the aggro of requesting and doing a firmware upgrade?

Have a day off for christ sake. You just wanted to show you know TVs have firmware didn't you?

No one would buy something that anchors them in that way.

Mike Oxsaw 4:47 Mon Oct 11
Re: SKY Glass
SecondOpinion 3:56 Mon Oct 11

I'd be quite surprised if those options were available free of the Sky package without a firmware upgrade - at least during the term of the contract.

Saying you CAN do so is not being dishonest, but failing to indicate that it might be less easy than simply plugging in a cable is dubious practice.

SecondOpinion 3:56 Mon Oct 11
Re: SKY Glass
cup of tea 12:59 Mon Oct 11
Re: SKY Glass

I was "reliably" informed during my conversation with the Sky rep, that the TV is "normal" as in, you can connect HDMI and Ethernet / RF cables, so it would work independent of a Sky subscription

cup of tea 12:59 Mon Oct 11
Re: SKY Glass
I suppose if you are going to replace your TV soon it's worth considering, however, I have a 1 year old 65" TV and never had any agg with dish or broadband in years apart from signal going with bad weather.

I guess it's weighing up cost/need/value. If you are essentially paying off for the TV will it work normally if for example you chose to leave SKY and move to Freeview/BT etc.

Could be one of those things you need to carefully read T&C's for but does anyone bother?

Heath Hammer 12:42 Mon Oct 11
Re: SKY Glass
isn't it essentially just a smart TV with a sky 'app' - for someone who needs a new TV i can see why it may appeal (especially if you can essentially pay it off as a subscription);

but it wouldn't be rushing to replace a perfectly good TV with it.

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