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Q: 2021/22 What competition should we prioritise this season?
a. The league is our bread & butter, so this year let's have a club sandwich
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c. A bye to the League Cup 3rd round gives us a good start, let's make it count
d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

daveyg 2:52 Thu Oct 21
I've got a few shares with VOD but thinking of selling out as the company is one of the worst I have ever come across with it's Customer Service this reflects the companies structure and leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
I've recently purchased a MIFI dongle but was convinced by VOD that 30gb a month was good enough for just surfing the net. I needed to get this changed and tried contacting Customer service to complain and change in early Sept. Every time I call I'm passed from one department to another and then to a Resolution manage he promises me that all will be sorted and a new sim sent. This doesn't happen .I then contact them again only to be told there is an OUTAGE and customer details can't be reached.This has happended 3 times now. The last OUTAGE is this morning.
Anyone else heard of a similar problem.
Vodafone are shit.

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Mike Oxsaw 4:26 Sat Oct 23
Re: Vodafone
epsom 11:29 Fri Oct 22

Huawei was banned because the west couldn't "harden" it (that is, add it's own "back door" to the code used) without breaking it. Nothing to do with the Chinese government being able to harvest the data, all to do with their own governments not being able to.

Sham67 11:50 Fri Oct 22
Re: Vodafone
I'm on the other side of the fence as a contractor working for them and they're just as shambolic for us, they're engineers based overseas with no knowledge and uk based employees uncontacble

Hermit Road 11:49 Fri Oct 22
Re: Vodafone
Those mobile hotspot WIFI things are very expensive.

What I did was got 100gb on a Sim only phone deal for £20 per month and put it in an old phone which acts as a hotspot. Smaller than the hotspot they’d send me and much better value.

Browno22 11:36 Fri Oct 22
Re: Vodafone
You are all aware that davey is hugh right?

epsom 11:29 Fri Oct 22
Re: Vodafone
Mike Oxsaw 3:40 Fri Oct 22

When a mobile phone network is a flexible frequency bandwidth connected to radio base stations, requiring connectivity to an exchange, which in turn has to connect to other exchanges and networks locally how can it be based out of the country of operation? FFS.

Also, given the sensitivity of the data, would UK Gov allow access to its mobile data outside its legal jurisdiction? This is exactly why Huawei was banished to radio mast and antennas only, because they could capture data from the exchanges and management systems....

MrTrentReznor 2:28 Fri Oct 22
Re: Vodafone
My father died at 11:15am on Tuesday 12th Oct.
My Broadband (provided by Vodafone) had been 'poor' for a while & an engineer was booked to install 'Super-wifi' Tuesday afternoon.
Engineer came, installed Super-wifi, things were good until 16:45 when the lights blinked & 'Super-wifi' stopped working.
Checked modem & there were no lights working on it.
Rang to report fault, said it would be at least 2 days before an engineer would get to me.
As wifi wasn't working couldn't work from home & had to go to office Wed & Thursday. Burial was Friday.
No sign of engineer making an appointment on Thursday. Rang engineer company & they hadn't even received notification from Vodafone.
Rang alternative broadband supplier & they did technical check of the line & I was told that Vodafone tried to pull a fast one.
The 'Super-wifi' modem couldn't be supported by the landline in the house which is why the modem 'blew'.
Current situation is I'm getting broadband service on a wireless modem from alternative supplier.
Cancelled Vodafone Broadband & telephone services.
As of last Wednesday Vodafone/engoneer had not contacted me to make appointment to fix broadband, but whenever I did ring Vodafone they'd helpfully announce that they could see that I had an open service call.

Auntie Thermite 12:28 Fri Oct 22
Re: Vodafone
How can you use 30Gb data on a phone contract just browsing the web?

When home broadband was relatively new, I had to be continuously downloading MP3s, and games all month long to get near the 30Gb cap at the time.

2Gb data should be more than enough for casual browsing on a phone and using it for the satnav, use your home WiFi whenever possible.

When I worked for a company that used Vodaphone the charges were the highest and the nationwide coverage was the lowest in the UK.

Mike Oxsaw 12:18 Fri Oct 22
Re: Vodafone
zebthecat 11:29 Fri Oct 22

The EU is not the whole world. Vodafone are not restricted to the UK/EU.

I assume those same laws don't cover (your) personal medical records, amongst other things, which are held and processed in the USA.

Johnson 12:16 Fri Oct 22
Re: Vodafone
Mike is yesterday's man when it comes to technology yet he does insist he knows it all.

Being told he's wrong only reaffirms his belief he is right too.

Block 11:33 Fri Oct 22
Re: Vodafone
Vodafone are chasing me for a bill of over £1200 - my phone got stolen and I rung them to block my number from being used, it took them over 2 months to do so, in which the debt was then wracked up.

This has been going on for 3 years now. They refuse to acknowledge it was their mistake even though they have records to prove I called them to advise on the stolen phone with a crime reference number.

Absolutely fucking useless. Then again, most of the mobile phone networks are.

PwoperNaughtyButNot 11:31 Fri Oct 22
Re: Vodafone

I messaged you now back

Director of customer experience and transformation

They should be interested in your experience

zebthecat 11:29 Fri Oct 22
Re: Vodafone
Mike Oxsaw 3:40 Fri Oct 22

You are flat out wrong on the data centres - they still have to be located in the EU due to safe harbour and GDPR laws.

Mike Oxsaw 11:18 Fri Oct 22
Re: Vodafone
PwoperNaughtyButNot 10:12 Fri Oct 22

Naturally, you shouldn't have to resort to doing things like that, but it just reflects the attitude of "Once we've got their money, fuck 'em" that is so prevalent in many companies now.

Managers are simply not managing - and getting paid handsomely to not do so.

daveyg 11:06 Fri Oct 22
Re: Vodafone
I've given tbh
It's giving me stress everytime and I just get passed around. I ask each customer service rep to read the notes from my account especially the last few sentences. They say they do this but when I question them "are we on the same page" they reply they need to read the notes again. I then get told I'll be put on hold for 2 minutes this turns out to be 10 minimum.

i've PM you

PwoperNaughtyButNot 10:12 Fri Oct 22
Re: Vodafone

Eventually I resolved it - I found vodaphones director of customer service or customer excellence or whatever their title is on LinkedIn

I then contacted them outlining the dates and times of shocking customer service and bringing it to their attention as it must obviously go against what they are trying to achieve in their role.

Suddenly I got a call at a time of my choosing - Saturday morning - from said director and by Monday evening everything was resolved.

Once you call out the big wigs they have to pretend that they don’t oversee a shit show.

Mike Oxsaw 3:40 Fri Oct 22
Re: Vodafone
epsom 3:12 Fri Oct 22

You are referring to management systems. These can be located anywhere there is internet access and enough bandwidth to work. They are more frequently being built on virtual servers these days which in turn can be installed on any suitable hardware, anywhere in the world.

Mobile networks are built around two major components - Core Networks and Access Networks. These have to be in-country to allow customer access. Actually, there is no technical reason why a core network cannot be located fully or partially outside the country it serves.

Each have various components to help them function. These, too, are moving onto running on virtual servers.

Those components can be located anywhere on the planet that has adequate bandwidth back to the country hosting the physical networks - the only limiting factor is latency.

epsom 3:12 Fri Oct 22
Re: Vodafone
Mike Oxsaw 9:59 Thu Oct 21

Mobile networks are made up of two major components.
1. OSS - Manages radio and network components that you make your call over. Not hosted in cloud generally.
2. BSS - Billing and customer care systems. These can be hosted in the cloud.

However none of it is in China, perhaps Ireland.....

As Vexed said...

Nurse Ratched 10:05 Thu Oct 21
Re: Vodafone
*backs away towards door; sneaks out*

Mike Oxsaw 9:59 Thu Oct 21
Re: Vodafone
Vexed 9:53 Thu Oct 21

I await my schooling on the subject with unbridled anticipation.

Vexed 9:53 Thu Oct 21
Re: Vodafone
*Adds 'cloud' to list of things Oxsaw doesn't understand but pretends to.

Mike Oxsaw 9:50 Thu Oct 21
Re: Vodafone
A lot of mobile phone companies have moved onto "the cloud", which basically means that the switches controlling your call could be running on a server based in China - or in a data centre anywhere else in the world.

When the links between that location and the UK are busy, which they sometimes are, everything buffers in the same way a live stream buffers when you're watching it.

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