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riosleftsock 1:43 Tue Oct 26
Nando's - at last
I just read it was founded in 1987 in Johannesburg and has been in the UK since around 1993.

So, its took me 28 years to try this offering after being urged to by many friends and family who rave about it.

What a crock of shit, bland food, not particularly cheap for what is basically fast food and very uninspiring decor.
The peri-peri chips and grilled corn was probably the most passable.

I don't each much fast food apart from fish and chips once a month and a kebab two or three times a year I don't see what all the fuss is about, even McDonald's and KFC are better.

What have I missed? The place was packed by the way, and I only agreed as I had been forced to part with a large sum for a new oven and tv across the road.

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Hammer and Pickle 5:41 Wed Oct 27
Re: Nando's - at last
WHUDeano 3:38 Wed Oct 27

It's difficult to accept anything inferior once you've tried the bog-standard Lisbon frango na brasa. Do you use the old butterfly cut at home and make your own piri piri sauce?

ironsofcanada 5:15 Wed Oct 27
Re: Nando's - at last
Second meal I had in England after pie and mash at the ground.

Flight was late on a Boxing Day, I dropped my luggage off and went straight to the game. Brand new wife slept at the hotel in Canary Wharf and when I came back not much was open.

Was fine in an almost in 14 year old memory. But I can make better or find things more exciting, even for that money. So never went back. But part of an amazing day.

Northern Sold 4:48 Wed Oct 27
Re: Nando's - at last
I’ve had 2 Nandos… probably 10 years inbetween… first one was really nice… last one I had a month ago before me and Mrs Soldo went and saw the new Bond film… it was nowhere as nice as what I remember it… but it was very very quick them bringing it up

Cheezey Bell-End 4:45 Wed Oct 27
Re: Nando's - at last
Saw Zabaleta eating there once while he was with us. Surprised he could afford it.

Cheezey Bell-End 4:41 Wed Oct 27
Re: Nando's - at last
My biggest gripe in Nandos was that people are invited to order as soon as they enter, instead of sitting at the table perusing the menu. So you end up with people still deciding when they get to the front.
Another really annoying thing that has happened a couple of times is the staff clearing my table when I go to top my drink up. Never mind that I'm only half way through it and my jacket and shopping are still there. Just thick.
I've had Nandos in Singapore and Malaysia as well. Food is basically the same, but you order at the table and pay after.
In Australia, you order at the counter, but it's generally a more down market experience.

WHUDeano 3:38 Wed Oct 27
Re: Nando's - at last
I lived in Lisbon for a year, their grilled chicken is unbelievable. Had a Nandos when I returned as it sounded similar. It wasn't a patch on it, and about treble the price. I was also a bit peeved that it was self service, for some reason I was thinking it would be a proper restaurant. Haven't been back since, prefer to make my own Portuguese Frango at home. Though in fairness, the Nando's spice rubs are actually pretty decent for a quick easy meal.

mashed in maryland 2:57 Wed Oct 27
Re: Nando's - at last
Nandos is alright. Cheap, quick service, filling, and you can customise how spicy you want it. Varies by branch, granted.

People seem determined to shit on it though due to its popularity about a decade ago. Seems a strange thing to hold a strong opinion against, just don't go there again if you don't like it.

Russ of the BML 11:54 Wed Oct 27
Re: Nando's - at last
You missed the boat.

When it first rocked up it was the absolute bollocks. And unbelievable value for what you got. I remember back in the mid to late 90's being able to get half a chicken, corn, chips and a beer for £8.50.

I still like it. Although I do agree its now a little expensive for what you get. And a lot of their restaurants are now a little tired and outdated.

It's like most brands. They go on and off trend.

All you people saying its dry and bland are missing a trick. You send it back. Because no Nando's I have ever had is dry or bland. So you must've had a rookie chef.

daveyg 11:27 Wed Oct 27
Re: Nando's - at last
I had a Big Mac last night for the first time in possibly 12 years. It was Ok. Won't be rushing back. The fries were cold, why anyone would have them I don't know. I don't do junk food on the whole.The big Mac just is sitting in my belly now.
Fish n chips are great and have them once a week in winter.
Just never feel full filled from junk crap.

violator 11:14 Wed Oct 27
Re: Nando's - at last
Never been, I tried a couple of wings the other month when someone at work brought some back, not something I'd rush out to get for myself.

angryprumphs 10:51 Wed Oct 27
Re: Nando's - at last
Eaten there twice, due to the kids wanting to go there. I really dont get it, I had chicken both times, it was overcooked, dry and all that tasty. Just presumed a restaurant famed for its chicken, would at least be good at making chicken.

Side of Ham 10:19 Tue Oct 26
Re: Nando's - at last
I imagine Swiss to go out looking like Brian Tilsley but with even more wrinkles......

Westham67 10:10 Tue Oct 26
Re: Nando's - at last

Moncurs Putting Iron 11:12 Tue Oct 26

I've heard all the jokes and made a few myself. He died of chicken pox

Hammer and Pickle 9:54 Tue Oct 26
Re: Nando's - at last
How is Brexit Britain taking care of the rivers the swans are supposed to swim in?

Cabbage Savage 9:42 Tue Oct 26
Re: Nando's - at last
do nando dos swan?

Hammer and Pickle 9:24 Tue Oct 26
Re: Nando's - at last
Sorry, the standard spelling is obviously ramen.

gph 9:21 Tue Oct 26
Re: Nando's - at last
Alex G. It's a chain. Some people wouldn't eat anywhere that's not a chain.

I've tried it once, just to see what it was like.

It was ok.

Which makes it fucking fantastic for a chain.

Eerie Descent 8:58 Tue Oct 26
Re: Nando's - at last

I hope you like RAMIN too

VirginiaHam 8:57 Tue Oct 26
Re: Nando's - at last
Hammer and Pickle 8:49 Tue Oct 26

When the lad and I are over, a china town Peking duck is obligatory. I usually have duck with black bean sauce, which is always stunning.

Hammer and Pickle 8:49 Tue Oct 26
Re: Nando's - at last
I’d never have heard of Nando’s if it wasn’t for WHO.

If I’m in town and need a feed it’s a duck and rice this time of year. Or a ramin or Thai or Vietnamese equivalent. Must say I could smash a China Town duck and rice. Wouldn’t dream of paying to eat chicken inferior to that I could make myself.

Alex G 7:29 Tue Oct 26
Re: Nando's - at last
Decent enough food although always felt a little overpriced. Not quite sure why some people think it's the greatest restaurant known to man.

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