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Q: 2021/22 What competition should we prioritise this season?
a. The league is our bread & butter, so this year let's have a club sandwich
b. We're owed an FA Cup after Gerrard nicked our last one in 06, our name's on it in 22
c. A bye to the League Cup 3rd round gives us a good start, let's make it count
d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

Coffee 8:03 Sat Oct 30
Saturday football
If you haven’t been following the table, it may come as a surprise to find both teams on 14 points. Both have probably underperformed thus far this season. A light wind has blown the visitors’ sails of late while the Foxes, like the ancient mariner, have experienced a touch of the doldrums. It’s hard to separate them on form. Draw.

Burnley languish in the bottom three, eight points behind a Brentford side that’s surprised many and irritated a few on their first season in the top flight. Survival must remain their priority, though, and they will see this as a prime opportunity to add a point or more to their balance. Draw.

A fixture that throws up images of a bearded Lawro. Brighton have gone a long way to mastering the art of spoilage, but may find today’s opponents beyond their wildest capacity. Home win.

City have one less trophy to focus on this season. For Palace, the priority is still another season in the Premier League for which they will not target games like this. Home win.

Money does not buy overnight success. Just ask Chelsea. Newcastle find themselves, even this early in the campaign, in squeaky bottom territory. After today, the squeaks may resound a little louder. Away win.

The Saints have pulled their socks up of later, but come up against a side still in the new manager honeymoon. Watford pulled off a spectacular result at Everton last week. Today will be a test of consistency for both teams. Draw.

Few would willingly be in OGS’s shoes at the moment. But he has a proven record of pulling the rabbit out of the hat when most needed. He’ll need all his tricks to turn his side’s fortunes around now and whatever Spurs’ recent misfortunes this is still a tricky fixture. Draw.


Norwich have scored two and conceded 23 in nine games this season. That should be music to Bielsa's ears. But not to be taken for granted. Away win.

Is it time to re-write the ‘fortune’s always hiding’ line? What a time it is to be a West Ham fan. We go into this in fourth spot and, barring any unlikely scorelines yesterday, will still be fourth at the end of the weekend if we avoid defeat at Villa Park. Villa come into this on the back of three straight defeats. We go into it with the feel-good factor and confidence sky-high. Expectations are at a similar level, though David Moyes’ characteristic focus on one game at a time should keep the mooring rope firmly in place. Coufal and Kral could be in contention for a place on the bench at least. Should be a good, if tight, game. Away win.


Both sides have been horribly inconsistent this season, although Wolves will be cheered by three wins and a draw in their last five. Everton have three defeats and one draw in their last five. Honours even, you’d expect. Draw.


Bournemouth, who visit mid-table Reading this evening, are galloping away at the top of the Championship. Fulham host West Brom – second versus third – in today’s early kick-off, while Coventry in fourth travel to lowly Hull. Derby, who visit twelfth-placed Blackburn, remain rooted to the bottom, six adrift of safety.

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New Jersey 12:06 Wed Nov 3
Re: Saturday football
Just happened to come across some clips of Cryuff on youtube, the runs he made at pace from deep were mesmerising!!

Manuel 12:06 Wed Nov 3
Re: Saturday football
You're right Alf, and the best ever thing has been done to death, and it's always the same comments anyway. But the way Ronaldo has just taken apart Spurs and Atlanta is just ridiculous, and we ain't talking about tap in's either. Even his first goal last night, maybe not the hardest finish but he took it like a predator, and being a natural striker isn't even what he is best known for. An outrageous talent and pro, and for one I'm glad he is back in the PL.

Sir Alf 11:58 Wed Nov 3
Re: Saturday football
Hmmm.... not sure he is better than Maradona but as always its about opinions and context. For the modern era ( last 20 or so years ) Messi and Ronaldo the stand outs but Ronaldo gets it for duration but at their peak Messi was the better player IMHO.

Then you got back to previous eras and Maradona, Pele, Best, Cryuff to name but a few. Everyone always cites attackers and goal scorers too which is natural but in their positions Moore, Beckenbauer and others come to mind.

Its very subjective and as I say context. Almost impossible to say that one player was the best there has ever been but within the modern era Ronaldo is edging ahead. Was watching him last night and at 36 / 37 years old he is the Stanley Matthews of his time too. Mind you no one will be playing top level professional football at almost 42 like Billy Bonds :-) and no one will ever score a hattrick in a World Cup final or have one team win a WCF. ( There could be some bias in this last sentence ;-) ).

New Jersey 11:00 Wed Nov 3
Re: Saturday football
For me, well ahead of Messi and probably just nudging past Maradona as the greatest!

Manuel 3:36 Wed Nov 3
Re: Saturday football
What can you say about Ronaldo, a freak of nature. Like I said on Sunday, if you can't appreciate him go and watch Cricket or Rugby. There must be a very strong argument to say he is the best player in history.

RBshorty 1:08 Wed Nov 3
Re: Saturday football
Anyone really think ManU are going to win anything while Ole at the wheel.?


Capitol Man 12:37 Wed Nov 3
Re: Saturday football
Bailly saved the a few times.

Sven Roeder 12:13 Wed Nov 3
Re: Saturday football
Atalanta very unlucky but that Ronaldo is just a freak.
I presume OGS gives him half his wages as he saves his arse again.
As mentioned in commentary Bailly had a really good game and as not mentioned Harold Maguire looked like a disaster waiting to happen.
Obviously targeted by Atalanta & looks way off the pace.
Must have appreciated that Kane was even more lethargic than him on Saturday night.
Rice should overtake the pair of them as England captain

Sydney_Iron 12:12 Wed Nov 3
Re: Saturday football
fuck me, how many times have ManU been saved by the last minute goal? fuck sake, this luck will have to run out at some point, and how OGS is still in a job is beyone me, they may have beaten a dog shit Spurs to save his job AGAIN, but the silly cunt has learnt nothing from it! Still sets up all too predictably.

Lucky Bastard.

Capitol Man 12:06 Wed Nov 3
Re: Saturday football
Have to wonder why they weren’t lining up Conte - they can’t think Ole is a long-term solution here. Not sure there is anyone in football who thinks Ole has got that in hi

Sir Alf 12:03 Wed Nov 3
Re: Saturday football
OGS relying on individuals yet again. Well one individual again.

Defensively they simply are not organised and do not do the running and pressing across the team. Midfield and back 3 or 4 are as tight as Katie Price's minge. ;-)

The Fonz 12:02 Wed Nov 3
Re: Saturday football
Happy they equalised. I want them to stay in Champs League.

Not only would it be a shit away day if we drew them (albeit much cheaper) but also there is no doubt in my mind they would beat us over two legs because of Ronaldo.

Pedro 11:56 Tue Nov 2
Re: Saturday football
Keeps Ole in his job which is good news

Capitol Man 11:56 Tue Nov 2
Re: Saturday football
He’s a few years older than Noble isn’t he?

Hello Mrs. Jones 11:55 Tue Nov 2
Re: Saturday football
What a fucking player..a cunt but what a fucking player

Hello Mrs. Jones 11:55 Tue Nov 2
Re: Saturday football
What a fucking player..a cunt but what a fucking player

twoleftfeet 11:53 Tue Nov 2
Re: Saturday football
It’s a 95 minute game 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️

Capitol Man 11:52 Tue Nov 2
Re: Saturday football
Ffs -Ronaldo again.

Sir Alf 11:47 Tue Nov 2
Re: Saturday football
Agree Goose, might have to wait until Poch gets the tin tack which he will in time. They have to be hoping that PGS get knocked out of the Champs League again asap.

Capitol Man 11:44 Tue Nov 2
Re: Saturday football
You’d have to think Newcastle would have been a better fit for Conte given their new-found weath.

Still, can only hope it goes horribly wrong for,all of them.

goose 11:43 Tue Nov 2
Re: Saturday football
Reckon Manchester United will regret not moving for Conte.

Who’d you get now if you sack OGS?

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