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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

OLD GEEZER 4:27 Sun Oct 31
Where do the Moyes critics stand now.
I’m not being a clever dick and this is meant as a serious question. Moyes has had plenty of supporters think he was not right for the job. I was just wondering how some of them think now. Have they changed their minds or do they still think that we should look elsewhere. Interesting to know.

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Jasnik 10:08 Thu Dec 30
Re: Where do the Moyes critics stand now.
swindon hammer 10:00 Thu Dec 30


swindon hammer 10:00 Thu Dec 30
Re: Where do the Moyes critics stand now.
Alex G, absolutely right.

We have had an incredible 18 months and yet over the past few days I have heard comments like “All in all I wouldn’t be bothered if he fucked off” and “He’s a shit manager that got lucky”

You seriously have to wonder whether some of our fans should seek help.

Tomshardware 9:57 Thu Dec 30
Re: Where do the Moyes critics stand now.
Agreed, he has turned the club around massively and where we are now was unimaginable 2 years ago.

Aberdeen Iron 9:55 Thu Dec 30
Re: Where do the Moyes critics stand now.
Moyes doing the job that Fergie wanted him to do at Old Trafford, just wasn't given the time.

Alex G 9:42 Thu Dec 30
Re: Where do the Moyes critics stand now.
In 2021 West Ham collected more points (73), recorded more victories (22) and scored more goals (73) in the Premier League than in any previous calendar year.

Well done Moyes and the team!

Sir Alf 10:02 Fri Dec 17
Re: Where do the Moyes critics stand now.
He makes mistakes and gets things wrong. But overall he has got a lot more things right than wrong and his strategy to improve all aspects of the footballing side of the club over a number of years in steps/increments is a very good fit to our ownership and budget. By cutting out the owners and undertaking root and branch change we have a long term plan and that is what was needed. He can hopefully establish the foundation for us to be an established Premiership team who, at a minimum, regularly compete in the top 10 rather than our last 35 years of barely being good enough to stay in the top flight.

I hope that Nolan is part of the succession planning too. But we have only just started on the journey and have overachieved in terms of where fans , owners and Moyes himself thought we would be in 18 months to 2 years.

We are seeing the first proper wobble for a while and the fact teams know what we are about. 2nd season after success in the previous one was likely to cause this IMO. What is key now, as it was when Moyes steered us away from relegation places ( just ), is recruitment. As when Hussilos was overseeing recruitment for Pellegrini, many said his choices would determine how we progressed. As it turned out it was pretty much a disaster with the exception of Fornals. Rob Newman we must pray does a much better job or we will soon be back where started. Moyes got it right with Soucek, Bowen, Coufal, Lingard and Zouma. Not so much with Benrahma IMHO and the jury is still out on Vlasic and Kral. The introduction of some younger academy lads will also help and while the tactics, fitness, organization and work ethic of the squad should not see us slip too much, forward progress and even maintaining league position while progressing in the Europa and cups is almost totally dependent now on 2 or 3 good additions in January. A tough window to get quality and value in. As mentioned, got to hope/pray Moyes and Newman get 2, probably 3 in that improve us or in the case of a CB, provide cover for injuries we have incurred.

In a few weeks we will know.

Keep dreaming 7:25 Fri Dec 17
Re: Where do the Moyes critics stand now.
Moyes, like many other managers, are likeable when things are jolly good.
When things go worse, Moyes is one of the worst managers .
His tactical approach to certain games are very defensive and his love towards certain players makes him unable to adjust thing the proper way.
Subs are often to late, and his blatant critic of Coufalnwas bang out of order.
He is stubborn and has always been. And when it comes to the transfer window, I wouldn't trust him. Not finding a proper option for Antonio is a stackable offence.

So, all in all, I wouldn't cry if he fucked off

Billy Blagg 5:14 Fri Dec 17
Re: Where do the Moyes critics stand now.
Fair question so fair answer. I thought Moyes was a busted flush and the owners were wrong to bring him in to replace Bilic. I actually thought our old defender would turn it around anyway (we usually do) but if he was to be replaced then we needed someone of a higher calibre. Because of that, I thought the 'saving' aspect of Moyes's first reign was overstated. I then thought the Board was right to move Moyes on and the appointment of Pelligrini was 100% correct and believed he was the man for the job. Again, I thought the Board acted prematurely on sacking him and, again, thought re-appointing Moyes was the wrong decision. So truthfully, I've been proven wrong on virtually every turn here though I do believe sometimes things just seem to work when logic says they shouldn't really. I trust Moyes implicitly now, though I don't believe he was right in saying that he couldn't find the 'right striker'. I think virtually all those forwards that moved in the last close season could have fitted in with us and I think we're paying the price now - our lack of threat at one end puts untold pressure on at the other end at a time when the defence are injury struck and need a break. But hands up - I was wrong and glad to be called out on it.

Charoo 4:16 Fri Dec 17
Re: Where do the Moyes critics stand now.
East hammer

While I agree Coufal could have taken the ball cleaner, in no uncertain terms that was not a penalty.

Referees know that if they give a decision against us or don’t give one for us, they don’t get the ear ache that they do from other managers - it ultimately makes us a soft touch.

While I always would rather there be integrity that’s not how you get marginal results and decisions in this league.

Klopp is an embarrassment when he loses, the rants he had after our game were dumbfounding and shocking and I’d hate to have a manager who acts like that.

However you can still make things uncomfortable for a referee, making him think twice next time without acting like a spoilt child.

You can also a player in private - but for me you have to back your player in public, especially on a decision that caused uproar among every ex pro who saw it, it was not a foul or a penalty.

We also don’t “manage” games by getting cramp and staying down to take the momentum out of the other team, we rarely make synical fouls to prevent dangerous attacks.

While I am proud of us for playing like that as I hate all that cheating which it is, it doesn’t change the fact that is exactly how the big 6 play the game along with other clubs.

Apart from freshening up the squad and getting some form back - if we seriously want to kick on then we have to be a bit more clever.

4 points dropped already this season to late equalisers at home when we could have managed the game better.

There is a reason the big clubs rarely concede late goals.

For the record Moyes has done a great job and pleased to have him at the club but I think he sometimes needs to protect his players, whatever he thinks and be cuter in his game management.

gph 9:31 Thu Dec 16
Re: Where do the Moyes critics stand now.
Arteta is supposed to look up to Moyes and is quoted as saying that he made him a better player and a better person.

If his team reflects the kind of person he is, then Moyes blatantly didn't finish the job.

ratcatcher 9:17 Thu Dec 16
Re: Where do the Moyes critics stand now.
Coufal's first booking was only because of all their players surrounding the ref, shrieking at him. The second booking was because of all the theatrical rolls by lacazette.

easthammer 8:26 Thu Dec 16
Re: Where do the Moyes critics stand now.
I too like Moyes honesty, and although I didn't want him the first time around, I think he has done a first-rate job in his second spell. And that includes not defending Coufal last night. He has set high standards for the players to aspire to. In my opinion, Coufal could (should have) done better. Having been booked (albeit harshly) in the first half if he was going to go to ground in the tackle anywhere on the pitch let alone in the box he had to get the ball cleanly. By the letter, his challenge was illegal despite playing the ball first. I can understand Moyes not being pleased especially as Coufal was in part at fault for the first goal as well. If Coufal is the player I think he is he will accept Moyes' criticism and learn from it.

Side of Ham 7:49 Thu Dec 16
Re: Where do the Moyes critics stand now.
Agree there Charoo, he says he wants to change the mindset at West Ham and I'm guessing that means to make us more successful. ALL the successful clubs and even those that think are but are not MOAN LIKE FUCK at anything let alone actual bad decisions.......if we'd got those decisions Arsenal got yesterday you may have seen their whiny cunt managers hair ruffled!

Charoo 6:18 Thu Dec 16
Re: Where do the Moyes critics stand now.
I like Moyes honesty at the end of games in his analysis and the way he speaks but just reading that he said Coufal should have made a cleaner tackle and therefore not given the referee a decision.

He should be backing his players to the media there not criticising. There is a time for that but the whole of football saw that as a shocking decision, ex players, referees all come out to say how bad a decision that was.

Moyes needs to not cross the line but push it and bemoan the referees.

Shit decision to not get a pen Sunday, shot decision for pen and sending of against us last night - he needs to start kicking up a fuss. The standard isn’t good enough or consistent and he don’t fully back his own player.

Fucked off with him for that. Yes performance was shot but fucking back Coufal and call the ref a cunt, he’s a good boy Coufal who has done really well for us. Back him Moyes to the world and have your words with him in private.

Side of Ham 5:08 Thu Dec 16
Re: Where do the Moyes critics stand now.
Zagadou apparently can push pineapples & grind coffee too!

Glenn Rodent 5:04 Thu Dec 16
Re: Where do the Moyes critics stand now.
Swiss. 3:37 Thu Dec 16

Spot on Swiss.

Moyes and the club need to release the purse strings and tempt some players to come in January who are available on a free on the summer to not just be cover for key players but to go head to head with them for a first team place.

Soucek, Cresswell, Zouma and Antonio badly need support/cover and overall we need a bigger squad.

I'd be all over Belotti, Lingard and Zakaria in January who are all available on a free in the summer. Zakaria is a high energy powerful 6"3 box to box midfielder and Belotti is a tough physical striker.

Then centre back wise you have Tarkowski who you could tempt or Sule who is a beast of a defender (although unlikely that he would come to us). Or Zagadou at Dortmund who is a left footed centre half who would be a great player to replace Ogbonna in the long term.

The club have to make a decision if they want to back the Manager and kick on as a club or just accept mid table mediocrity forever.

We are in a brilliant position league wise and cup wise to really have a go. With the new investment, and a Manager that has been exceptional and deserves to be backed, you would think it's perfect timing to go for it and spend some money in January,

Side of Ham 4:08 Thu Dec 16
Re: Where do the Moyes critics stand now.
Moyes in the summer window was still £20 million short of getting the sort of striker we al know he needed then but has been determined to wait for the right additions and in the meantime constructed a great TEAM that needs competition/injury cover/form loss additions. If he doesn't get backed this window then it will be a travesty he will still make do with but it's not him we have to keep happy now........

Ownership........over to you.....this is a turning point to whether you fully back Moyes in changing the mindset of this club.......or we are just the same ol' West Ham you've been very good at maintaining already.

⚒️ 3:53 Thu Dec 16
Re: Where do the Moyes critics stand now.
Well we’re a couple of weeks away from January and we’re sitting 5th in the league, in the quarter finals of the League Cup and in the last 16 of the Europa League so you could argue Moyes got it right in not signing another CF just for the sake of having another option.

We 100% need to sign one in January, though.

Swiss. 3:37 Thu Dec 16
Re: Where do the Moyes critics stand now.
Yes the main and major flaw is Moyes not buying a striker to cover for Antonio. We all said it would bite us in the ass and so it has.

Antonio has been running on empty for the last 6 games or more. And he won't rest Soucek.

slartibartfast 12:34 Thu Dec 16
Re: Where do the Moyes critics stand now.
Moyes has been brilliant, far exceeded expectations by any metric.

Ultimately, injuries and poor form will affect any team. Losing our 2 first choice centre backs and arguably our most important creative outlet (Cress) has hurt us. When losing said outlet leads to a total donkey filling in at left back then you're really going to have problems. Hopefully Cress will be back for the weekend.

The form of Antonio, Fornals, Benrahma, and, to a lesser extent, Bowen and Lanzini is very worrying and suggests a lack of balance in the side right now which does need to be addressed.

Lately we've looked short in midfield and I think it's time for Moyes to change it up a bit. While we have had this record (last night ruined) of not losing a goal by more than a goal for 40 odd games, I think you have to say last night could easily have been a cricket score if it wasn't for some heroic last ditch defending by Diop and Dawson, and some typically excellent goalkeeping. I think bringing in Kral and playing a three will reduce the workload on Soucek and Rice a bit and give us a bit more game control, and give each of them a bit more freedom to arrive late onto crosses.

If the Norwich game goes ahead and Cresswell plays, I'm confident we will get a positive result.

, 11:53 Thu Dec 16
Re: Where do the Moyes critics stand now.
It is always the case that the better a manager does the more it raises expectation. The more so when any objective analysis would show that the team has been punching above its weight.

The EPL has a top three teams and next a cohort of Spurs, Arsenal, ManU, Leicester and WHU. It is arguable that of those teams we have the weakest squad. Over time the only way to be competitive is to at least equal if not improve our squad in comparison to our peer group.

Moyes and his coaching team have elevated us into the top eight but the reality is we need to overachieve again in order to get the last CL place because three of our peer group have stronger squads.

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