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Q: 2021/22 What competition should we prioritise this season?
a. The league is our bread & butter, so this year let's have a club sandwich
b. We're owed an FA Cup after Gerrard nicked our last one in 06, our name's on it in 22
c. A bye to the League Cup 3rd round gives us a good start, let's make it count
d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

El Scorchio 12:07 Mon Nov 1
Doctor Who
What a load of shit it’s become.

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lincslink 2:14 Sun Nov 7
Re: Doctor Who
Not watched it since John Pertwee

Bungo 10:57 Sun Nov 7
Re: Doctor Who
I stumbled across the Netflix (?) film, Adult Life Skills starring JW and whilst no Oscar winner, it was a far better performance than anything she has been allowed to do in Dr Who.

One of those enjoyable, low-budget, thoroughly English films.

Fifth Column 10:07 Sun Nov 7
Re: Doctor Who
Eccleston was better than everyone who has come after. Tennant was good. Smith and the current woman are lightweight and annoying. Capaldi was good.

Its always been good family viewing but I don't watch it at all now as its like a woke children's program now.

Tomshardware 9:56 Sun Nov 7
Re: Doctor Who
Bungo 6:17 Thu Nov 4

Made me laugh.

Boycie 2:07 Sun Nov 7
Re: Doctor Who
they are making everything as shit as Bollywood then they will say how great it is.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 7:40 Thu Nov 4
Re: Doctor Who
Ecclestone - brooding
Tennant - dashing
Smith - eccentric and alien

These all worked really well

Capaldi - pussy whipped
Whittaker - bird

Not so much

Capaldi is a wonderful actor, by the way, as are the first three.

El Scorchio 6:46 Thu Nov 4
Re: Doctor Who
Bungo 6:17

Same for Peter Capaldi. Christopher Eccleston to an extent was quite serious and brooding which suited him and the role.

Being OTT suited Tennant and Smith better.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 6:23 Thu Nov 4
Re: Doctor Who
She got the gig because she's Chibnall's mate, didn't she?

Bungo 6:17 Thu Nov 4
Re: Doctor Who
What I can't really understand is that they hired Jodie Whittaker (who has a proper range of acting chops), and then tasked her with running around and acting surprised the whole time in a sort of panto style.

The format may be old and tired, but I felt they could have made it a lot less cartoon-like by using her a bit more thoughtfully.

riosleftsock 6:15 Thu Nov 4
Re: Doctor Who
Is the Brigadier still in it? Or at least his moustache?

yngwies Cat 5:57 Thu Nov 4
Re: Doctor Who
ATHammer 6:27 Wed Nov 3

Very good mate :-)

yngwies Cat 5:51 Thu Nov 4
Re: Doctor Who
Dr Who has been crap ever since Bernard Cribbins, helped the Time Lord thrwart the Daleks in there Invasion of the Earth in 2150.

Alrhough Amy Pond was a sort.

BeauLarkyBuff 4:18 Thu Nov 4
Re: Doctor Who
Im not insulted. Don't give a fuck.

Mike Oxsaw 7:06 Wed Nov 3
Re: Doctor Who
Hmmm. Age as a weapon of insult. Very revealing.

Nurse Ratched 6:29 Wed Nov 3
Re: Doctor Who
I'm starting to suspect Swiss doesn't like me... 🤔

ATHammer 6:27 Wed Nov 3
Re: Doctor Who

zebthecat 6:15 Wed Nov 3
Re: Doctor Who
That's the one Scorchio.

El Scorchio 6:09 Wed Nov 3
Re: Doctor Who
Yeah- I think Asylum of the Daleks was one of the last episodes I thought was genuinely good on a few levels. Simple story and concept well written with a good plot twist amongst all the illogical silliness in terms of storytelling and obsession with companions that was starting to pervade the series.

Zeb- With the other one, are you talking about the one when he has to keep punching that wall and dying again and again? That one was great. The last good episode I think there was.

zebthecat 5:53 Wed Nov 3
Re: Doctor Who
Clara's first episode was good where she was a Dalek and didn't want to know it.
Unsurpisingly Peter Capaldii's best episode was the one where he was only one in it. Great twisty plot as well.

Swiss. 5:49 Wed Nov 3
Re: Doctor Who
BeauLarkyBuff 4:12 Wed Nov 3

"Haven't watched it since William Hartnell."

Fuck me there's some old people on WHO.Sometimes I think it's a gateway to the other side.

BeauLarkyBuff 4:12 Wed Nov 3
Re: Doctor Who
Haven't watched it since William Hartnell.

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