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Q: 2021/22 What competition should we prioritise this season?
a. The league is our bread & butter, so this year let's have a club sandwich
b. We're owed an FA Cup after Gerrard nicked our last one in 06, our name's on it in 22
c. A bye to the League Cup 3rd round gives us a good start, let's make it count
d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

VirginiaHam 5:59 Tue Nov 2
Well done Sullivan
I travelled from Washington DC and I bought two tickets off the website for the Spurs game for the lad and I once they were on general sale. We ended up in the top tier in 237, not sat together. We were in England for 2 days, 6 hours.

We're over for Christmas and the Boxing Day game, so I emailed Dave Sullivan and asked him for a new POC since the last on seems not to have survived C-19.

He replied in 30 minutes and got a lady called Nicky Kaye to sort out all my future ticket requirerments.

Credit where credit is due.

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Eindhoven Hammer 9:26 Thu Nov 4
Re: Well done Sullivan
Nicola Keye. Nicky Kaye 🙄!

Nagel 8:32 Thu Nov 4
Re: Well done Sullivan
"I'm no great fan but they've delivered, albeit a couple of years too late, their promise of making us a top 6 side."

No. They never said anything about top 6. Their promise, back in 2010 was this:

"We have a seven-year plan to get them into the Champions League and turn them into a big club and over the seven-year period we do plan to spend a lot of money"

In 2016 after we moved from Upton Park, Gold talked about us playing in the Champions League within 5 years.

Obviously they've moved the goal posts since then and it's all this vague "next level" nonsense, which I suppose you could say we're at now, but let's not pretend that there was this great plan that is now seeing fruition. By luck more than judgement we've happened upon a manager who's turned our fortunes around. That's it.

Manuel 6:00 Thu Nov 4
Re: Well done Sullivan
I can just imagine your reply to him, probably only just stopped short of sucking him off. Was a pointless, cringe post to begin with, so don't complain about the responses.

Alfs 3:05 Thu Nov 4
Re: Well done Sullivan
I think many of you are forgetting that WHU is a multi million pound business, not a charity.

The wanker bankers are being paid the highest bonuses in history this year. Millions and millions for their nefarious and often illegal dealings.

I'm no great fan but they've delivered, albeit a couple of years too late, their promise of making us a top 6 side. They deserve a bit of slack for that, surely?

Side of Ham 7:23 Wed Nov 3
Re: Well done Sullivan
Whatever good he does now in making sure a ticket sale is made, it will never make up for him having shares in a premium phone line company to sell those tickets.......which kept you waiting for a significantly long time.

What sort of West Ham fan would do that to a fellow West Ham fan?

.....and it's not a moan it's more he crossed the line and will never be forgiven......

VirginiaHam 7:21 Wed Nov 3
Re: Well done Sullivan
Nagel 7:08 Wed Nov 3

My opening post was an innocent, happy post.

Buying tickets for the Spuds game was dire, 'cos the Ticketmaster site is shit. Trying to co-ordinate ticket buying with plane tickets is also uncomfortable.

Lots of moving parts. Lucky I can stay with my brother.

Nagel 7:08 Wed Nov 3
Re: Well done Sullivan
To be fair Virginia, it wasn't your opening post that encouraged the moaning, it was the moronic first reply by Nutsin.

VirginiaHam 6:47 Wed Nov 3
Re: Well done Sullivan
Fortunes Hiding 6:28 Wed Nov 3

Brilliant. Exactly.

The moaning this thread has encouraged is absurd.

I think complaining and being negative is just second nature to some people. What miserable lives they must lead.

Fortunes Hiding 6:28 Wed Nov 3
Re: Well done Sullivan
I’m confused as West Ham supporters

Can we be happy?

VirginiaHam 6:24 Wed Nov 3
Re: Well done Sullivan
ATBOG 11:46 Wed Nov 3

Are you suggesting Washington, DC is more exotic than Hornchurch?

Although, you can't get a train from here to the shithole.

ATBOG 11:46 Wed Nov 3
Re: Well done Sullivan
It was an opportunistic coincidence Virginia. If you were from Hornchurch he would've ignored it.

dealcanvey 11:32 Wed Nov 3
Re: Well done Sullivan
A nice touch from Sullivan but dont be fooled by the man.

We all now know why the stadium move happened. Arguably we have gone 'to the next level' but this is 90% down to Moyes. Nothing to do with the move.

As soon as he gets handed the keys to that stadium he will sell the club asap. Will make a fortune in the process.

In the long term maybe the move will prove as a benefit to the club but for now the whole process has simply been an investment plan.

in 2/3 years he will be gone imo.

whu 10:59 Wed Nov 3
Re: Well done Sullivan
doh - typo and johnson on same point

c- must do better

whu 10:58 Wed Nov 3
Re: Well done Sullivan
Not out of debt as stated. GSB lloaned/oaning club money with interest.

Johnson 10:55 Wed Nov 3
Re: Well done Sullivan
The worst owner ever in the history of football Mike Ashley didn't charge Newcastle interest on the loans he made to them.

Gold and Sullivan, who allegedly support and love the club had to REDUCE the interest rate after fan pressure after first lying that any was being applied. They seemed to think football fans weren't accountants and couldn't understand company accounts.

It's now about 4.5% I think but was a lot more previously.

wd40 10:53 Wed Nov 3
Re: Well done Sullivan
oh be quite you tarts

w4hammer 10:47 Wed Nov 3
Re: Well done Sullivan
Nicola is always helpul and responsive, as are the rest of the TO either on the phone or email - quite why sullivan should get a thanks for people doing their job proficiently im not sure?

The bigger issue is the fucking useless ticketmaster platform we use, which I imagine he signed off or chose...

Aso- WHY the booking fees? Rapid vienna sell their tickets in the neutral area without them, why cant we?

Also, the pricing of " normal" tickets at 95 no concessions is muggy and unfair

so id say up yours sully you slimy toady

BRANDED 10:41 Wed Nov 3
Re: Well done Sullivan
Nice to have 45 mill lying around.

Nagel 10:30 Wed Nov 3
Re: Well done Sullivan
LT, the loans were made between 2015 and 2017. The £17m interest was paid out in the 3 seasons between 2017 and 2019.

Rossal 10:18 Wed Nov 3
Re: Well done Sullivan
Its the narrative that they are huge West Ham fans....love the club.....want wants best for the club blah blah blah

If you did you wouldn't charge high interest when you are already a multi multi millionaire. They are vermin that need to go


Kaiser Zoso 10:17 Wed Nov 3
Re: Well done Sullivan
Ah, you’re adding both of them together, as individually they are less than Levy.

Fair enough.

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