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Q: 2021/22 What competition should we prioritise this season?
a. The league is our bread & butter, so this year let's have a club sandwich
b. We're owed an FA Cup after Gerrard nicked our last one in 06, our name's on it in 22
c. A bye to the League Cup 3rd round gives us a good start, let's make it count
d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

the exile 9:26 Fri Nov 5
Team for Liverpool.
I'm still in hospital with Covid but well on the mend so here we go again. Cheers for holding the fort, Crossed Hammers.

We all know this is going to be our toughest game so far this season. We were poor against them last year so it'll be interesting to see how strong we are mentally against them as well as everything else. It'll be real proof of the growth and progress of this club if we can give a really good account of ourselves in this one.

We played some great stuff in the second half at Genk but clear openings were at a premium. Antonio has had a couple of poor games by his high standards and he owes us on Sunday. Obviously there's no question that he keeps his place but we need more from him than just making a nuisance of himself if we're going to get anything from this one.

The attacking 3 have to keep their places. Before the Genk game there was talk of holding Lanzini back for this one at the expense of Benrahma, but after that performance last night, no question that Benny gets the nod. But it's certainly been good to see Manu getting back to his best and he could still come off the bench to good effect.

Back to the usual midfield pairing, obviously. Let's hope there's a reaction from Soucek and he gets on the right side of the scoresheet.

At the back, it was good to see Vlad start last night but he is clearly still working his way back to match fitness and is going to have a job on his hands to reclaim his place from Johnson, who has certainly exceeded my expectations recently. No question that Johnson keeps his place for this one and he will have benefited from the rest.

Areola continues to impress in the midweek games but Fabianski continues in goal. If it ain't broke...

Johnson Zouma Ogbonna Cresswell
Rice Soucek
Bowen Fornals Benrahma

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Darby_ 5:12 Sun Nov 7
Re: Team for Liverpool.
Half of the 'discussion' on your threads is people calling you a knob.

⚒️ 4:48 Sun Nov 7
Re: Team for Liverpool.
My ‘team for’ threads seem to generate more discussion.

Who reckons I should take ownership of these threads from now on?

daveyg 1:49 Sun Nov 7
Re: Team for Liverpool.
good to hear.

I have the instinct this morning that we may play similar to Brighton last week,get inbehind their full backs and quick runs through the middle. This might mean Antonio on the bench and Lanzini playing behind the front 3. Maybe a 4-2-1-3,dunno just had a feeling.Maybe it was the reason for Antonio playing in Genk,that should of been better suited to him.

the exile 2:38 Sat Nov 6
Re: Team for Liverpool.
Cheers guys. Slowly on the mend.

Mex Martillo 9:35 Sat Nov 6
Re: Team for Liverpool.
That’s the team Exile!
No changes from last weekend.
Good to see you back doing this, take care and thanks.

Capitol Man 1:17 Sat Nov 6
Re: Team for Liverpool.
Hope your feeling well enough to go home soon.

Unchanged for me too.

I don’t think we either want to go hung ho or park the bus.

Hold the possession we can and hit them on the break. We go too hard at them and it just plays into their hands.

daveyg 12:16 Sat Nov 6
Re: Team for Liverpool.
Glad you're back and getting better.

agree with your team, the 3 behind Antonio will have to work hard and interchange to keep their counterparts running around. Liverpool have a few injuries in midfield these 3 can add to their woes.

Exile, Areloa had a poor game in midweek after a couple of good games,I think that hospital Tv needs adjusting...

can rest his weary head after putting Yarmo in the team twice, funny enough i was going to put Fredericks up front instead of Antonio

british is best 7:48 Fri Nov 5
Re: Team for Liverpool.

british is best 7:48 Fri Nov 5
Re: Team for Liverpool.
I'd stick with last Sunday's team . And as others has said attack them. their way better going forward than they are defending .

pdbis 7:42 Fri Nov 5
Re: Team for Liverpool.
Need to give it a go unlike last season.

, 7:02 Fri Nov 5
Re: Team for Liverpool.
BLB, I agree with you because this Liverpool defence has conceded more goals than last season, at this stage, and more than one in some games.

It’s no good worrying about Salah and ignoring Mane and Jota so I want us to play such that we get at their full backs, TrentA especially. We know out team has the energy to compete all over the pitch these days. It’s not delusional to say we could win on Sunday.

For me our current best eleven would include Johnson for Coufal.

Hammer and Pickle 6:51 Fri Nov 5
Re: Team for Liverpool.
Coufal starts if ready. Not so sure about Antonio, in which case Vlasic gets the nod.

El Scorchio 6:42 Fri Nov 5
Re: Team for Liverpool.
Strongest team possible. more importantly a positive mindset- it was a joke how we approached liverpool last season just conceding territory and possession from the outset. Have a go at them. We are legit good enough not to have to be so passive. I'd rather we lost giving it a good go than just surrendering.


Johnson (Coufal not quite up to speed yet)




Nice break for several players after this. Go for it.

BeauLarkyBuff 6:20 Fri Nov 5
Re: Team for Liverpool.
The side kinda picks itself these days when all fit.

I think we are in awe of certain sides, Scousers, Mancs, and we afford them too much respect.

Have a go at them right from the start, pressure them and see how they like it.

Hope the ref doesn't fall for any shenanigans from that diving Egyptian fucker.

Rossal 1:16 Fri Nov 5
Re: Team for Liverpool.

Johnson Zouma Oggy Cresswell

Rice Soucek

Bowen Fornals Benrahma


Or tempted to go 5 at the back


Zouma Dawson Ogbonna

Johnson Rice Soucek Cresswell

Bowen Fornals


Darby_ 11:32 Fri Nov 5
Re: Team for Liverpool.
Crossed hammers seems to consider himself a bit of a wag. Yarmo has improved lately but not that much.

As others have said, the only tough question is Coufal vs Johnson. I think I’d give it to Johnson. Based on his performances lately, he deserves it. Coufal got an assist but otherwise was a long way off the pace against Genk.

Hope you feel better soon, exile son.

Troy McClure 11:23 Fri Nov 5
Re: Team for Liverpool.
I have no idea why anyone is considering Yarmolenko. He's completely shot as a player - sad but true. Offers nothing anymore.

JayeMPee 11:16 Fri Nov 5
Re: Team for Liverpool.
Only choice to make is Johnson or Coufal, the latter has the 'big match' experience but sure Moyes can be trusted to get it right.

Takashi Miike 11:11 Fri Nov 5
Re: Team for Liverpool.
Craig Pawson is the referee on sunday. looked up his stats and he gave out seven yellows in his last match, was the 4th official for our game v Brentford & the only other game he's refereed Liverpool this season - he gave a straight red to a Leeds defender in their 3-0 loss to the scousers at Elland Rd

⚒️ 11:11 Fri Nov 5
Re: Team for Liverpool.
Thought Coufal was abysmal last night, so will be bringing Johnson back in.

Moyes rested Yarmo last night for this one so he will be fresh.






Nagel 11:00 Fri Nov 5
Re: Team for Liverpool.
Kenzo, I don't know why you'd put a player on a flank he's hardly ever played before when Fornals can already provide cover there just as well. Also, Robertson and Mane are dangerous themselves so someone like Bowen is needed on the right flank too.

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