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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

Fortunes Hiding 10:15 Fri Nov 5
Yorkshire cricket P word
How anyone can think the use of the P word is ok to use ?

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Eerie Descent 6:39 Mon Jan 30
Re: Yorkshire cricket P word


As I said on this, what happened to Vaughan was absolutely disgusting, how on earth you can have your name dragged through the mud for apparently saying 'you lot' over a decade ago, fucking hell. What a world. Moreover, you have to question if it was said at all going by the above.

Anyway, given what has since come out about Rafiq, I'd be much more inclined to believe Shahzad's opinions on Vaughan.

Sven Roeder 4:33 Wed Dec 22
Re: Yorkshire cricket P word
I think Hussain & Atherton are superb and Key is ok .... though he sometimes reveals some things about how he would approach games that make it obvious why he didnt succeed as a Test player.
Ward & Nick Knight i always confuse as being the same insipid person .... Gower should definitely been retained to host.

Always thought Botham was a boorish arrogant twat who seemed incapable of analysing a game with any amount of even handedness. He predicted the 5-0 2013/14 Ashes result ... just had the wrong team winning.

If anyone is missing the CANCELLED (ie still under BBC contract) Michael Vaughan he was doing the BIG BASH commentary with Glenn Maxwell this morning on Sky. Didnt refer to anyone as YOUR LOT

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 3:50 Wed Dec 22
Re: Yorkshire cricket P word
I'd manage a bit more outrage if he was ten years younger and ten years closer to his best.

Hussain is very good, Athers is OK and Key seems like a decent drinking buddy. Cook is too nice, Harmison (see Key). Ian Ward is shit. Tuffers can fuck off, he's an unfunny comic turn. I thought Prior did quite well in his first dig - first time I've seen him, anyway.

Of course, the master these days is Ian Smith - and he's getting on a bit.

twoleftfeet 12:49 Wed Dec 22
Re: Yorkshire cricket P word
Funniest post of the year.

Hussain, Atherton and Key better than Botham πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Dr Matt 12:46 Wed Dec 22
Re: Yorkshire cricket P word
Ward > Gower
Key > Botham

Sky will need to dig deep to get the best in the business, Tufnell, to replace Lloyd.

stewie griffin 9:47 Wed Dec 22
Re: Yorkshire cricket P word
If you think Isa Guha is more knowledgeable and articulate than Rob Key, that's not called wokeism. Its something else entirely.

As for bumble, no great loss for me. He was inextricably linked to Botham and gower so probably should have gone when they went.
The only one of that crew that was harshly treated was gower, for me.
Botham was usurped by far better analysts like Hussain, Atherton and Key who didn't rely on stories aboutred wine to be interesting. Holding made it very clear he was only here for the horses for the last few years he came over so was frankly taking the piss by continuing to get paid for a job he wasn't doing , and bumble stopped adding anything of value a while back.

twoleftfeet 5:36 Tue Dec 21
Re: Yorkshire cricket P word
Yes Lloyd told you what Sky wanted him to say.

Give it 6 months and the truth will come out.

ornchurch ammer 5:23 Tue Dec 21
Re: Yorkshire cricket P word
Bumble was fantastic value and a great addition to the team. He has so obviously jumped before he was pushed after his name was included in the racism row by Rafiq. A shame as he will be missed.

ChesterRd 5:11 Tue Dec 21
Re: Yorkshire cricket P word
Being in your 70s is not middle aged

It is sad that white middle aged men are being denied jobs based on being white middle aged men. But no sadder than women or those from ethnic minorities being denied opportunities in that field and many other work areas for decades up until comparatively recently.

Eerie Descent 5:01 Tue Dec 21
Re: Yorkshire cricket P word
Good for you Pasty, they are aiming for melts like you, so I'm not sure why you're on here complaining, just enjoy it.

PastyTime 4:38 Tue Dec 21
Re: Yorkshire cricket P word
Surprised Bumble didn't get his own thread to add the the 'modern life is so woke' collection. Yawn.

For what's it worth think female cricket commentators on BBC, Sky and BT are more knowledgable and articulate than the likes of Key, Harmison,Trott etc with Isa Guha being the best current commentators full stop. Just my own woke view though.

Sven Roeder 4:16 Tue Dec 21
Re: Yorkshire cricket P word
I thought David Lloyd should have gone when Botham did.
David Gower who was HOSTING I thought was harshly treated. As Richie B showed you can go on in that role for much longer.

Is he implying that the 'middle aged white man' Michael Holding was also 'moved on'?
I thought leaving was HIS choice.

Fo the Communist 3:57 Tue Dec 21
Re: Yorkshire cricket P word

Lloyd is 74. Hardly middle aged.

This is why he, himself, says he he leaving:

'With the passing of Bob Willis and after the decision to move on by my good friends David Gower, Ian Botham and, more recently, Michael Holding, the commentary box feels a little emptier.

"And so I feel it is time for me to do the same and move on to the next chapter."

Even the Daily Mail can't muster up any culture war indignation at this.

bigfrank 3:22 Tue Dec 21
Re: Yorkshire cricket P word

It is getting ridiculous now. People are too scared to challenge it, because of fear of being labelled.

twoleftfeet 2:57 Tue Dec 21
Re: Yorkshire cricket P word
I see Bumble has now left Sky Sports.

No place for white middle aged men who don’t toe the line.

I fully expect his replacement to be yet another female or maybe even a person of Pakistani origin.

OneAll 10:44 Sat Dec 18
Re: Yorkshire cricket P word
I have friends who are Pakistani and call them self p*ki

violator 7:43 Sat Dec 18
Re: Yorkshire cricket P word
They'll probably dig up Cronje and pin something to him

twoleftfeet 7:21 Sat Dec 18
Re: Yorkshire cricket P word
So South African legends, Smith, Boucher and De Villers accused of racism by a panel set up by CSA.

Smith and De Villiers crimes were that they declined to select certain individuals. They vehemently deny the accusations and say the reason they didn’t pick the players was based purely on ability.

meat curtains 1:23 Sun Dec 5
Re: Yorkshire cricket P word
eric5bellies 12:42 Sat Dec 4
Re: Yorkshire cricket P word
Ilhan Omar



Far Cough 6:55 Sat Dec 4
Re: Yorkshire cricket P word
Away from all this shit

Eileen Ash, the world's oldest former Test cricketer, has died aged 110.

The bowler made her England debut in 1937, played seven Tests either side of World War Two and retired in 1949.

RIP Eileen Ash


eric5bellies 12:42 Sat Dec 4
Re: Yorkshire cricket P word
Ilhan Omar elected new Yorkshire Cricket CEO apparently. Tin hat on ......

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