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e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

ludo21 1:28 Sat Nov 13
Aaron Cresswell appreciation thread
Been meaning to post this for a while but how good a footballer is our left back.

Cresswell is in the best form of his career and has been for a while now. His delivery is fantastic but what has really struck me is his technical ability. He is so cool under pressure and I can’t think of one of our players who can take down and control the ball as well in a tight spot, really exceptional.

Shame he’s getting on, 32 in December. Hopefully has a few years left at the top level? Has really become the consummate professional! Long may it last.

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chim chim cha boo 6:31 Tue Nov 16
Re: Aaron Cresswell appreciation thread
Northern Sold 7:19 Sun Nov 14

I love Cressy and it's not being disloyal to want another good left back as we really don't have anyone who can replace him in the side. Maybe I am slowly coming around to Johnson who has improved massively this season on the right but whoever was put there last season didn't work out. It certainly isn't Arthur who isn't really a defender in my opinion, he's more a left winger who can get back and throw a leg out.

I don't think Cressy is the best left back since Julian though as I absolutely loved Lucas Neill. Even when he wasn't picked he'd be warming up on the touchline giving shit to opposing players and really getting into their heads. He was a brilliant captain but half the stuff he did was away from the cameras.

1964 1:03 Mon Nov 15
Re: Aaron Cresswell appreciation thread

Alex G 10:39 Sun Nov 14
Re: Aaron Cresswell appreciation thread
Side of Ham 8:23 Sun Nov 14

I think you make a very good point there, when you look back over his career with us when we've been well structured (Allardyce, Moyes and early Bilic eras) he's looked great, when we've been a shambles (late Bilic, most of Pellegrini) he's looked poor.

I do think though that Moyes knows how to push him and challenge him. What's been interesting in recent matches is that despite his reputation as being a key man for taking set pieces Fornals has taken over as the man who takes our corners form the left - and with good effect. I doubt many would have considered making that change, but hopefully Aaron will take it as a challenge to step up and not rest on his laurels.

SUM A DING WONG 9:54 Sun Nov 14
Re: Aaron Cresswell appreciation thread

Fair comment. He has been excellent the past 18 months.

Long may his and the teams brilliant form continue.

Side of Ham 8:23 Sun Nov 14
Re: Aaron Cresswell appreciation thread
Cresswell like many fullbacks will rely on the midfield being sturdy and not be passed through like a knife through butter like it has been for a good few seasons prior to Moyes sorting it out.

He’s been mid table when in a mid table team but easily makes the step up when you surround him with players who work hard like he does, or they can actually hold onto the ball. It’s no shock either that now our right back situation is sorted he balances it out very nicely. Shame we couldn’t have been in this place earlier as I think this Cresswell has always been here.

Northern Sold 7:21 Sun Nov 14
Re: Aaron Cresswell appreciation thread
... and to think some LOONS on here wanted him replaced by Arthur...


ludo21 7:20 Sun Nov 14
Re: Aaron Cresswell appreciation thread
SADW - While what you say is to some extent true I don't think it recognises just how well he has been playing for the last 12-18 months.

Northern Sold 7:19 Sun Nov 14
Re: Aaron Cresswell appreciation thread
Been nothing short of excellent since we bought him... and if anything getting better,,, our best LB since Julian

SUM A DING WONG 6:51 Sun Nov 14
Re: Aaron Cresswell appreciation thread
Cresswell is your typical standard mid table Premier League footballer.

He's had good spells and bad spells.

If he had been excellent all the time, he'd be at a CL club by now. By the same token, if he'd been bad all the time he'd be on the bench or playing in the Championship or a yoyo club like West Brom or Norwich.

He did have a bad injury sometime back and that may well have hindered his progress - ditto Ogbonna.

We've pretty much been a standard mid table team the whole time he's been here, so it stands to reason he's been part of that.

Those that like him go on about the good games, those that don't, go on about the bad ones.

Thankfully one of his best spells is happening now and is helping us lay the foundations for us to be a club that can hopefully have the likes of Declan Rice to talk about year in and year out, with likes of Cresswell only needed as back up.

We shall see.

White Pony 4:08 Sun Nov 14
Re: Aaron Cresswell appreciation thread
No I didn’t. Maybe read things properly.

Manuel 3:54 Sun Nov 14
Re: Aaron Cresswell appreciation thread
But you said it's okay to change your mind on a player 'every season'. Every season?? Just slope off you silly cunt.

White Pony 3:05 Sun Nov 14
Re: Aaron Cresswell appreciation thread
But It is fine for people to change their mind. I’m sure you’ve changed your mind about certain players in the past.

What is infantile - and this was griffin’s actual point - is how some people paint themselves into a corner about a player and declare them as utter shit or fucking brilliant with no in between.

As said, I’ve always liked Cresswell and thought him to be a decent player. Yes he’s had bad patches, as do all players.

I think you’re arguing with yourself to be honest.

Manuel 2:29 Sun Nov 14
Re: Aaron Cresswell appreciation thread
Oh do fuck off, Pony.

As Griffin says it's infantile how some keep changing their tune, you agreed with him, but you said earlier that's it's fine to change your opinion on a player each season. Make your fucking mind up, you are all over the fucking place.

Darby_ 1:37 Sun Nov 14
Re: Aaron Cresswell appreciation thread
Most people here seemed to think that leftback was our weakest position and needed strengthening. I'd imagine most were surprised that Moyes didn't seem to agree, and even more surprised when he got Cressers playing the best football of his life. I certainly was.

Moyes has proven me wrong a number of times.

White Pony 1:23 Sun Nov 14
Re: Aaron Cresswell appreciation thread
Exactly griff0. I think Manual just wants an argument, but I can’t be arsed.

stewie griffin 12:42 Sun Nov 14
Re: Aaron Cresswell appreciation thread
Like most of our existing players, he struggled with not playing in a football stadium. Seems to have worked it out now.

Fwiw, pony/manners, think you're basically arguing the same point. The problem is - which is what Manuel is talking about- is the infantile way in which people communicate in the 21st century. Everything is either the best or worst EVER. Players are either great or shit.

As Pony rightly says, Creswell is a good premier league left back who has had periods of good form and bad form.

But that doesn't get you many RETWEETS

Manuel 12:15 Sun Nov 14
Re: Aaron Cresswell appreciation thread
Give it up Pony, this is what you said ''Players also have good and bad seasons. As such, the prevailing opinion will be different from one season to the next''

So it's okay to keep changing your opinion of an established player like Cresswell depending on his form each season? It would deem any discussions and opinions on player as totally pointless. 'he's great' 'he's shit' 'I love Cresswell'' ''We need a new left back'' Come on fella, you're rambling nonsense.

White Pony 12:08 Sun Nov 14
Re: Aaron Cresswell appreciation thread
That’s not really what I’m saying at all. I don’t know of any specific person on here who has changed their long term view on this player, so I can’t really call them out on it.

I think comma has it right. Most fans have always liked him but at times he has not played well under certain managers or with certain players around/ in front of him.

Most fans can understand that context. Others can’t.

Manuel 12:02 Sun Nov 14
Re: Aaron Cresswell appreciation thread
Pony - What I'm saying is generally if a fan previously has slated Cresswell, it doesn't matter who it is, but then later says how wonderful he is, that to me is a nonsense, but you're saying that is fine based on a players form? It would just make any discussion or opinions on player completely pointless if it's then okay just to change your mind in various seasons at the drop of a hat. Cresswell has been around for more than long enough now for any WH fan to form a concrete opinion of him.

dealcanvey 11:59 Sun Nov 14
Re: Aaron Cresswell appreciation thread
Been great for us.

He needs proper competition for his place in January latest the summer as he is not getting any younger.

terry-h 11:53 Sun Nov 14
Re: Aaron Cresswell appreciation thread
He doesn't get much rest either so his fitness is beyond reproach.

Shame he never took elocution lessons when he was at Ipswich. That scouse accent does get on my nerves slightly.

You're a good lad Aaron.

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