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Q: 2021/22 What competition should we prioritise this season?
a. The league is our bread & butter, so this year let's have a club sandwich
b. We're owed an FA Cup after Gerrard nicked our last one in 06, our name's on it in 22
c. A bye to the League Cup 3rd round gives us a good start, let's make it count
d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

PwoperNaughtyButNot 1:38 Mon Nov 29
Team Vs Brighton

GK - Fabianski - made some great saves Vs Man City and hasn't done anything to suggest he should be dropped.

RB - Coufal - tough on Johnson but Coufal is the senior player and last season arguably the best right back in the league. He gets forward well, has great intent with crosses and over laps and should be back in the starting line up now.

CB - Dawson - solid and reliable, we know we want an upgrade but much like Fabianski, until his form drops significantly he keeps Diop out.

CB - Zouma - he was expensive, earns a lot of money, has experience at the highest level. He is going to have to learn to lead at the back and get comfortable playing on the left side of the pair. I think he will.

LB - Cresswell - there is no completion for Cresswell and thankfully he is having a great season so far. Massuaku is not the answer and today showed his naivety yet again. Unless Johnson is the cover for both sides we need Massuaku and Fredericks shipped out and a quality LB brought in in January,

CM - Fornals - this will cause debate but the guy has an engine, can get around the pitch well and would partner Declan well in my opinion. I’m seeing Soucek as less and less of a threat and does look leggy. I think he needs some time out.

CM - Rice - undroppable and growing in every game. He has the leadership and positioning to support Fornals as his partner here.

RW - Bowen - surprised to see him dropped Vs Man City but hopefully the rest / drop sparks him into action. The guy offers so much out on the right and it is shame that he is being judged on goals when they are not really coming from anywhere else either. Wide right with Coufal overlapping and we have a potent flank.

LW - ?

No 10 - Lanzini - there is something special about this player. He has the keys to unlock tight defences, can get a goal and his energy, pace and form seem to be back now. This guy was a mainstay of the side and injury robbed him of that. I think he has played his way back in and will stay back in.

CF - Antonio - he needs a goal and he needs it soon. This guy has the strength and pace to beat most and if he can get that scoring touch back then we are all good. I believe Antonio plays himself back into form rather than being dropped to get back to form. Brighton will be a good test and I expect goals and assists.

The LW spot is a tough one as we don’t really have a genuine left winger - Massuaku could do a job and without defensive duties he is less of a risk. Benrahma could be the obvious choice but for some reason I don’t fancy him at the moment. Vlasic is an expensive buy to not play but is he effective out on the left? Maybe a start against Brighton is a good time to see.

Some kids on the bench would be interesting too. They have to play at some point, that how you make Declan Rices and Ben Johnsons.

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With Kind Regards 8:14 Wed Dec 1
Re: Team Vs Brighton
That Benrahma is NOT guaranteed a start…

With Kind Regards 8:11 Wed Dec 1
Re: Team Vs Brighton
Coufal Zouma Diop Cresswell
Rice Soucek
Bowen. Lanzini Fornals

If no Cresswell then Johnson in his place.

Johnson has done nothing wrong particularly but I feel Coufal has better distribution going forward which I would hope we would get more of against Brighton.

Dawson would have been my choice against Murray but feel Diop may do a better job here.

I think Soucek has been OK. Rice has been getting forward more which has limited his chances but he is still solid defensively and a threat at set pieces.

Lanzini and Benrahma is an interesting one. I think Lanzini has been putting the effort in and including him shows the rest of the squad that if you work hard you can get a start. Also, starting Lanzini might give Benrahma notice that he is guaranteed a start and may make him produce if he does come on later, especially against tired legs.

Only an opinion so happy to be counted off by those far more knowledgeable than me.

Mex Martillo 5:39 Wed Dec 1
Re: Team Vs Brighton
I agree Soucek has lost something going forward, mainly just not going in for him. He is too important as a DM to drop though. The number of clearances him makes is amazing.
Johnson stay for me on the right. Is Cresswell good to come back after crashing with the post? Hope so.

Johnson Diop Kouma Cresswell
Soucek Rice
Bowen Benramha Fornals

Lee Trundle 2:22 Tue Nov 30
Re: Team Vs Brighton
I think Lanzini get brushed off the ball too easily in dangerous positions when he plays deeper for us.

Stubbo 2:09 Tue Nov 30
Re: Team Vs Brighton





That position in CM is the big question for me. Soucek is not having a great season individually, but we are, and him and Declan have a seemingly great understanding of where to be based on where the other is. Noble has shown himself not to be the answer in the Premier League, and Kral hasn't had the minutes to show himself a suitable deputy, so it unpickable...and this is a massive game. The other option being Lanzini who stepped in when Rice was out last season, but he really would hamstring Declan by making him have to sit back more.

On this basis, I think we have to persist with Soucek. Agree that Lanzini deserves his chance. Fornals has to stay where he's been successful. He works will with Cresswell who needs cover given he's not the quickest.

Russ of the BML 2:07 Tue Nov 30
Re: Team Vs Brighton
Rossal 1:41 Tue Nov 30

Fair point. But it doesn't change the fact that Potter has made them harder and more physical and they do like a lot of the ball.

Last season they played really well for a lot of games and got nothing as they got outfought in certain areas. He has improved that and they are a big, physical side who also play good football. Hence why they are having a good season.

They have hit a sticky patch. Fair enough. But my point stands, before introducing Lanzini, Soucek and Rice are going to have to slug it out in the middle to earn us the right to play.

Huffers 1:59 Tue Nov 30
Re: Team Vs Brighton
LW is an important position tomorrow as Lamptey is back and really difficult to deal with. Hopefully Cresswell has recovered. If not then Johnson on the left and Coufal back on the right.

Rossal 1:58 Tue Nov 30
Re: Team Vs Brighton
Looking at their team on sat id expect us to have too much for them if we play well

Lee Trundle 1:49 Tue Nov 30
Re: Team Vs Brighton
"So you are expecting to Brighton to dominate the ball at our place??"

I am. Only Chelsea, Man City and Liverpool have had more ball possession than them this season.

We're a counter attack team that are happy to sit back and let the other team have the ball.

Rossal 1:43 Tue Nov 30
Re: Team Vs Brighton
Haha here he is, resident Spurs troll

So you are expecting to Brighton to dominate the ball at our place??

⚒️ 1:42 Tue Nov 30
Re: Team Vs Brighton
Rossal, you are the most clueless poster on here fella.

Rossal 1:41 Tue Nov 30
Re: Team Vs Brighton
yes, they haven't won in 8 games im expecting us to have more of the ball

Russ of the BML 1:39 Tue Nov 30
Re: Team Vs Brighton
Rossal 1:38 Tue Nov 30

Expected to dominate the ball?

Have you seen Brighton play this season?

Rossal 1:38 Tue Nov 30
Re: Team Vs Brighton
Lanzini has been playing well and in a game where we should be expected to dominate the ball.....can be far more effective on it than Soucek aswell as posing more of a goal threat at present.

As said previously id let Birghton worry more about us and what we are going to do than vice versa in the form they are in.

Their midfield 5 at the weekend wasnt that big Bissouma aside

Russ of the BML 1:35 Tue Nov 30
Re: Team Vs Brighton
GreenStreetPlayer 1:14 Tue Nov 30


I don't see Lanzini as a replacement for Soucek. I do see him as an addition to Rice and Soucek, maybe playing ahead of them and behind the front players. But then you have to sacrifice an attacker. It could work but it would need to be against the right opposition. That's Moyes job to assess that.

GreenStreetPlayer 1:14 Tue Nov 30
Re: Team Vs Brighton
Can’t believe the talk about leaving Soucek out?
They have some tall players who will pose a big threat at set pieces also, and we need all the height we can get in there.

Russ of the BML 1:12 Tue Nov 30
Re: Team Vs Brighton
Benrahma in all day for me.

Not sure why people are saying Lanzini over Soucek. Brighton will come and try and boss the midfield physically. I think we will need to win that battle before bringing Lanzini on.

JayeMPee 11:41 Tue Nov 30
Re: Team Vs Brighton

Coufal Dawson Zouma Johnson

Soucek Rice

Bowen Lanzini Fornals


We need 3 points

Rossal 10:49 Tue Nov 30
Re: Team Vs Brighton
Im assuming Cresswell is injured, if not he plays

Coufal over Johnson i dont see much difference really, could argue Coufal is slightly better with his delivery going forward.

They are struggling and winless in 8, play an attacking team and go at them.

Lee Trundle 10:43 Tue Nov 30
Re: Team Vs Brighton
I'd probably pick the players you're resting for big game against Chelsea.

If they're not playing, then it's a weakened team.

Rossal 10:41 Tue Nov 30
Re: Team Vs Brighton
How is that a weakened team?

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