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Q: 2021/22 What competition should we prioritise this season?
a. The league is our bread & butter, so this year let's have a club sandwich
b. We're owed an FA Cup after Gerrard nicked our last one in 06, our name's on it in 22
c. A bye to the League Cup 3rd round gives us a good start, let's make it count
d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

the exile 2:52 Thu Dec 2
Team for Chelsea
Too early to say the wheels have come off, like the old West Ham, but as Moyes admits, it's certainly a sticky patch. Not an ideal time to be playing Chelsea. But having said that, we usually raise our game against them, so hopefully that will happen again.

The "team picks itself" approach is all very well when you're winning, but it starts to wear a bit thin when you're in a run like this. I hope that will be Moyes' thinking too. The options are limited, but one or two changes, surely?

Hopefully Cresswell will be back. On the right, Johnson has really shown his limitations in the last couple of games, looking nervous and indecisive on the ball, so it's Coufal back in, for me.

Benrahma has continued to frustrate and I would have no hesitation in dropping him. Possibly Vlasic but probably Lanzini in his place. Up front, Antonio would be dropped if we had an alternative. Enough said.

Coufal Dawson Zouma Cresswell
Rice Soucek
Bowen Fornals Lanzini

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Capitol Man 2:40 Sat Dec 4
Re: Team for Chelsea
I think we are going to do them.

Bowen/ benrama, Lanzini and fornals, behind,Antonio.

Antonio to bag a brace with Rice getting the third!

Mex Martillo 9:12 Fri Dec 3
Re: Team for Chelsea
I think you’ve lost the plot more than usual Sir Alf

Full Claret Jacket 8:04 Fri Dec 3
Re: Team for Chelsea
Fornals has just had a baby. Wonder if that is affecting his form. It can be disruptive and if there are pressures off pitch and sleepless nights then he may need a rest.
Benrahma for me has been disappointing recently. He looked really good at the beginning of the season but has lost his way. Bowen decent but doesn't score enough.
I do think we need to change things a bit. Get Antonio some support and space to work in.

Expect Chelsea to wreck our current defense. It looks a bit shambolic at times against average sides. Oggy a big miss.

Sir Alf 7:37 Fri Dec 3
Re: Team for Chelsea
Coufal Zouma Diop Johnson
Soucek Kral
Bowen Lanzini Rice

Don’t think it will happen but using Rice in more of an advanced role might be worth a try. He is hard to dispossess and makes some great forward runs

daveyg 6:36 Fri Dec 3
Re: Team for Chelsea
Hopefully the news of Cresswell likely to miss the game is just a red herring for Chelsea to ponder.
Think we actually need Antonio to give his all for us, he played twice in 4 days for Jamaica so can do the same us and complete 60 minutes from the start or more he has 8 days after to recover for the next game at Burnley.
Kral,Lanzini,Rice and Soucek across the middle with one of Fornals,Benrhama or Bowen supporting or just a little bit behind Antonio. Two of those plus Vlasic to come on in the 2nd half.
It could be Kral sits in front of the back 4.
Something like this
Coufal Diop Zouma Cresswell
Rice Soucek

Interesting that the U23's played this afternoon in a League cup game against Swansea, missing from the squad was Perkins and Baptiste. Chesters (71 mins ) and Okoflex (45 mins ) were subs.
Maybe I've got the XI wrong....

cheesebgt 3:16 Fri Dec 3
Re: Team for Chelsea
Coufal Zouma Diop Cresswell
Rice Soucek
Bowen Lanzini Benrahma

Dandy Lyon 2:31 Fri Dec 3
Re: Team for Chelsea
Coufal Dawson Zouma Cresswell
Rice Soucek
Benrahma Lanzini Fornals

Lertie Button 2:17 Fri Dec 3
Re: Team for Chelsea
It is a big game for us cause 1 from 9 is unacceptable if we have ambitions to be top 4 or 6 or even fucking 8

Vexed 2:13 Fri Dec 3
Re: Team for Chelsea


Bowen----------------- -----------Benrahma


Keep it tight, set piece smash and grab.

bell 1:56 Fri Dec 3
Re: Team for Chelsea
Whichever one has Benrahama nowhere fucking near it.

twoleftfeet 1:52 Fri Dec 3
Re: Team for Chelsea
It's last chance saloon for me regarding Fornals, his form has dipped so would love to see him rested.

I would like to see Kral brought in and Rice given a role with more freedom.

Mex Martillo 1:38 Fri Dec 3
Re: Team for Chelsea
I’d drop Antonio, with the idea to bring him on if we need to change things later in the game. I think it will do him good, hopefully help him get back on form.
The rest pretty similar to Exile.

Coufal Dawson Kouma Cresswell
Soucek Rice
Formals Lanzini Vlasic

Stowie.40 10:41 Fri Dec 3
Re: Team for Chelsea
Coufal Zouma Diop Cress
Bowen Soucek Lanzini Rice Fornals
Antonio (reluctantly)

⚒️ 10:34 Fri Dec 3
Re: Team for Chelsea
It’s so weird. There were people on here saying the Brighton game was a ‘must-win’.

We have so many games coming up, you can always bounce back from a bad result quickly.

RM10 10:30 Fri Dec 3
Re: Team for Chelsea
Why do you think losing v chelsea will cause a long hard winter?

slartibartfast 10:01 Fri Dec 3
Re: Team for Chelsea





Big game for us. They've got a couple of injuries and a result of some sort could send us on a good run with some more winnable games upcoming. If we lose, it could be a long, unhappy winter. COYI

Capitol Man 4:31 Fri Dec 3
Re: Team for Chelsea
Lanzini for benrama for me. Maybe benrama in one of the wide slots.

Rice, Soucek and Lanzini is a competitive middle of the park.

If we get ahead then we’ve got a good chance of winning - otherwise it’s hard to see where the goals come from.

solidbond 3:59 Fri Dec 3
Re: Team for Chelsea

Coufal. Dawson. Zouma. Cress

Rice. Soucek.

Bowen. Lanzini. Fornals


Sydney_Iron 3:36 Fri Dec 3
Re: Team for Chelsea
Can see Diop coming in for Dawson, and assume Cresswell is back? so Johnson will be back on the bench as i think Coufal will keep his spot on the right, only other change is possibly Lanzini for Behrahma but im not sure that will happen more like Lanzini off the bench.


Takashi Miike 2:47 Fri Dec 3
Re: Team for Chelsea
------------------------ Fab ---------------------------
Coufal - Dawson - Zouma - Cresswell
------------------------ Kral ---------------------------
------------ ↕Soucek -- Rice ↕ --------------
Bowen ----------- Antonio --------- Fornals

meat curtains 2:45 Fri Dec 3
Re: Team for Chelsea

CanningTownWA 12:48 Fri Dec 3

Cresswell is a massive cog in our side, has been one of our best players this season.
Hope he's back for the chavs

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