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Q: 2021/22 What competition should we prioritise this season?
a. The league is our bread & butter, so this year let's have a club sandwich
b. We're owed an FA Cup after Gerrard nicked our last one in 06, our name's on it in 22
c. A bye to the League Cup 3rd round gives us a good start, let's make it count
d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

Coffee 11:06 Sun Dec 5
Sunday football
Sorry for missing yesterday’s football thread. Here are today’s and tomorrow’s fixtures, none of which have a hope of surpassing our victory over Chelsea.

Arguably the two fittest, most energetic teams in the division, but also two of the less successful. After a flying start to life in the Premier League, the Bees have slipped down the table and now find themselves just a point above their hosts. In contrast, Leeds have struggled to make their commitment pay in terms of points, although they did manage a last minute winner against Palace a few days ago. Marcelo Bielsa will hope to have today’s game wrapped up well before the final minutes. Home win.

A new era has begun at Old Trafford, and one that comes with possibly the most promise since Sir Alex. The north Croydon outfit, meanwhile, come into this on the back of a disappointing defeat to Leeds last time out. Despite flashes of energetic commitment, Palace look set to play out the season in the lower mid-table region. Captain Wilf Zaha, a pained expression permanently on his face, still has a point to prove against Man U. Home win.

Two new managers meet. One has hundreds of millions of pounds of playing talent at his disposal, the other has Delia. No contest really, however much you’d like to wish otherwise. Home win.

Many neutrals will think that Leicester have underperformed so far this season. Some will also think that Villa have overperformed in the last couple of weeks. On the face of it, a battle of equals lies ahead. Which is always a good sign for the neutral. Draw.


What’s happened to the Toffees? Where’s Rafa’s golden touch? Countryman Mikhel Arteta will hope it’s still missing this evening as he works to continue his side’s unlikely ascent up the table. One thing’s for sure, they won’t climb to fourth today. Draw.

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Eerie Descent 9:17 Tue Dec 7
Re: Sunday football
I don't watch a load of other football outside of us these days, but I've caught a few Arsenal games this year, and even though they've won, they've been proper average. Will do well to finish in the top 6 with that team.

Manuel 3:08 Tue Dec 7
Re: Sunday football
As I said the other week Arsenal will win against bottom half teams and struggle against good sides. Far from being a top side.

White Pony 1:09 Tue Dec 7
Re: Sunday football
Looking good for a bit against middling or shit teams and then bottling it when it matters is the Spurs way, Sir Alf. Their current run of results is good, granted, but let’s wait and see.

Yeah, they’ve bagged themselves a manager who can maybe turn that around, but looking at their squad, I doubt it will happen that quickly. So, knowing how trigger happy Levy is, well, we all know the ending...

the straw 12:48 Tue Dec 7
Re: Sunday football
Carragher loves Yarrod BOWEN

Sir Alf 12:18 Tue Dec 7
Re: Sunday football
Worked out well for us in the end. Was happy with a draw to continue the Everton gloom but hey ho, Arsenal falling away is helpful. Its the Spuds we need to falter, especially having a game in hand. but you can only see them improving under Conte unfortunately. They have had a reasonable run of fixtures though since he arrived so lets hope with some more difficult ones ( Liverpool next?) they revert back to being Spursy.

lowlife 12:13 Tue Dec 7
Re: Sunday football
Gordon was lucky that wasn’t put to VAR. thought he was unnecessarily high and out of control/too much aggression. No yellow for both of those challenges was ridiculous.

simon.s 12:10 Tue Dec 7
Re: Sunday football
Everton could have had two red cards there.

lowlife 12:06 Tue Dec 7
Re: Sunday football
Fucking hate injury feigning time wasters. I don’t see us doing it often, but I am biased and could be just ignoring it.

Arsenal, Brentford and Villa are the worst I’ve seen this year. Special mention to Schmeichel.

Lily Hammer 12:01 Tue Dec 7
Re: Sunday football
That was a cracking game, with justice served up in dramatic style. I punched the air when that rocket went in off the post.

Yeah, that’s how I like to see favours done for us.

Charoo 12:00 Tue Dec 7
Re: Sunday football
Funny how all the cramp and niggles cleared up for Arsenal after Everton scored.

lowlife 11:59 Mon Dec 6
Re: Sunday football
Great goal to win it tonight. Even better with Arteta bringing on a player who is refusing to sign a new contract and pissing off the bench at the same time. The man is a managerial genius.

The Stoat 11:58 Mon Dec 6
Re: Sunday football
Toffee's done us a favour there

Pee Wee 11:58 Mon Dec 6
Re: Sunday football
Just a very naughty boy

goose 11:58 Mon Dec 6
Re: Sunday football
Won’t be long before they want Arteta out (again).

twoleftfeet 11:57 Mon Dec 6
Re: Sunday football
I thought Arteta was the messiah?

master 11:55 Mon Dec 6
Re: Sunday football
Everton have scored 4 good goals tonight.
Officiating in this country is very very dubious.
Borderline fraudulent.

Charoo 11:38 Mon Dec 6
Re: Sunday football
Fucking Arsenal have turned into a bunch of time wasting cheating cunts. They have always “managed” a game but this is hard to watch.

Manuel 3:09 Mon Dec 6
Re: Sunday football
That shit cunt Ayew scores a sitter 5 mins before Man Utd score and they probably win. Fuck knows how the useless cunt still plays in the PL, hasn't scored for 43 games I believe.

Glad Villa beat Leicester, don't know if Gerrard will be a success there or not, but when he comes out with things like 'I told them a a few home truths a HT' (when it was 1-1) and 'I'm disappointed to concede' after a big win, that must be music to Villa's fans ears.

Hammer-ed 10:34 Sun Dec 5
Re: Sunday football
goose After beating the mighty Norwich, some of those dickhead spurs fans are now talking as if they title contenders. Talk about being delusional.

lowlife 10:07 Sun Dec 5
Re: Sunday football
Agree with that - great game. As much as I don’t like McGinn I did have a chuckle when he continued running with the ball for ages after the whistle went. Such a niggly shit, but 10/10 for effort.

Leonard Hatred 8:33 Sun Dec 5
Re: Sunday football
Villa v Leicester was a fucking great game of association football.

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