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Pentonville 8:03 Sun Dec 5
F1 - Saudi
I dont know the rules. Is the race over.
Why did merc pit Lewis and mke him second if there was a risk of red flag.

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threesixty 12:18 Tue Dec 14
Re: F1 - Saudi

"he could have gone off or had a puncture etc......unlikely but possible "

I think legally courts would look at the most likely outcome rather than the infinite possibilities.

I suppose for Hamilton he's already won 7 so it will just make the next one sweeter really.
Also, the other guy will never really be able to enjoy this title as all the fans will know he didnt deserve it.

master 11:30 Tue Dec 14
Re: F1 - Saudi
In the finale, it was very much 2 v 1, Perez and Max against Hamilton, as Bottas had checked out and couldn't give a fuck.

Red Bull fueling Perez for only 80% of the race obviously helped him stay right up the top end and match Max's pace. Had to retire him before the end of the race obviously, despite the safety car period.

Perez can't live with the pace at the top end. Got a feeling Russell will be able to, but will also play the Merc line next year to help the team and thus his teammate. The year after, once he's fully up to speed, will be George's year. And Hamilton will have retired as an 8 time champion.

, 11:26 Tue Dec 14
Re: F1 - Saudi
Very difficult to get to become a top F1 driver but if you look at where drivers come from to get to the pinnacle you’ll see that Verstappen’s path was far smoother than Hamilton’s.

Call them entitled if you like but you simply cannot become the number one driver in a top team without being extra special.

Anyway next season Hamilton will have two major rivals in Verstappen and Russell. And with the regulation changes their might be more than two competing teams on the grid, all good for the sport.

master 11:23 Tue Dec 14
Re: F1 - Saudi
Though I'm reality, Hamilton, a genius in the car and an absolute dickhead outside of it, has been pretty humble since the defeat. Given his wealth he's probably well over it and already enjoying everything else he has in life. Which is a lot more than you or I.

Vexed 11:17 Tue Dec 14
Re: F1 - Saudi
I'm glad Hamilton lost because he's an entitled fucking cunt. The fact it's under potentially iffy circumstances is even better because that'll rankle with him and simultaneously take the shine off the other entitled prick's win.

What a pair of colossal bellends they are.

Rossal 11:16 Tue Dec 14
Re: F1 - Saudi
they wont overturn it as there are too many variables......if the lapped cars were left in position then Hamilton most likely would have won but no guarantees.....he could have gone off or had a puncture etc......unlikely but possible

They just royally fucked it up, itll always be remembered and looked back on as that......tough for Hamilton to take and Masi should be tin tacked

threesixty 11:05 Tue Dec 14
Re: F1 - Saudi
I’m not into f1 so forgive my ignorance. But why is it that if everyone I’ve heard comment on this (both newspapers and online) thinks this was ridiculous and unfair, why won’t they change the result?

What am I missing here. It seems completey obvious that whoever was in charge got it wrong and made up rule changes on the spot. If Hamilton knew the rules were going to end up like that wouldn’t he have got his tyres changed too for example?

I just don’t understand why they won’t sue for or the FIA won’t overturn the result?

wansteadman 7:12 Mon Dec 13
Re: F1 - Saudi
I wish someone had said to masi over the mic that if he wanted verstappen to win so much why not just say so and they could have saved wasting their day

Crassus 5:27 Mon Dec 13
Re: F1 - Saudi
Whatever it was, it was shite and as a bloke who looked in, after decades, I will not be doing so again

Interesting comments I picked up somewhere around the potential of Hamilton retiring and Merc copping the piss and accelerating their departure from the 'sport' - apparently would have massive repercussions across various other teams that rely upon their engines and technology

So I'm not the only one who thought the whole pantomime a charade

wd40 4:31 Mon Dec 13
Re: F1 - Saudi
yep spot on

its like two dart players playing and one has only one dart to throw each time or a football match 11 v 5.

Snooker game one had a decent Que the other has a kids one from Argos.

stewie griffin 4:01 Mon Dec 13
Re: F1 - Saudi
Yesterday was a man in a faster car beating a man in a slower car.

Much the same as it always is.

Just a slightly more dramatic example of the same thing that happens every week

Lee Trundle 3:43 Mon Dec 13
Re: F1 - Saudi
"Like someone racing a Lamborghini against a Ford Fiesta down Southend sea front."

Do those normally end with the bloke who was able to afford the Lamborghini being penalised enough to make it so the Ford Fiesta wins the race down Southend sea front?

ted fenton 3:39 Mon Dec 13
Re: F1 - Saudi

El Scorchio 3:39 Mon Dec 13
Re: F1 - Saudi
That's not contrivance. That's simply doing a better job on a level playing field. Every team has an equal opportunity within the rules to put together a fast car. It's likely with the big reg changes coming next season that Alpine, McLaren, Ferrari might do a much better job than Mercedes or Red Bull.

Yesterday was a contrivance

Block 3:38 Mon Dec 13
Re: F1 - Saudi
Has Hamilton used the RACE card yet?

stewie griffin 3:33 Mon Dec 13
Re: F1 - Saudi
El Scorchio 3:07 Mon Dec 13
Re: F1 - Saudi

Hamilton's car is quicker than any of his 'rivals'. Like someone racing a Lamborghini against a Ford Fiesta down Southend sea front.
It was already contrived long before yesterday.

ted fenton 3:27 Mon Dec 13
Re: F1 - Saudi

Mr Kenzo 12:13 Mon Dec 13
Re: F1 - Saudi

Beaten Last Minute


Lee Trundle 3:08 Mon Dec 13
Re: F1 - Saudi
The Indians had it spot on.

They lost their F1 race because they taxed it as an entertainment, and not as a sport.

El Scorchio 3:07 Mon Dec 13
Re: F1 - Saudi
I fully admit I'll carry on watching both.

I don;t *want* to watch F1 right now after seeing something so crooked take place in front of the eyes of the watching world, but I know come preseason testing I'll be watching again.

Which makes the contrivance of yesterday all the more troubling. It was undoubtedly for the 'show' and the drama to try and hook the netflix watchers into the sport. The amount of press this event has generated is unheard of. It's a marketing masterstroke, but completely at the expense of the integrity of the sport.

As I think someone may have said earlier on here- this is more akin to a WWE explosive staged storyline than 'boring old' unscripted sport.

Haz 2:26 Mon Dec 13
Re: F1 - Saudi
I'm having to fucking laugh at some of the bloody holier than thou melts on here, whinging and whining about not gonna watch anymore cos it's 'rigged'! And yet they will continue to watch the football while decisions are made like the 'no penalty' that should have been awarded West Ham!

El Scorchio 1:59 Mon Dec 13
Re: F1 - Saudi
Or a fox hunt where the fox is about to escape, but they break the fox's legs and chuck it right on the floor in front of the hounds.

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