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SurfaceAgentX2Zero 9:06 Mon Dec 6
The Ashes 2021-22
Pat Cummins looks like a Thunderbird.

Bring it on!!!

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Sven Roeder 7:43 Thu Apr 28
Re: The Ashes 2021-22
There really wasnt another option whether STOKES wanted the job or not.
I see R KEY says STOKES wants Broad & Anderson back in the Test team as does HE.

southbankbornnbred 5:00 Thu Apr 28
Re: The Ashes 2021-22
It's fine.

No, really. It's fine.

He's already one of our best batsmen, one of our best bowlers, one of our best fielders and a leading light in the ODI team. What's the test captaincy going to add to that list that he can't already deal with?

Oh, hang on...just taking a call from Beefy...

Far Cough 1:59 Thu Apr 28
Re: The Ashes 2021-22
stewie? sven?

Far Cough 1:16 Thu Apr 28
Re: The Ashes 2021-22
Ben Stokes is new England captain:


Sven Roeder 7:40 Thu Apr 14
Re: The Ashes 2021-22
30 seems young to retire from international cricket as you'd imagine there is more money in it now for women.
If a male player showed up in that shape you think they'd be pilloried ...as Samit Patel amongst others was.

Andrew 'Ronald' McDonald named Australian coach on a 4 year contract ... former coach of Leicestershire & Victoria.
Marcus North (director of cricket at Durham) withdraws from race to be England director of cricket. Seems hot favourite is now Robert 'Rob' KEY of Sky & formerly of Kent

twoleftfeet 6:09 Thu Apr 14
Re: The Ashes 2021-22
The BBC once again going over the top about Anya Shrubsole retiring, using the term legend!

They also said “ she is huge shoes to fill “

She is also huge kit to fill because she is the size of a fucking whale.

Far Cough 5:12 Thu Apr 14
Re: The Ashes 2021-22
Wurzels are 109 all out 1st innings against Essex

Lee Trundle 1:11 Tue Apr 12
Re: The Ashes 2021-22
Pointless playing County Championship games this time of the year with the weather.

Sven Roeder 1:04 Tue Apr 12
Re: The Ashes 2021-22
Kent reply with 581 so match drawn
12 pts each

Harmer takes 6/73 in the match as SA beat Bangladesh 2-0. Will be in the SA squad with Mahraj for the summer series in England along with all their fast bowlers who dodged the series to make money at the IPL

Chris Silverwood signs a 2 year contract as coach of Sri Lanka

Westside 6:10 Fri Apr 8
Re: The Ashes 2021-22
Just the 500+, from Essex, in their first innings, of the County Championship, against Kent.

3 century makers for Essex.

No Simon Harmer though (with the SA test team), so may struggle to take 20 wickets. Will lose him for a part of the summer as well, if picked for the SA tour of England.

Far Cough 10:17 Fri Apr 1
Re: The Ashes 2021-22
You aren't FOOLing anyone with that shit, must try harder

White Pony 10:15 Fri Apr 1
Re: The Ashes 2021-22
If that’s your application to write for the “hilarious” Daily Mash, I wouldn’t give up the day job.

BRANDED 10:05 Fri Apr 1
Re: The Ashes 2021-22
One of England’s cricket teams is just one match away from winning a World Cup, while the other has suffered nothing short of humiliation during a winter of disasters.

Now England’s male cricketers could pay the ultimate price, with a radical plan to replace them with the women’s team should Heather Knight captain her side to victory this weekend.

The game’s administrators are close to running out of patience with the men’s team following defeats in the Ashes series and in the West Indies, and there is growing support for the controversial plan to replace them with the women’s team.

“Let’s be honest, the men’s team have been completely useless on tour this winter, while the women have shown more hunger and a greater will to win,” said one senior figure involved in the process.

“The men’s side look exhausted and short of ideas. Maybe a rest will do them good.”

Sven Roeder 11:06 Tue Mar 29
Re: The Ashes 2021-22
England have Root & Stokes and Bairstow has had a bit of a RENAISSANCE recently.
Foakes needs to be given a run in home Tests.
For the rest Lees, Crawley & Lawrence need to be given a run and Pope the chance to come back. Plenty of Test batsmen come in and do well then get worked out and need to work on their game and come back.
New captain and more patience

First ODI in Lahore ... Australia 313/7 v Pakistan 225
No Warner, Smith, Maxwell, M Marsh, Agar, Starc, Cummins or Hazlewood.
No problem

Westside 8:25 Tue Mar 29
Re: The Ashes 2021-22
I don't believe there aren't young Englishmen capable of holding a cricket bat and batting in Test cricket.

Not as if they haven't been tried, in recent years. If you look at the list of England's debutants in the last 5 years, who are specialist batsmen (ignoring keepers, bowlers who can bat a bit, etc), none of them have a test average higher than 30, other than Rory Burns.

Sven Roeder 8:01 Tue Mar 29
Re: The Ashes 2021-22
I don't believe there aren't young Englishmen capable of holding a cricket bat and batting in Test cricket.

Without revamping the recent discussion about the merits of county cricket obviously it isnt helping to have The Hundred taking up peak summer but thats a recent invention.
The gap between Test and domestic cricket is as large as its ever been in ALL countries I reckon & we do seem to be in a period of attacks that are better than most batting line ups. And a period where there are a handful of very good batsmen and lots of mediocre ones.

Times that need good selectors to identify players with character even if they dont have the outstanding numbers ... like when Vaughan & Trescothick were picked.
Still say England ... if they pick the team below .... should and will do better.

Last i saw England will play 9 Tests this year (NZ & SA 3 each at home & 3 in Pakistan ... subject to chickening out again) & maybe 11 next year (reverse series in NZ &SA plus 5 Ashes Tests).
Should get the fit again Stokes going if he bowls more batting 6.
Might be a couple of thousand runs past Botham by then.

goose 7:12 Tue Mar 29
Re: The Ashes 2021-22
I’ve seen Sam Billings name thrown around a few times as a potential captain.

southbankbornnbred 6:45 Tue Mar 29
Re: The Ashes 2021-22
Totally agree - we've stopped producing test cricketers.

Absolutely nobody of note for an entire decade.

Some of the bowlers (who are not the excellent-but-aged Jimmy and Broad) are OK in English conditions and with the Dukes ball (Robinson and Woakes). But take them out of the country and they are poor.

The batting is an unmitigated catastrophe. Even at England's low points in the 80s and early 90s, they had two or three who could bat (Gooch, Gower, Atherton, Stewart etc). Now is it just Root. I genuinely wouldn't describe any other England batsmen as a test cricketer.

Westside 6:30 Tue Mar 29
Re: The Ashes 2021-22
Although a very poor captain, I do feel sorry for Root. He just has nothing to work with. Even if you had a test captain as good as say Mike Brearley, I doubt the results of the last two years would have been much different.

southbankbornnbred 5:54 Tue Mar 29
Re: The Ashes 2021-22
Quite aside from the players not being good enough for tests, some of the influential BBC commentators need a fucking roasting too.

Jon Agnew has posted a piece today, wanging on about what a lovely guy Chris Woakes is etc. But the simple fact is that Woakes is a liability on overseas tours because he is yet another of our seamers who rely on skiddy green tops and the high-seam Dukes ball.

Agnew is too close to some of these guys now - because he tours with them all of the time etc. I don't doubt they're all putting in the effort etc. But journalists have a 'duty' to take a step back and be constructively critical. Agnew, among others, is now too light on some of these failing players. He writes that Woakes has 'gone backwards', but sugar coats it all.

The guy bowled terribly in the Windies and averaged almost 50 per wicket. Overton, too. That's simply not good enough. There. Done Aggers' job for him.

Westside 5:54 Tue Mar 29
Re: The Ashes 2021-22
As a big Foakes fan, thought he had a poor series with the bat (average just over 19) and didn't distinguish himself with the gloves.

Right to drop Butler, though.

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